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Why with Gokyo treks Nepal tour agency?

Gokyo Treks agency is a legally certified travel company with over a decade of experience. It was founded by passionate travel enthusiasts who hold deep affection for the Himalayan culture. Our agency’s foundation is built on trust and our status as a fully registered trek tour operator that employs expert local trek guides.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of tourism culture, management aspects, and sustainable strategies. We are committed to considering the impact on the local community and environment in all our operating areas. Giving back to the local economy through the utilization of local manpower and products is one of our primary objectives.

As your reliable on-the-ground professional DMC in Nepal, we offer a comprehensive list of tours that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With over twenty-two years of experience, we take pride in providing the very best travel experiences throughout Nepal.

At Gokyo Trek Agency, we understand the importance of financial protection when choosing a travel organization. Rest assured, we hold a license authorized by the Nepal Government to operate adventure experiences, and our corporate office is located on our own property, adding an extra level of financial security to your booking.

We recognize that your hard-earned money is invested in exploring an unfamiliar country. Thus, your financial security is of utmost importance to us. As the leading adventure supplier, we guarantee that your funds are in safe hands when you book with us. You can be confident in the security and reliability of your journey with Gokyo Treks agency. Please take a look at the 20 key points that outline why we are the best choice for your travel needs.

1. History of Excellence Service

As a socially reputed company, we prioritize your overall health and your safety on treks. With more than 20 years of experience, Gokyo Treks Agency has been assisting travelers and adventure seekers. Our esteemed clients have played a significant role in establishing the reputation that Gokyo Agency enjoys today.

About 70 percent of our clients either return for more adventures or are referred to us by our satisfied clients. You can read what our valued guests and clients speaks about our service:-

Google (5.0 rating out of 5)
Tripadvisor (4.9 rating out of 5)
Trustpilot (4.9 rating out of 5)
Facebook (4.9 rating out of 5)

However, hearing the clients privacy, we are not featuring any video testimonials for thier feedback therefore, we have a limited videos posted in our YouTube channel.

2. Personal service and your own travel advisor!

As a Destination Management Company (DMC), we never resell programs. Being a company owned by tourist guides, our prices are unbelievably low. We understand that booking travel can be a stressful experience, so we strive to offer competitive prices that ensure you feel satisfied with your choice.

When you inquire with us, the company owner, Ammar Raj Guni, becomes your personal travel consultant. You can reach us 24/7, even on public holidays, via email, WhatsApp, or phone, and we are also active on social media to support you. We prioritize client support because your satisfaction is our priority.

3. Exclusive Online Deals and seasons discounts!

The prices we advertise on our website and send to you via our optional email newsletter. We do provide you with last-minute operator specials, early-bird specials, and EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS ensuring the quote we provide you is the best value everywhere in Nepal.

4. No Booking Service Fees

We do not charge booking service fees. As a specialist tour operator in Nepal, we take a personal interest in all our clients. And take great pride in the loyalty our customers have shown us since our inception.

5. No hidden extras

We believe in an honest, upfront pricing structure so you know exactly what the tour will cost before you book. On our group tours, we avoid local payments, ‘optional extras’, or forcing our clients to go through the annoying procedure of splitting every meal bill.

6. Added value

We also realize to be a successful small travel organizer it’s imperative we deliver the best experience we can through whatever facilities are available to us.


On the entirety of our days off we expect to furnish you with the best convenience accessible. Basically, by hiking in the Himalayas, Tourists will have local accommodation and again no waste management to speak of.


Your vehicle is additionally a significant aspect of your vacation understanding and we offer a wide assortment of transport choices relying upon the location.


On our customized visits we expect to offer assistance esteem that is difficult to coordinate. For instance, we help you to get a local SIM card from the telecom office. So whenever you need, you can use a call at your home or use wifi for a quick connection.

7. Staffs trek Equipment and safety

Our experienced and friendly trekking team leads small groups of adventurers into the legendary territory of the Himalayas, home to the elusive Yeti, in Nepal. Our field staff (guides, porters, cooks, and Sherpas) are fully equipped to handle the mountain conditions.

We never compromise on providing the best equipment for our trek, tour, and climbing staff. Good and effective equipment is essential for your successful and enjoyable experience while on a trek. We frequently announce trekking guide vacancies in Nepal to collect fresh guide biodata in order to better serve our clients.

Safety is our top priority, and all our guides are well-versed in high altitude sickness. Therefore, we provide full coverage travel insurance for all our hiking staff to secure their job and take responsibility for their work.

8. Safety and insurance for Guest

Before you leave home, we help you prepare, with concise information about your trip insurance , the terrain, the climate, local customs, etc. We are in constant communication with our field officers and monitor all aspects of government policy and whether that may affect your trip. When voyaging you ought to make the most of your opportunity and let us stress over your security. In the unlikely event of an emergency, helicopter rescue or Horse Rescue is available during treks and expeditions.

9. Family-Friendly Packages

Experience isn’t only for thrill-seekers, it’s for each and every individual who needs to encounter life in an unexpected way. At the Gokyo trek agency, we have deliberately chosen agendas uncommonly intended for families who can appreciate an excursion loaded up with experience and holding.

Choose a Private Trip

If you already know who you would like to take your adventure with and would prefer to enjoy your hiking holiday experience with your own group of friends, then we’ve got good news! All of our trips are also available as private tours. Our private adventure specialists are on hand to give you a quote or talk you through some of the different options that we offer.

10. A Purposeful Travel

Our motivation for this organization is to illustrate Nepal yet you may have your own motivation for the movement, our main responsibility is to comprehend and convey. No two design is the equivalent, consequently, we ensure that we comprehend you independently and create our directing in a way that considers you to encounter what you sought.

11. Constantly Evolving and Advancing

At our core, we are driven by a clear mission and vision—to spread happiness through hiking. With a deep commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to enhance our products and services every day. No matter where your desired destination or what you seek to experience, we are dedicated to delivering it to you with utmost care and dedication. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are always evolving to ensure your hiking adventures are truly unforgettable.

12. Effortless and Swift Online Booking

Whether you prefer booking your tour online or directly with us, rest assured that our booking process is designed to be fast and hassle-free. We understand the value of your time, and we strive to make the booking experience as convenient as possible.

Moreover, our payment terms are transparent and designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring a seamless and stress-free payment process for you. Whether you choose to book through the Internet or in person, we are committed to providing a smooth and efficient booking experience to enhance your journey with us.

13. We are against child labor

At Gokyo Treks Agency, we have a strict policy against employing children. We take great care to ensure that all our tour guides, porters, climbing Sherpa, and outdoor camping cooks have a minimum of 20 years of experience.

To ensure compliance with this policy, the company owner personally verifies the National identity cards of all candidates to confirm their age and permanent address. We are committed to upholding ethical practices and ensuring the safety and well-being of our team members.

14. Sort out Your Group Travels

Gathering holiday can on occasion be extremely unpleasant to facilitate, this is the place are our experts step in aiding your sort out everything without trading off anybody’s needs. Our skill gives you individual and group trekking administrations; we pick aides, agendas, and hardware depending on your requirements.

15. Local destination experts

Travel Leaders are certified specialists who have completed training and traveled to the most popular tourist destinations, such as Everest, Langtang, and Manaslu. Their specialized knowledge allows you insights and personal recommendations no online site can offer you.

16. Unlimited changes prior to 40 days

We offer you the utmost flexibility by allowing unlimited alterations to your booking up to 40 days before your tour commences, regardless of the reason. Whether you wish to change the tour itinerary, adjust the tour date, or modify the list of participants, you can do so without incurring any additional costs. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to accommodating your needs and preferences throughout the planning process. With this policy in place, you can confidently plan your trip, knowing that you have the freedom to make adjustments as necessary without any financial burden.

17. Flexible travelers and their group size and discounting Policy

There is no limitation on the participant. Our minimum requirement for operation is one person. We are happy to make a trip departure on your time, budget, and requirement. Some travelers ask how can I go to Nepal on a budget. before their trip booking with us. We seriously understand their budget trip and make a special plan for them. Likewise, If you want to travel alone, as a couple, or with a family member, we organize trips accordingly. Special price packages are also available for student groups or groups of 10+ people.

18. Minimal Impact on Culture and Nature

Beauty of Nature and the cultural verities of Nepal are the main economy we believe. We never undertake any activity that goes against nature and culture cause of unregulated tourism activities. On a camping trek, we always use gas and kerosene instead of firewood to cook, and rubbish is well disposed of by our well-trained staff.

Non-disposable rubbish is carried out with us for well disposed off. We use tap water with purification tablets for a drink to minimize the rapid pollution growth of plastic in the Himalayas. The tap water is fresh running water coming down from the Himalayas. This is a tiny example of our company for the minimal impact of tourism activities on nature.

19. Responsible tour company

Gokyo Treks and Expedition agency is considered a responsible trekking agency in Nepal due to its commitment to sustainable tourism practices, local community engagement, and high standards of safety and service for trekkers. They prioritize environmental conservation, support local communities, and ensure the well-being of their clients throughout the trekking experience.

20. Indoor/Outdoor Client Care

When Clients book trips, we take care of all the necessities. Design your travel plan – itinerary carefully adding for proper acclimatization. Serve with a well-trained guide that gives details of remote emergencies and is well-versed in local politics, culture, customs, and conditions. In the case of serious accidents or illnesses, we arrange an emergency helicopter rescue cover from your insurance policy. 

21. Social responsibility:

We strive to ensure that all our staff are content and receive fair compensation for their work. Our goal is to provide essential healthcare and educational resources to school children in remote areas of Nepal. The Community Development Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to educating school children. Each year, 10% of the net income from Gokyo Trek agency is allocated to support community school projects charity works in remote parts of Nepal, focusing on education and healthcare for school children.