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Annapurna Base Camp trek itinerary / Guide / Cost / Weather / Price / Difficulty

Annapurna Base Camp trek itinerary / Guide / Cost / Weather / Price / Difficulty

What is Annapurna Base Camp trek itinerary / Guide / Cost / Weather / Price / Difficulty? – depends on the experience you are looking to have. Annapurna base camp trek is one of the most spectacular trek routes in the Nepal Himalayas. It is an easy and shorter trek than other high altitude trek routes in Nepal.

The Annapurna Base Camp trekking is a fusion of easy walking tours in the Himalayas and cultural input, and a great trail to trek. It’s an ideal trek destination and will take you to an altitude of 4,131m. The highlights of the Annapurna Base Camp trek is excellent sunrise and mountain view from Poonhill; going around distinctive Gurung villages and get insights of their lifestyle; the hot spring in Jhinudanda; an incredible peak and glacier view from Annapurna Base Camp. All memories which are likely to stick for a long time, if not a lifetime.

Annapurna base camp hiking incorporates diverse terrain, tradition, and wildlife. Along with the most spectacular and close-up view of the Annapurna mountain range including Annapurna first, Fish Tail, and Dhaulagiri.

Impressive part of the Annapurna is Tent Peak , Hiunchuli Peak, Singu Chuli, and Annapurna itself which are most selling climbing peaks in Nepal.


The trek into the Annapurna region is from the south as you make your way up into the world-famous Annapurna Sanctuary. This is one of the great treks in the world. Fabulous view from low altitude, but you are coming to the land of thousands of steps. Most of your trek is spent below 3,200m/10,500 feet but the terrain is challenging with thousands and thousands of stairs.

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp and hike to Poonhill viewpoint is one of most favorite things to do. I have trekked to Annapurna base camp and Poon hill over 30 times taking the foreigner group. I always prefer when there are going to be fewer people on the trail.

Comparetively base camp trek is an easy to moderate grade trek route. Some of the best mountain views in the world are from the Annapurna valley and around the Annapurna Base Camp area. Both of these viewing is done at low altitude so warmer and less chance of altitude-related issues.

The Annapurna region has it all, sheer beauty, dramatic massive mountains, friendly people, adventure trails, and an experience that will stay with you forever. The exciting expansive views will leave you mesmerized. Standing at the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain and trekking up to the famous and classic view of Mount Annapurna family including Fish Tail is truly breathtaking.

There are two specific trekking seasons. The best months to trek to Annapurna base camp are pre-monsoon (February, March, April and May) and post-monsoon (late September, October, November and December). It is possible to make this iconic journey in February and September but we prefer the above for our treks into Annapurna base camp. My personal favorites are March, April, Mai, late October, November, and December.

You can trek to Annapurna Base Camp in January and February but it can be very cold higher up (-10C/-14F to – 15C/-5F) and it can dump snow on the trail at any time of year. If you are planning on trekking to Annapurna base camp in these months, you are definitely going to need more time for weather delays. Weather conditions can be more challenging in these winter months.

When planning your trek into the Annapurna region you need to consider the months listed above. Do you want to be there when the base camp is very busy and alive with climbers aiming for the summit? Do you want to have clearer skies for good photography? You need to consider this in your planning.

In addition, many people know a few about Nepal but they know much about Mount Annapurna. And trekking in the Annapurna region is the dream for everyone. This trek starts from Pokhara – a gateway to the Annapurna region. You can reach Pokhara city either by bus or 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu.

Spring and Autumn are the preferred time to trek to the Annapurna region. During this time, you can see the trail is very busy with trekkers’ caravans. Sometimes difficult to get cozy rooms. To avoid all these, and walk in the complete wilderness, why not trek in December? This time when many avoid treks fearing the cold. But trust us! You will not regret on decision.

Best time of the year to trek Annapurna base camp is either in Spring (March to May) or Autumn (October to December) stays clear skies. Moreover, there are many other popular trek routes connecting with ABC. Take a review about abc trekking in Tripadvisor and Trustpilot.

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