Bardiya Jungle Safari

bardiya jungle safari tour

Bardiya jungle safari is one of the most popular tourist activities located in the Terai part of western Nepal. Bardia National park is the largest national park that covers 968 Square kilometers (374 sq mi) and is the most undisturbed national park in Nepal. Nepal safari Bardiya is connected to the eastern bank of the Karnali River and bisected by the Babai River.

There is the various category of the resort in Bardia Nepal. Some of them are the best hotel in Bardia, so you can book Bardia jungle resort. Get Bardia national park map and read about the distance from Kathmandu to Bardia national park.

Comparing to Chitwan national park, there are fewer lodges and fewer visitors because of very hot temperatures. All available resorts border the boundary of the park and various jungle/wildlife activities are possible. The resorts are built with modern facilities and arrange jungle safari activity at any time throughout the year.

The park has lush sub-tropical jungles but the inhabitants of elephants, Tigers, one-horned rhinoceros including many rare species of birds and reptiles, thus it is a great place to do a jungle safari tour.

Furthermore, you will have to familiarize yourself with the vibrant Tharu lifestyles, their culture, and tradition. We never use Elephant back safari as it is against animal rights and we respect the animals. Thus, remember Gokyo Treks & Expedition company for all types of jungle safari tours to make your holiday unforgettable.

Bardiya jungle safari tour fact

December / January / February [winter months]

Winter time in Nepal but clear skies. They are beautiful months for tourists to travel Bardia to discover wild life safari.

March / April / May [spring months]

After Tree leaves falling, the forest looks very thin, so tourists can see wild animals clearly. We have stunning weather to explore the wild animals.

June / July / August [monsoon time]

You feel bad going inside the forest in the rain as you get wet quickly. Rain is falling at the rate of gravity, 32/sec, so it is falling much faster than you are moving. In addition, it is not a good idea to experience safari tour activity as the grasses are growing quickly tall and chances to see wild animals are almost zero. Therefore, the Monsoon season in Nepal is not a good time for tourists to see animals.

September / October / November [autumn season]

Monsoon ends early September but some drops of rains are still possible in September. The explanation is that as raindrops fall through the air, they can draw in many particles of toxins like dander, ash, sulfates, and microorganisms prior to hitting the ground. Evidence that stimulating breaths of stormy air really are better. Thus, it is a very nice time to discover wild life activities.

02 Nights / 03 Days wildlife safari tour program!

Day 1 Arrival at Bardia National Park, transfer to the Lodge. After refreshment, you will have a briefing about the trip.
Day 2After Breakfast, go for half day jeep ride to watch wild animals. Visit Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu Cultural Museum. After your Lunch, walk for Jungle Walk, an excellent opportunity to see the wild animals, mammals, birds and rest few minutes in the tower to have the wildlife sightseeing.
Day 3 After breakfast, walk for Bird Watching tour, an excellent opportunity to see rare species of birds and visit to Karnali River. After lunch, trip finish and departure to your destination.

03 Nights / 04 : jungle safari tour program!

Day 1 Arrival at Bardia National Park and transferred to the Lodge, after your refreshment you will have briefing about the tour.
Day 2 After breakfast, we take a half-day jeep ride safari to see wild lives into the national park. Visit Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu Cultural Museum. Later Lunch, walk for the Jungle walk, an excellent opportunity to explore wild animals, mammals, birds and rest a few minutes in the tower to have the wild sightseeing.
Day 3 After breakfast, we walk for Tiger Tracking and Bird Watching, an excellent opportunity to see a Royal Bengal tiger and different species of birds. After lunch, go for a Jeep drive to explore animals.
Day 4 After breakfast, walk to explore the mystical Karnali river. After lunch, program is finished and departure.