Top 15 Best Hikes in Nepal

top 15 best hikes in nepal

List of the top 15 best hikes in Nepal Himalayas!

In light of our past research days, get recorded the main 15 best hikes in Nepal to investigate the Nepal hiking routes in the Himalayas. Nepal is ultimately the best land for travelers with the best scenes and mountains where you can discover delicately extraordinary experiences the travel industry exercises.

It is astonishing for a visitor goal with 8 of the main 10 super powerful summits on the planet, staggering scenes conceivable to reach by walking on foot. Hiking in Nepal is one of the best chances to explore and meet friendly people and traditions.

The gigantic arrangement of decisions considers people of various ages and capacities to try a trek in Nepal. Here, we instruct you with a portrayal layout concerning what’s believable in the top 15 best hikes in Nepal. On any occasion, they are correct now the most pervasive hikes, from the perspective of the number of hikers visiting NEPAL every year.

As the lists say, there are the top 20 best hikes in Nepal, but mainly 15 hiking routes are very popular. The central statistic bureau specialist says Nepal attracts +15,00,000 trekkers reliably which infers that reliably various travelers are looked at with the hard choice of picking the right hike objective to explore on their get-away in Nepal.

It’s definitely not a straightforward choice anyway considering what adventurers ask for and their favorable position, we have picked the 12 to 15 best hiking routes for you and perhaps they will suit your excursion in Nepal. Have at the top of the priority list that those hiking route schedules are set up by our expert guide and tour operator Ammar Raj Guni, the chief of this office.

Top 15 Best Hikes In Nepal Seasonable Facts Has The Answer To Everything.

December / January / February

Colder time anyway generally clear skies. However, in the meantime, it’s a beautiful time to discover mountains by hiking and biking. Fewer trekkers along with the trek courses, conventional points of view of the Himalayas, winter season, cold around night time, new and beautiful.

Winter storms sometimes in high experiences January and February, anyway changing atmosphere patterns.


Superb atmosphere. Best time to explore, not cool high up, not extremely warm down underneath. Great atmosphere to trek, blooming wonderful Rhododendron (Rhododendrons is the national blossom of Nepal) and there are more than 30 sorts of rhododendron in Nepal) sprouts in trek courses, the skies are blue and clear, and all points of view of Himalayan apexes can be seen obviously.


Storm season in Nepal. Rainstorm is positively not an average time to trek as the tail courses have a lot of rich scenes and there might be leeches. In this way, it’s definitely not a savvy thought to trek at noon for a long time.


Rainstorm is over around in front of time table of September, yet a couple of drops of storms are still possible, a lot of new blossoms along the trek, exquisite falls, and lovely scenes make your outdoor adventures great.