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Langtang Trek Cost

How to get a cheap Langtang Trek Cost?

The Langtang Trek in Nepal is a top travel destination for every hiker. Travelers select Langtang as a top travel destination apart of Everest and the Annapurna peaks. Langtang is a hikers heaven that is an extraordinary traveling space of Nepal. However, lately, Langtang has become better known for something different – the obliteration unleashed on the primary town during the earthquake of 2015. Where numerous towns around Nepal saw critically destroyed, high above Langtang town, part of the extraordinary pinnacle of Langtang Lirung sheared off, and an enormous torrential slide of ice and rock-covered homes and hotels.

Numerous passed on and, naturally, individuals remained away for a period. Yet, the enduring families have endeavored to financially recover. Journeying langtang trails are open again, lodges have been revamped, and the valley can indeed be visited. There are some unquestionably difficult sights and stories, obviously – a colossal enthusiast of dim stone covers the region where the town once stood, and affectionate families lost many friends and family. In any case, that is not a remotely good excuse to dismiss, and individuals of Langtang don’t need compassion. They simply need explorers to return, as they generally had previously.

Journeying at Langtang is just fabulous as Langtang Lirung rises above and beyond 7000m and its east face raises up for more than 3 km. Kyanjin Gompa, the last settlement is surrounding by snowy tops on all sides. If you head further up the altars of Langshisa Kharka, you’ll have stunning perspectives in general. A huge mass of pinnacles lies among you the south Ganchenpo ascends smoothly into the heavens.

Langtang Trek season

Busy months for hiking:

Trekkers want to visit Langtang in a busy month when the weather and climate look great. Tourists can hike perfectly and they can see the great views. March, April, and May are marked as spring season busy months, and October, November, and December are marked as autumn season hikes in Nepal. In those months Langtang guest houses en route are almost full of trekkers and the prices are also more expensive.

Hiking slow seasons:

Apart of the above months are slow season trekking in Nepal. January and February are represented as winter months trekking in Nepal and during the winter, the Langtang trek trail has very few trekkers because of colder nights. Likewise, June, July, August are rainy months in Nepal so it’s difficult to travel because of landslides and floods en route.

In addition, September is a post-monsoon time in Nepal. Only sometimes someday rains but a lot of wildflowers and vegetation en route makes the journey is super amazing. Hiking in the offseason or at low season cost is slightly cheaper.

Langtang panorama trek

Langtang Trek Cost in details?

Langtang trek is one of the cheapest treks in the Himalayas. The hiking route is best for first-time visitors in Nepal. The Langtang valley trek cost totally depends upon your travel style and the services you add on. Take a look at the cost details as given here.

Lodges on trek route:

The guest houses an route cost starts from US$ 3 to US$ 5 depends upon the room features. Room with a private bathroom toilets cost will go slightly expensive.

Foods on guesthouse:

Generally each breakfast cost is US$ 10, each Lunch is around US$ 12 and the Dinner cost is about US$ 12 which includes all major foods and soups.


Lobal Bus ride from Kathmandu to Syaprubesi cost each way US$ 6 per passenger for each way. The bus starts every morning from Machha Pokhari near Gongabu Bus station to Syapru Besi bazaar. Likewise, on your return, book a ticket on Kerung Yatayat – Kerung Deluxe Coach Bus ticket which has a better and comfortable seat.

Jeep ride:

Private jeep ride from Kathmandu to Syapru Besi cost is US$ 135 each way. The 4WD jeep will have 6 passengers + 1 driver seat. Sometimes in a high season, the comfort jeep drive is not available because of high demand.

Langtang Trek Permits:

The Langtang trek takes you through the beautiful Langtang National Park. Therefore, you need to obtain a national park entrance permit. The cost of the park entrance fee is US$ 26 (Nrs. 3000) per person.

Trek Guide hire Cost:

Hire a trek guide costs starts from US $22 – US $25 per day which depends upon the basic guide or professional guide. Normally, a professional guide will give detailed information including mountains name, territory, the community, better lodges, better trails, better English speaking level, and better understanding and easy going. Likewise, a normal trekking guide will give you basic information, he is a friendly and easy-going guide. Both types of guides will have a trekking guide license.

Porter cost:

A porter hiring costs everyday for Langtang hike is around the US $16 – US$ 18 per day. When you hire them, make sure to check their credentials for your safety. Also, get comfortable with them a day or two ahead of the trek.


Besically taking Showers at guest house is for free for guest. But sometimes charge US$ 2 for each shower.

langtang Wifi:

As you hike Langtang guesthouses, wifi is available. Make a deal directly with lodges.

Charging stations:

Tourist can recharge battery at the guest house you are staying overnight. Ask the battery charge cost to your lodge owner.

Mineral Water:

If you are looking to buy a regular bottle of mineral water costs US$ 1-3 per litter. Tourists can also buy boiled water or safe filter water at the guesthouses at a low price. The cost of mineral water is rising up as you go to higher elevations.

Tea / Coffee:

Hot drinks which includes Tea, coffee and hot chocolates in a cup basis. The price for a cup of tea is US$ 60. Additionally, the price for a cup of Coffee is US$ 90, and also a cup of Hot Chocolate is US$ 100.

Who do you buy the trek from?. Travel agent? online group travel? an online agent? in-country guide? local guide?. What type of trek do you want to do?. All-inclusive or with a guide only?.

Just have in mind that the local trekking agency are expert and arrange your trip perfectly so choose the local trek operator rather than a bigger international trek agency. And selecting your trip with a Local trek operator agency, your price is cheaper and you are helping the local economy.

Cost to go on a Langtang trek online with a private company is probably the best way to make your trip cheaper. langtang trek price ranges US$ 600 all the way to US$ 900 for an average of 7 to 12 days Langtang trek package.

Prices generally include all permits, all bus transfers. Also includes lodge accommodation, meals, a guide, and porters. Prices won’t include guest travel insurance, visa fees, trekking equipment. The benefits of booking online are everything pre-arrange for your arrival. You can literally arrive in Kathmandu on day one and head out trekking on day two.

Some things like trek permits or Syabrubensi private jeep transfer are not mentioned and need to clarify in writing. Be aware that it is very important to be aware of “too good to be true prices” online. US$ 800 or even less for the Langtang Gosainkunda trek with a “well-known” agency might well mean you’re joining another much larger group that can cause all sorts of problems later on. For example, people not showing up, no choice in accommodation, being with a big group of another nationality you may not like, etc.

In 2018 it’s also important to be aware of Nepal’s fake helicopter rescue scam which is a link with very cheap treks offer online and in Nepal. Moral of the story? is read this blog page carefully and you’ll quickly calculate the cost to go on a Langtang trek on your own needs.

Furthermore, hot showers are not included in accommodation prices. So, prepare to pay US$2 for a hot shower. Maybe during the off-peak season, the price of a single room goes a little down and it’s easier to bargain a little bit for better prices.

There’s also an hourly charging fee for batteries or devices that will set you back about US$2. There are also WIFI internet charges range from US$ 2 to US$ 5. And even then the service is very slow. It’s best to send a message home to let them know you are okay.

Moreover, the cost of meals & water on the Langtang panorama trek is Meal prices again vary. Nepali Dal Bhat at the start of a trek can start at US$ 2 and at the high camp go for US$ 9. One liter of bottled water costs on average about US$ 2.

Likewise, the cost of Permits for the Langtang Gosainkunda pass trek– Langtang National Park permit cost US$ 26 while a TIMS card costs US$ 20. If you are hiking with a local trek agency then TIMS permit cost goes down to US$ 10.

In addition, the cost of a guide to go on a Langtang combine Gosaikunda pass trek is depending upon the high season and low season. The cost of trekking guide hire generally starts from US$ 22 to US$ 25 per day. Generally speaking the higher the cost of your local guide the better they should be. They’ll put safety first, have a good knowledge of the environment and over the decades of experience, etc.


These prices only apply to the local guides. The cost of a guide-porter or porter-guide cost to go on a Langtang trek usually costs the same as given above per day including their Insurance. If you find all this overwhelming or difficult, do consider booking your trip with a local trek agency.

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