Company social responsibility

Company social responsibility.

Ultimately we are promoting village tourism, which is also a part of our Company social responsibility to support the rural communities we prefer to use local products and resources.

Contributing logistic supports on help to generate for the schools and health posts in the remote areas is our habit and to design the environmental and sustainable products which is the most important factor we consider while creating holidays.

After the massive disaster Earth-quake 2015, we but combine with the community development foundation Nepal support the quake victims providing them temporary relief.

To be honest, we do not look for the location where we can help instead we find such places and just go for it. All types of our social projects are carried together with the local based non-political and non-profitable organization.

Our agency Gokyo Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd preface have been organizing with service for profits. While trekking in Nepal, any revenue generated from Gokyo Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd also go through the ultimate purpose to help those underprivileged members of the society from different cities and districts.

We set about 10% of our annual earnings goes for a non-profit humanitarian organization called ‘CDF Nepal’ that dedicates its services in beneficial of the community by providing basic needs such as education, health care and clothing for needy ones. For the details, you might visit the websites as given link here .