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kathmandu city tour

Kathmandu City Tour Summary

    1. Sightseeing duration: 3 Nights 4 Days Tour
    2. Sightseeing Hours: 6-7 Hours daily
    3. Sightseeing Group-Size: 1 – 15 People
    4. Meals on Tour: Breakfast serve with Tea/Coffee.
    5. Best time for Tours: All months (12 Months)
    6. Transportation: Car /Taxi / Hiace Van

The Kathmandu city tour is a popular destination amongst tourists, especially from India. Tourism in Kathmandu offers a diversity of sightseeing and entertainment options. Its cultural heritage sites include ancient temples and monasteries that provide travelers with a unique taste of the country’s rich culture and history.

The name Hanuman Dhoka Durbar came from the statue of Hanuman set up by King Pratap Malla at the entrance of the royal palace in 1672 AD. Hanuman is a Hindu God, an ardent devotee of Rama. Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravana. Indeed, the palace was built by King Prithvi Narayan shah in 1770 and is called Basantapur Durbar. Later on, the whole complex is known as Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Kantipur town has a lot of temples and monasteries, gompa, and hill stations. Moreover, the center point of Kathmandu city tour begins from Thamel. Visit popular landmarks, historical monuments, the typical ancient stupa, etc on a beautiful day trip around Kathmandu. Kathmandu 1-day tour package covers the most ancient monuments, hill stations, and Museums.

kathmandu city tour package

Besides that, about 80 different tribes speaking over 100 different languages reside from 50m south until the foothill of Everest base camp on the north. Travel activities are an exciting mix of adventure experiences and exploring the rich and diverse Nepalese landscape and culture that will satisfy both mind, body, and spirit.

Best places for Tour in Kathmandu.

Most people do Kathmandu sightseeing at the last minute of their holidays. About 70% of travelers visit Kathmandu as a quick jumping-off point for a trek to the Himalayas, but it’s worth spending a few days exploring this mystical city. Kathmandu is the traveler’s hub with a vibrant town full of history, palaces, and monuments. You can see Nepal’s premier tallest Mountain attraction within a few kilometers distance.

Pashupatinath temple tour package

Kathmandu is home to the places to visit Durbar Squares with temples dating back to the 12th century. Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple, are listed as UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu. Furthermore, another must-see attraction is the Narahity Royal Palace. Actually, it is very popular after the Royal Family massacre in 2001 AD. Now, the Palace is converted into the Narayanhiti Palace Museum.

Additionally, Kathmandu is a gateway for foreign visitors where we have 6 UNESCO world heritage monuments like Bhaktapur Durbar square, Changu Narayan temple, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square..etc.

Seeing the sights of Kathmandu city tour package and itinerary details

1 DayPre-trip meeting and Kathmandu valley city tour. 6-7 hours

Your sightseeing adventure kicks off from the bustling tourist center of Thamel at approximately 9 am. Our experienced and licensed – certified guide, possibly Ammar Raj Guni, will greet you and arrange transportation, whether a private car or a Hiace van, based on the group size. Today’s itinerary covers:

9:45 am: Pashupatinath Temple

Located roughly 5 kilometers east of Kathmandu, this Hindu sanctuary dedicated to Lord Shiva features two magnificent golden rooftops and silver doors, revered as the holiest shrine in Hinduism.

11:45 am: Boudhanath Stupa Sightseeing

Situated about 8 kilometers east of Kathmandu, this ancient colossal Stupa stands as one of the world’s largest and serves as a focal point of Buddhism. It was designated a UNESCO Heritage Monument in 1979.

1:45 pm: Swayambhunath Stupa Tour

Perched atop a hillock, the Swayambhunath Stupa holds immense significance in Buddhism and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Feel free to grab lunch if hungry; otherwise, we’ll seamlessly continue the tour.

3:15 pm: Kathmandu Durbar Square

Conclude the day with a city tour, exploring Kathmandu’s Durbar Square. This complex, also known as Basantapur Durbar Square, comprises palaces, courtyards, and temples constructed between the 12th and 18th centuries, once home to the ancient Malla rulers of Kathmandu. Overnight stay in Kathmandu

2 DayDrive to Nagarkot (32 km) hill. Visit Changu Narayan Temple, 7-8 hours

Overland drive to Nagarkot hill station to get the best sunrise view over the Himalayan horizon. You can see the tallest Mountains like Kangchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Everest, Shishapangma in a line. You can see 5 of the world’s 10 highest mountains including Mount Everest from here. Nagarkot is a superior place to get real sunrise and sunset.

After Nagarkot, hike at Changu Narayan Temple via Telkot. Changunarayan Temple is a pagoda architecture built in 323 AD by King Hari Dutta Verma. It is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal, dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu.

Straight drive to Bhaktapur Durbar Square where you can experience the collection of pagoda-style and shikhara-style temples grouped around a 55-window palace. In the main entrance gate, Bhaktapur royal palaces are set up with Lion Gate and the Golden Gate. Moreover, the 55-window palace, art galleries, and the statue of King Bhupatindra Malla are equally important.

3 DayMountain Flight in the morning. Budhanilkantha Tour (Sleeping Vishnu Temple). Shopping and rest. flight booking in Nepal

Get ready with your light day pack and proceed to the Kathmandu airport domestic terminal. This Mount Everest Sightseeing flight tour is the best way to view the beautiful Mountain range in a short duration without hiking from Kathmandu. Tourists can explore the tallest mountains taking roughly one hour Everest Mountain flight and return to the hotel for breakfast.

Later breakfast in the morning, a local guide will meet you at your hotel lobby and start your day tour. Reach Budhanilkantha premises either by renting a private car or hiring a taxi. It takes about 28 min (9.5 km) via Golfutar Main Road.

Budhanilkantha Tour

Budhanilkantha temple is found northwest of Thamel and is a sacrosanct sanctuary with a symbol of an incredibly mysterious origin. This mind-blowing 5 meter in length dark stone elements the amazing Hindu god Visnu lying on the vast ocean. Budhanilkantha temple goes back above and beyond 1000 years to the hour of the Licchavi Dynasty that administered the Kathmandu Valley. The trip ends, and we wish you a wonderful journey.

4 Day Patan Day Tour with Bungamati & Khokana. 5-6 hours

Classical medieval city Patan offers many things to do. Patan Durbar Square, Krishna Mandir, Mahaboudha Temple, Hiranya Verna Mahavihar (Golden Temple), Kumbheshwor Jagatnarayan Temple, Rudra Varna Mahavihar… etc are the prime things to see in Patan durbar premises.

Moreover, Bungmati and Khokana village is rich in Newari arts and sculpture with lots of masterpiece decorations carved in stones, metals, and wood sculpture..

Besides that, there are thirty-six different tribes (36 ethnic groups) that speak over 100 different languages. You see the oldest town and its history with local people, and their culture which are the highlights of Kathmandu city tours.

The Weather in Kathmandu

Generally, bad weather does not affect your travel to visit Kathmandu city. You can visit the heritage sites at any time during the year but going to the Nagarkot hill station requires good weather. Nepal welcomes beautiful clear skies, blue sky and sunny, fresh air, and incredible views. January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, and December are perfect months to discover the town.

These are the best months to visit UNESCO heritage sites as dry days make city tours easier and offer good visibility. But to be honest, exploring the heritage sites even in a bad weather doesn’t affect to seeing the sights. Monsoon days also doesn’t affect to seeing the sights but whether often gets cloudy and rains, therefore, we recommend you go with a raincoat or umbrella.

Kathmandu city Tour highlights

  • Discover the Kathmandu city tour of Kathmandu valley.
  • Enjoy the art and culture and history of Kathmandu city
  • Discover the Buddhist pilgrimage sites and Hindu pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu
  • Explore the Hindu temple at Pashupati Nath the holiest temple of Nepal.
  • Get closer to Bagmati River to understand better about the Hindu’s cremate.
  • Telkot at Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Panoramic Hiking Trail
  • The sunrise view of the Himalayas including Mount Everest as well as other peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal.
  • Changu Narayan is a two-story pagoda-style temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and surrounded by ancient carvings and statues.
  • Bhaktapur city, the museum of ancient art and culture with a fine example of stone and wood carving, sculpture, monuments, courtyards, and great pagoda styles Temple.
  • Interesting story of Budhanilkantha Temple, the sleeping Bishnu.
  • The city of fine art called Patan including Khokana and Bungmati villages.
  • Sunset/sunrise view of Kathmandu valley from Swayambhunath Stupa premises.

Kathmandu City Tour Cost?

The Kathmandu city tour package cost for a full day guide hire is USD 40 to 50 per day including all taxes. The total package tour cost will be depending upon the group size you are traveling to and the means of transportation you choose. The fixed departure cost is shared on the basis of your travel group size.

Likewise, the Kathmandu city solo tour costs a little bit more expensive rather group travel in terms of private guide and transportation. Have in mind that the tour guide cost and the vehicle cost are going to share by the number of a person you are traveling together with.

3 nights 4 days tours in Kathmandu include three sister cities like Patan, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu city itself. To cover all, you need a minimum of 3 to 5 full-day tours inside Kathmandu valley including Patan Durbar square and also as well as Bhaktapur. The transportation by private car cost depends upon the places you go and the air conditioning you choose for. And the cost is for inside Kathmandu or to Bhaktapur or Patan.

What’s Included in the Price

  • Comfortable private car/HiAce van [fuel and driver] as per above mention places.
  • 3 Nights Double Bed room in a Tourist Standard Hotel in Kathmandu with Breakfast.
  • Kathmandu international airport transfer with a private car on Mountain Flight tour.
  • Mountain flight in Nepal to experience the tallest Himalayas Including the Mountain Everest.
  • Kathmandu city touring spots as per written plan.
  • Experienced English-speaking certified tour guide
  • All government Taxes/VAT & Gokyo Treks Agency service charge.

What’s not-includes in the Price

  • Pashupatinath Temple sightseeing entrance fee Rs 1,000.
  • Boudhanath stupa sightseeing entrance fee Rs 400.
  • Swayambhunath Stupa sightseeing entrance fee Rs 300.
  • Changu Narayan Temple entrance fee.
  • Bhaktapur Durbar square tour entrance fee.
  • Museums and Other monuments fees.
  • Patan city entrance fees including today’s all spots.
  • Tip for Guide is a culture, so they expect highly.
  • Your Lunch and dinner (cost about US$ 5 to US$ 7 per meal depending upon what and where you prefer to eat).

Departure & Return Departure Point:

Have in mind that we pick up all the travelers from inside the ring road such as your location in Thamel, Lazimpat, Darbar Marg, etc.

What To Expect

This is all about Kathmandu city multi-day tours in Kathmandu valley that goes for 3 nights 4 days. See Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage places, ancient culture and traditional architecture of Kathmandu mean that the city boasts no less than seven World Heritage Sites, while Kathmandu is famous for its scenic monasteries.

Main squares in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are mainly focused on fine arts and architectural monuments. Additionally, Kumari Ghar is the house of the Living Goddess Kumari, an incarnation of Goddess Taleju. See the ancient cultures published on wooden art.

Additional Information (TIPS AND TRICKS)

Confirmation will be received at the time of booking
wheelchair accessible entire the tour
A maximum of 15 people per booking.
Travelers with back pain, pregnant, and very old travelers are also welcome.
It’s a private tour/activity.

Cancellation Policy

You have the option to receive a full refund if you cancel your booking up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the experience. However, if you cancel within 72 hours of the experience’s start time, your payment will not be refunded.

Please note that any modifications or changes made to your booking within 72 hours of the experience’s start time will not be accepted. The cutoff times for cancellations and changes are determined by the local time of the experience..

Kathmandu city tour tour notes:

The Kathmandu city tour itinerary for a full day of sightseeing in town is subject to change due to Travel conditions. Start your exploration in the lively Thamel district. It’s a hub for restaurants, shops, and nightlife also amazing place to pick up souvenirs. Visiting the world heritage sites and cultural holy places, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere. Don’t forget to spin the prayer wheels.

Be mindful of local customs and dress modestly when visiting religious sites. Remove your shoes before entering temples. Furthermore, taste an authentic Nepali cuisine – try momo (dumplings), dal bhat (lentil curry with rice), and Newari specialties like kwati and yomari.

Prepare yourself for a traffic congestion and air pollution in the city. While Kathmandu is generally safe for tourists, be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas. Keep your belongings secure.

What makes Kathmandu city tour tours special?

Amazing city of Kathmandu tour package is exceptionally special for tourists due to its unique blend of rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant city life. Visitors can explore ancient temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and experience the warm hospitality of the Nepali people.

Additionally, the package often includes excursions to nearby attractions like the Himalayan foothills, offering breathtaking views and adventure opportunities, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Your safety and satisfaction is our concern. We are a team of professionals and experienced and licensed local guides who know the destination better.

Kathmandu City Tour Review

Kathmandu city tour

February 25, 2023

Prior to my trip to Nepal, I opted for Kathmandu city tours, and upon arrival, everything was impeccably organized. I was truly impressed by their professionalism and the extensive knowledge they possessed about Nepal. Their commitment to excellence was evident in their constant inquiries about areas for improvement and their attentive care for us throughout the journey.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Ammar and Ram for making my experience in Nepal so memorable and enjoyable. Their dedication and expertise truly enhanced my trip, and I am grateful for their outstanding service.

Avatar for Camila Avellano
Camila Avellano

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Dear Camila Av.,

Your review has filled us with absolute delight! We emphasize that customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and express our sincere gratitude for the kind words and appreciation.

Your appreciation motivates us to continually strive for excellence in delivering exceptional city tours. We eagerly look forward to welcome you on another remarkable trips in the near future.

Your return will be a true pleasure for us. Thank you choosing our services and assure you that we are always available to assist with any questions or assistance needed.

Warm regards, Ammar Raj Guni

Short visit to Kathmandu

December 30, 2019

As we were only passing through Kathmandu, I used Gokyo to plan and organise our time before leaving the UK. Ammar was most helpful, responding promptly to my queries and providing useful suggestions. We were able visit the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu, go walking in the Shivapuri NP, take an early morning flight to Everest and surrounding mountains, visit Nagarkot and Bhaktapur during our stay.

Drivers and guides were all provided which made life very easy. Ammar and his team did a great job. If we are lucky enough to return to Nepal we will definitely use Gokyo again.

Avatar for Edinburgh-traveler

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you Edinburgh Donald for your amazing review about our service of your visiting Kathmandu city and its heritage sites. Hoping to serve you again.

Wonderful introduction to the city

December 10, 2019

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our Kathmandu City Tour with Gokyo Treks. Anmar was fantastic throughout; replying to emails and questions promptly, re-arranging the time at late notice and even meeting us at our hotel to introduce us to our guide. It was a fantastic introduction to the city (before we headed off trekking), taking in the sights of Pashupati Nath, Swayambhunath (monkey temple), Boudhanath stupa and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Having a local guide made things so much easier and less stressful as he was able to arrange and negotiate better taxi prices, whilst also showing us sights and giving us information that we would have otherwise missed. Overall, I’d highly recommend Anmar and Gokyo Treks’ Kathmandu City Tour.

N.B. Taxis and admission to attractions is not included in the price of the guide.

Avatar for Tom Patrick, California
Tom Patrick, California

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you Tom for your time to send us the Kathmandu city tour review. Hope to welcome you again in Nepal.

Colours of Nepal - Short Solo Trip (7 Days / 6 Nights)

November 11, 2019

My solo trip to Nepal was a pretty last-minute decision. I decided to go ahead to book the flight and then hunt a guide. Ammar was the first guide I wrote to, and I picked him as my guide for this trip.

My few days trip with Ammar was great and relaxing. He’s always on time, with a smile 🙂 In a short few days time, he showed & explained to me Nepal culture, history, and beliefs and always patiently answered my questions (I can ask a lot of questions sometimes ).

I am grateful to have him as a guide. He made my trip hassle-free (just follow him 🙂 ), navigating through historical buildings, lanes, and multiple busy streets. It was a good experience for me to get a glimpse of how the local lives, the food they eat, and the prayer rituals they do daily while visiting tourist places.

Also, I got to hear many stories from Ammar. If you want to hear ghost stories from him, ASK HIM!! 🙂 Overall, it was a simple yet satisfying trip, am sure will leave a lasting memory for me. I hope to visit Nepal again in near future. Nepalese people are generally friendly. I feel safe all the time while exploring this country.

Should you wish to engage Ammar as your guide, you should without hesitation. He has been a guide year He is good at planning your site in Nepal – you can leave it to him. I’ll sign off now. Sending greetings to Ammar. “cheers,

Avatar for Wendy Tran, Singapore
Wendy Tran, Singapore

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you dear Wendy Tran for the time to review the tour in Kathmandu. I will be very much looking forward to serve you again.

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