Restricted Trekking

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Nepal has the most popular & adventure trek routes besides restricted trekking areas as the country itself is rich in cultural and natural heritage. There are several mountains, hills, and valleys where the trekkers can relax during their trip into the Mountains.

Collecting the details about all restricted zones in the Himalayas, The Government of Nepal decided to keep most of the remote areas as restricted areas for trekking. Some of the remote areas, fix as restricted zones and shut down for foreign wayfarers until 1991.

After multiparty democracy in Nepal, the rule has been modified. Together with a new democratic constitution regulation, they open up visiting the control area for a trek in Nepal. Only the authorized trekking tour operator agency can make the documentation to obtain restricted trekking permits for their foreign trekkers.

The regulation plan is principal to protect the environment, cultures, and politics. And provide security and safety for both foreign trekkers who hike up to Nepal’s northern border to China.

As you go into the restricted – remote areas, there are no Lodges along with the hikes. Trekking agency in Nepal arranges your holiday in the best way with all the necessary gear such as Tents, Support staff, mattresses, pillows, food, cooks…etc. Compared to normal treks, hiking into the control areas is more costly in terms of additional crew taking from town.

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Upper Mustang and Manaslu Region Trek is most popular and stays with easy access from Pokhara town. In addition, Kanchanjunga Trekking, and Upper Dolpo are more costly and far away from the city center. However, all the above trek areas are categorized under the control area treks in Nepal Himalayas. The Licenced Trekking Guide going from Gokyo Treks Nepal will handle all the formalities with the police and government offices along the way.

How to get a restricted area permit in Nepal?

Anyone willing to enter the restricted area in Nepal, go through Gokyo Treks and Expedition agency. You must get a restricted area trek permit through the department of the immigration office in Nepal. In addition, you also need the national park and conservation office permit which you get either from the Nepal Tourism Board or through the Gokyo trek company.

Every trekker must have those permits before you go otherwise a double value of permit cost will be charged as a penalty. If you do not want to bother about the special permits and arrangements for the trip, we help you all.

The trekking agency arranges the online trekking permit through a series of applications and guarantee letters. You cannot trek alone, so you need a minimum of 2 foreigners to apply for trek permits together. We need a valid passport with a valid visa to get permits.