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Camping trekking

camping trekking in Nepal

The camping trekking happens especially in wilderness areas which are out of the main classical treks in Nepal. Camping trek in Nepal is fully organizing including an expert guide, professional cook, kitchen boys, kitchen and camp helper, porters.

Tent camping trek in Nepal Himalayas is always best to touch the wilderness experience. Because Nepal is very amazing for a tourist destination with 8 of the top 10 highest summits in the world, and some of the most beautiful landscapes which are only reachable on walking journey.

The camping trek in Nepal is mostly arranging into the remote wilderness areas in the Himalayas. They are away from the most demanding trek routes and guesthouses. We arrange a tent camping trek to supply in both natural and cultural aspect.

You can notice the outstanding mountain scenery while on the trek. Moreover, you can see the people are surviving with growing local foods because they are untouched by modern civilization. They are staying happily with their own culture and traditions that might be very unique things to observe for trekkers. So the tent camping trekking is only an option to get an amazing experience and touch the locals.

Actually, these treks give you a very special experience of the real Nepal and also this helps to develop these poor areas financially. Gokyo Treks & Expedition has decades of experience arranging a tented camp trek in Nepal. On your tent style camping trek, all camping gears along with the food and employ the local porters to carry your equipment and Sherpa to set up tents.

An experienced with well- trained cook will prepare the delicious ranges most vegetarians meal to serve with hot drinks. So, you need to carry only your small daypack with the most valuable things like camera, money, and passports. Besides that, the best time to visit Nepal is either in Spring (March to May) or Autumn (October to December) at this time the weather is very clear. So you can see the pristine Himalayas and beautiful landscapes.

Why Camping Trek Nepal is the most popular trekking, especially in wilderness areas?

Camping trek in Nepal is the classic style of trekking that can be arranged in almost all areas in Nepal. Tented camping trek is away from the more frequented trails and provides a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspects. You can watch the remote human inhabitants, mystical mountain scenery, colorful landscapes, lush green valley and more.

There are numerous types of trekking in Nepal to explore its tallest mountain adventure. Tea house trek is equally popular as a lodge basis trek. According to Gokyo Treks Nepal, guided camping tours are more expensive comparing lodge trek because of professional cook, kitchen helper, more donkeys/yaks to transfer luggage and food that we have to take along with.

Camping trekking routes

Get interaction with the local people who are surviving by growing their own food, untouched by modern civilization, no politics. The people of remote areas have a quite happy life with their own distinctive culture and traditions that might be very interesting to explore for everyone travelers. Besides that tent trek in Nepal gives you an authentic experience to discover real Nepal.

Nepal Tent trek helps the locals to generate their local income. So, if you are planning to discover special off the beaten trek routes in Nepal, camping tent trek will be a great option. Take a look at some routes where you can do tent-style trekking in Nepal.

Panch Pokhari trek


14 Days
Bhairav kunda trek


13 Days
Ganesh himal trek


13 Days
ruby valley trek


13 Days
Saribung pass than to Nar phu trekking


26 Days
Tilman pass trekking


20 Days
Teri La Pass Trek


25 Days
upper dolpo trekking


25 Days
Lower Dolpo Trekking


18 Days
limi valley trek


?? Days
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