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Lumbini Buddhist Tour

Lumbini Buddhist Tour

Lumbini Buddhist Tour in Nepal is very popular. Buddha was born 2,500 years ago in Lumbini in southern Nepal. Lumbini is the greatest pilgrimage site for all Buddhists from all over the world. Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour is a visual aid to a life of Buddha. It is a development of Buddhism ideology.

Lumbini is probably the best Buddhist tour for the adherents of Lord Buddha being one of the four sacred spots for Buddhists. Here, the archeological remains are kept securely and now the spot has turned into a site for the journey. In the long run, Kapilvastu is where Siddhartha Gautama spent his adolescence and his young with total extravagance this spot still conveys the Mystic Charm.

What are the best places to visit on the Lumbini Buddhist Tour?

In an excavation made a few years ago more objects of historical importance were discovered. You can see those places on your visit there. Besides those many stupas in Lumbini are installed in many Buddhist countries like China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Japan. Lumbini Buddhist circuit tour is equally popular to visit.

Besides that, the tour includes the visit to the Lumbini development zone, Kapilavastu (Tilaurakot palace where Buddha spent 29 years as Prince Siddhartha), Kudan (first monastery built to house Buddha and his followers), Ramagram stupa (Only unearthed Buddha relic stupa), Sagarhawa and other important Buddhist sites.

Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour is most popular as a Buddhist pilgrimage tour

The capital of King Shuddhodhan, Kapilvastu is the place of different models of Buddhism and is profoundly related to the existence of a legend who illuminated the world with his insight. The blessed goal mirrors the scene before the guests and makes the watcher’s vibe quiet and serene out and away from uneasiness where the kid ruler Siddhartha Gautama took birth is right around 27 kilometers away in the South of Lumbini itself.

Hundreds of Buddhists from all over the world, it summons a sort of sacred feeling much the same as the noteworthiness of Jerusalem to Christians and Mecca to Muslims. Lumbini is where Lord Buddha – the missionary of harmony, and the Light of Asia. It is a visual guide to the life of Buddha, while it is a well-known journey site visit on one hand, and on the other hand, it shows an extraordinary historical triumph.

Furthermore, it displays the great archaeological triumph of mankind. There are 62 archaeological sites in this area exhibiting different events in Buddha’s life. The houses and the pond where Buddha bathed and a temple have images of young Buddha with his mother. There is an Asoka pillar outside the Palace. You can see an inscription that Asoka himself visited this important Buddha Palace where Buddha was born. Moreover, the famous Indian emperor Ashoka marked the important sites related to Shakyamuni Buddha’s life.

Gokyo Treks is registered under the law of Nepal Government in 2005. Moreover, we have an expert management team, consisting of experienced and knowledgeable guides, experienced cooks, and other ever-smiling supported staff. Thus, we are always conscious to make your Lumbini Buddhist Tour the most memorable a lifetime experience. Take a review about the Lumbini Buddhist Tour on Tripadvisor.

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