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Manaslu trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek Summary

    1. Manaslu Trek Periods: 13 Days
    2. Trek Difficulty: Easy to Moderate difficult
    3. Larkya La High Altitude: 5,106 meters / 16,753 feet
    4. Walk Hours: 6 Hours
    5. Hiking Group-Size: 1 – 14 People
    6. Best time to hike Manaslu: April, May, October, and November
    7. Trip Mode: Guest House
    8. Foods: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    9. Transportation: Jeep / Bus [Sharing Basis]


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route located in the Manaslu region of Nepal. It offers a remarkable trekking experience, showcasing breathtaking mountain scenery, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural encounters.

Manaslu mountain is situated 100 Kilometers northwest of Kathmandu, the 8th highest mountain in the world, located in the Mansiri Himal, in the west-central part of Nepal.

Trek to Manaslu circuit is a part of the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) section that offers an opportunity to explore the beautiful mountains. They are Himal Chuli (7,893m), Annapurna range, Shringi (7,187m) Ngadi Chuli (7,871m), and Ganesh Himal are prime sights of the entire journey. Likewise, Manaslu Himalayan range is a source of the Budi Gandaki River, Nubry valley, and gorges.

Trek around the Manaslu mountains typically takes around 13 to 15 days to complete, depending on the itinerary and trekker’s pace. However, there is also a shorter version of the trek available, which can be completed in around 10 to 12 days.

Additionally, travelers can see an impressive view of Manaslu glacier and Himalchuli with Birendra Lake while hiking to Samdo village. Hike to Manaslu is still lonely and culturally delightful, as Manaslu route is off the beaten path. Locals build guest houses with modern amenities and prepare normal meals for tourists.

Furthermore, along the journey Lho, Sama Gaun, and Samdo villages are the most culturally famous to make short side trips and in the meantime, you will have an incredible view of Mount Manaslu range. Moreover, you can hike the Manaslu base camp and Pungyen Monastery during the Manaslu Larke passes trekking.

Manaslu range view

How much is the Manaslu Trek Package Cost?

The cost of the Manaslu trek package with a local Guides owned Gokyo Treks company ranges between US$ 815 to US$ 1195. Despite that, the Manaslu circuit trek cost is totally depending upon the group size you are traveling to and the type of transport you choose. However, trip cost includes Bus transportation, a guide, porters, food & accommodation, and trekking permits.

The agency also deals with group leader discounts. For example, if you could bring 10+ travelers (besides you) on your trip, you are treated as a group leader. So you can hike the Manaslu Larke Pass for a 50% discounts.

However, we often arrange private trips in order to avoid group tours with strangers. A private tour gives you a better experience on your hikes. If you value personalization, flexibility, and in-depth experiences, a private trip customized to your personal needs will be the best option.

A trek at Manaslu as given here is the standard trip package price for 2 weeks trek. If you are 2 Visitor for Manaslu circuit trek cost US$ 975 for 13 days trek according to the given trekking plan. We can modify the trek route and price according to your wish. Here are the price list for the Manaslu treks.

Price Per Person for 13 days hike to the Manaslu territory.

Number of TouristPrice Per Person
1 PersonUS$ 1195
2 PersonUS$ 975
3 PersonUS$ 975
4 to 6 personUS$ 920
7 to 9 PersonUS$ 875
10 and more than 10 PersonUS$ 815

If you’re wondering to know about what is included and what is excluded from this trip price, kindly check on the cost given on a tab button.


Manaslu circuit trek itinerary details

Our Manaslu circuit is a classical trek route that takes about 13 days itinerary compared to most walks in the Manaslu region. The particular Manaslu trek route is created for world travelers who wish to explore around the Manaslu within a comfortable itinerary. However, if you are planning with your own travel plan to visit more sites trip then let us know to your travel plan.

1 DayOverland drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola trek (930m/3,051 feet), 8 hours

Gokyo Agency trek staff will come to your Hotel early in the morning to pick you up. Taking a private taxi, we drive to Dhading Buspark at Macha Pokhari (Balaju) next to Gongabhu Bus Station, Kathmandu. During the drive, the Manaslu trekking guide, and porters will drive together with guests.

Tourists will pass across the majestic valley and hills, hydroelectricity power station, rivers, and tiny hamlets following the Budhi Gandaki River to Macha Khola. There are not many things to do in Soti Khola as the area is located on farmlands, shops, and guest houses. But we drive continuously further to Macha khola where we stay for the first night.

2 DayMacha Khola to Jagat village hike (1,410m/4,626 feet), 5 hours.

Jagat village hikeContinue to Machha Khola, Khorla besi and Tatopani (there is a natural hot spring called “Tatopani”), follows forested areas to Dovan. Below Dovan, there is a huge rapid of Budhi Gandaki river however as the elevation increases, the rapids and the scenery undergo a complete transformation. Jagat is a gateway exploring the Manslu restricted area therefore Nepal police will check your Maanslu Restricted Area Permit (RAP).

3 DayJagat to Dyang trekking (1,800m/5,906 feet), 6 hours.

Ngayak phedi After ascending to a terraced hill of Saguleri and view of Sringi Himal (7,177m), we continue to Sirish Gaon. Budhi Gandaki valley narrows from herewith soaring precipitous walls however we stay overnight in a guest house at Dyang village.

4 Day Namrung village trekking (2,660m/8,727 feet), 7 hours.

Follow the trail upstream of Deng River – a tiny village of 4 houses with a newly built rock tunnel from here, thus avoiding the traditional steep climb. Cross the Budhi Gandaki river and follow the path lined with houses that are interspersed with cultivated fields. At Namrung, the Tibetan culture begins with Mani stones and chortens all around.

Manaslu river
5 DayTrek to Lho Gaun (3,520m/40,184 feet), 6 hours.

At Namrung, there is a police check post across the Hinan river coming from Linda Glacier and continuing on to Sho village. Naike peak, Manaslu north (7,774 m), and the magic Manaslu mountain (8,150m) view are just visible from here.

Houses built here are Tibetan influential as well as festivals. It’s a small settlement that stays with normal lodges passing through the stone gate and stone-long Mani wall of the Lho village with a full view of Peak 29 ahead. Leave your bagpack at the hotel and after refreshment, you can hike to the hilltop at RIBUM GUMBA (Ribum Monastery).

This monastery situated in the foothills of Manaslu Himal which can offers almost the best view of Manaslu mountain and as well as Lho village. Hike to the higher elevation and sleep to the lower elevation makes your body better acclimatization.

Manaslu circuit trek
6 DayLho to Samagaun trek (3,530m/11,582 feet), 5 hours.

Manaslu monasteryContinue our footsteps to Syala village where you can enjoy the picturesque landscape and panoramic view of Mount Manaslu (8,156m). Pick your trekking gear and continue your journey to Samagon which attracts you the yak pastures and typical settlements. Additionally, Sama Gaun is a main village of the entire Nubry people which holds a large gompa, many shops, a health post, a heliport, telephone, and Wi-Fi access.

7 DayManaslu Base Camp Trek (4,400m/14,436 feet), 6-7 hours.

Birendra lake day tourIt’s a important day acclimatization in Sama Gaon, a crucial step in protection against altitude-related issues. To achieve this, we will engage in a unique hiking experience that involves ascending to higher altitudes and spending the night at a lower elevation.

Hike to Manaslu base camp is everyone’s dream therefore we hike towards the north, making your way to Manaslu Base Camp from Sama Gaon. Trekking guide from Gokyo agency will take you pass the serene Birendra Tal, and upon wandering left, you’ll join the trail leading to the base camp.

While ascending the well-maintained pathways, it’s essential to be mindful of the altitude’s potential impact on your breathing. To mitigate any discomfort, prioritize sufficient hydration and maintain a steady pace. Your steady progress will eventually lead you northward, traversing the expanse of the Manaslu glacier until you arrive at the base camp. At a top, small chorten with a lot of prayer flags that marked Manaslu Base Camp 4,400 meters is awesome. From where you’ll retrace your steps back to Sama Gaon.

Likewise, the distance from Samagaun to Manaslu Base Camp is 5.1 kilometers each way and possible to accomplish around six hours. For those seeking a more leisurely option or grappling with the challenges of altitude, a short jaunt to Birendra Tal is on the table. Located conveniently close to Sama Gaon, this choice provides a chance for relaxation.

Sama gaon lodge trekAlternative hike to Pungyen Gompa

Our chosen path for acclimatization will lead us eastward to Pungyen Gompa, situated in the Nubri Valley. As you embark on this acclimatization hike, be sure to pack a lunch to sustain you throughout the journey. Punggen gompa offers unbelievable views of the entire Himchuli Mountain, Ngadi chuli, and the Manaslu itself. Situated in the beautiful and tranquil with a short ascending at the alpine topography.

Furthermore, upon reaching the hilltop, a breathtaking panorama of Manaslu awaits, captivating your senses. In the vicinity, the landscape is dotted with Himalayan Thars and Yaks, peacefully grazing in their natural habitat.

8 DaySamdo village trekking (3,690m/12,107 feet), 3-4 hours

samdo treks

Take a late breakfast on Sama Gaun and ascend your journey to Samdo. Actually there are nothing more to see around here at the Manaslu foothills thus, we continue our journey to Samdo village.

Continue to walk a terraced hill on the opposite bank of the Budhi Gandaki River to a most remote permanent settlement to Samdo, a tiny settlement with 200 people in forty local houses. Samagaon to Samdo trek distance is 16.4 km (10.17 miles) and takes about three hours to complete.

9 DayDay Trip to Tibet Border at Riu La (4,998m/16,398 feet), 8-9 hours.

Samdo hiking It’s a rest day at Samdo, nevertheless you will have an opportunity for a day excursion to the Tibetan border at Riu La (Lajyang Bhanjyang). This unique venture promises glimpses of both the Tibetan and Nepalese terrains from this view point. A stroke of luck may even grant you the spectacle of a Yak caravan traversing the border, an experience not to be missed.

Upon reaching the border, a splendid photographic opportunity awaits. If you direct your gaze southward, the imposing Samdo Glacier open, embellished with a towering summits. The surroundings also present an ideal canvas for capturing the vibrant presence of Blue Sheep, Pica’s, and Marmots, each in their respective seasons.

10 DayHike to Samdo Ridge. Trek to Dharmasala (4,470m/14,666 feet), 5 hours.

samdo trek We suggest to hike about 200 meters to Samdo ridge in the morning just for better acclimatize for yourself. And we walk with the crew and cross the wooden bridge and begin walking upward, crossing two streams while witnessing the Larke Glacier.

You’ll head to the Salka Khola and climb up again to Dharamsala, also known as Larke Phedi. Likewise, the distance from Samdo to Larke Bazar is 1.2 kilometers. Tourists can hike at the Tibet border (Rui La) taking 1 more extra day in Samdo as the journey to the border takes a full day hike.

Dharmasala Manaslu trek route
11 DayLarke La Pass Trek (5,106m/16,753 feet). Trek to Bimtang (3,720 m), 7 hours.

way to larke la passA challenging hike goes slowly head steeply uphill towards the snowed-up Larke la pass 5,106 meters above the sea. Larke La pass offers just a Panoramic view of Himlung Himal (7,126m), Cheo Himal (6,820m), Gyagi Kung, Kang Kuru (6,981m), and the Annapurna II (7,937m).

larke pass trek

The Manaslu trail roughly about 200 meters after the larke la pass is steep descent downhill and difficult part all the way through moraines to the grassy downhill. Some years ago there was not a guest house at Dharmasala, thus, trekkers should hike from Samdo to Bimthang in a single day which is the longest distance day walk in the Manaslu.

From the Larke la about 400 meters downhill the trail is slippery and Rockies. Later on, its grassy rocks to the big open sandy ground to Bimthang. Likewise, the distance from Larke Phedi to Bimthang is 15.1 kilometers (9.4 miles) and takes around 7 hours to complete.

Bimthang lodges
12 DayBimtang to Tilche trek (2,300m/7,546 feet), 7 hours.

view from Bimthang The route gets easier walking across the Rhododendrons forest and local Tilche, a Gurung village. Getting to Tilche village in a single day is strong but walking through the Rhododendrons jungle makes it the best walking trail in the Himalayas.

Tilche is one of the biggest Gurung settlements of Manaslu circuit trekking routes. Many trekkers stay overnight at Goh, but there are not many lodges, and especially in the high trekking season they are overbooked. The distance from Bimthang to Tilche is 26 kilometers (16.12 miles) and takes about seven hours.

way to surki
13 DayTrek to Dharapani (1,860m/6,103 feet), 1 hour. Drive out to Kathmandu, 8 hours.

flowersContinue to follow the trail to Marshyangdi River downstream, passing through the scattered villages and crossing an iron bridge, we reach Dharapani village. It’s an easy downhill hiking to touch around the Annapurna trek route and we take a available local jeep on a sharing basis to Besi Sahar.

We reach Besisahar around 11:00, we take a lunch and drive back through the scenic countryside with a Prithvi highway to Kathmandu. Upon arrival at Kathmandu, the guide will transfer you to the hotel. Trip Finish.

Not happy with this plan?

Interested in planning a custom trip? this might take 2 to 3 minutes.


How much does the Manaslu circuit trek package price?

Larke la pass 13 days Manaslu circuit trek package price US$ 975 per person is a standard trekking plan. Trek around the Manaslu Larke la pass is the cheapest package trip that we offer every year.

For the deluxe and luxury trekking tour plan, we add a 3-5 star hotel deluxe air-conditioned deluxe room in Kathmandu with a breakfast plan. Likewise, clean lodge accommodation with attached toilet/bathroom in the possible places along the journey. AND WE ARE OPEN TO CUSTOMIZING YOUR TOUR AND PACKAGE PRICE AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

Restricted area of Manaslu circuit trek package price includes:

  • A private taxi transfer from your hotel in Thamel to Gongabhu new bus Park Kathmandu.
  • Bus transfer from New Bus Park Kathmandu to Macha Khola (on sharing basis).
  • 13 Breakfast serve with a cup of tea/coffee, 13 Lunch and 12 Dinner [main course] for around the Manaslu trek route.
  • 12 Nights double bed room accommodation in the guest house in Manaslu round trekking.
  • Fully escorted trek with an English-speaking license holder local guide and every 2 guests ; 1 Porter basis (each porter carries a maximum of 24 kilos).
  • An assistant guide will provide for 7 plus group tourists.
  • Around Manaslu restricted area trek permit (for 7 days permits) cost.
  • Conservation Area permits (Annapurna and Manaslu regions) fee.
  • TIMS permit fee for Manaslu region trekking in Nepal.
  • Local Jeep transfer from Dharapani to Besisahar and Micro Bus to Kathmandu town (sharing basis).
  • Seasonal fruits like apples and pomegranates as a dessert after dinner for Manaslu base camp trekking.
  • Insurance, Food and accommodation, and salary of Nepali trekking guide and porter.
  • Agency’s duffel bag (50 liters capacity), and trek poles if Necessary – return after the trek.
  • First aid medical kit including Oximeter to check your Oxygen level, Pulse rate to monitor every day to prepare for high altitude risk.
  • In a worst case, help with all Helicopter Rescue and evacuation arrangements (but not the rescue bills).
  • Trek completion certificate and updated Manaslu base camp trek map – Keep yourself.
  • Nepal Government Tax, VAT, and as well as Company service charge.

Around Manaslu trekking package price excludes:-

  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu city.
  • Any kinds of battery charges, laundry service, phone calls, and hot showers during the trekking.
  • Kathmandu World heritage sightseeing transfer with a private vehicle and Guide.
  • Tourist personal trekking equipment .
  • Personal nature expenses, all types of drinks, desserts more than written above, and bar bills.
  • Travel Insurance which covers emergency rescue, evacuation, personal loss, or damage.
  • Donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Gratuities for guide and porters [Tip is a culture, so they expect highly].

Group join

We can organize a Manaslu circuit private trekking starting on any date that works for you. Please contact us for more information.

Departure DateAvailabilityPriceBook
05 Nov, 2023 – 18 Nov, 2023Available975
10 Mar, 2024 – 23 Mar, 2024Available975
20 Mar, 2024 – 03 Apr, 2024Available975
25 Mar, 2024 – 07 Apr, 2024Available975
05 Apr, 2024 – 18 Apr, 2024Available975
10 Apr, 2024 – 23 Apr, 2024Available975
20 Apr, 2024 – 03 May, 2024Available975
25 Apr, 2024 – 08 May, 2024Available975
01 May, 2024 – 13 May, 2024Available975
10 May, 2024 – 23 May, 2024Available975
20 May, 2023 – 03 Jun, 2023Available975
10 Sept, 2024 – 23 Sept, 2024Available975
20 Sept, 2024 – 03 Oct, 2024Available975
05 Oct, 2024 – 18 Oct, 2024Available975
10 Oct, 2024 – 23 Oct, 2024Available975
20 Oct, 2024 – 02 Nov, 2024Available975
25 Oct, 2024 – 07 Nov, 2024Available975

Guaranteed – Trip is Guaranteed to run.

Available – Trip is available to run if minimum group size is filled

Limited – Only few space available


Question: Do I need the experience to hike around Manaslu classical trek?

Answer: Hike around the Manaslu classical route is not challenging. It is also the cheapest restricted area trekking in Nepal. Every tourist should walk for around 5 hours daily with a lightweight daypack. If you have some kind of hiking experience or outdoor backpacking, it helps you a lot to complete your trip on time.

Question: Is pick up service available on my arrival day in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes sure. Provide us with your flight detail and request us for pickup. Our representative will come to pick you up at Kathmandu international airport, Nepal.

Question: Can I store my luggage/stuff in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes, you can leave your luggage at your hotel or at our office. Store your stuff in the Gokyo Treks agency office for free.

Question: Is the Manaslu trekking area Safe for Female Trekkers?

Answer: Absolutely. Nepal is a safe country to travel to for women travelers; this trek is perfectly safe for women/female trekkers. We have been organizing the trek even for female travelers since its establishment.

Question: What kind of accommodation can I expect around the Manaslu trek?

Answer: We provide you with tourist standard accommodation in Kathmandu. Along the trekking routes, the rooms are simply basic with cozy 2 beds with a nice mattress. However we recommend you take your own sleeping bags if you have one with you otherwise, you may rent them while you are in Kathmandu. Common toilets are available and on a sharing basis. Heating is only available in the dining area.

Question: What kind of food can I expect on the Manaslu treks?

Answer: All lodges in Manaslu circuit trekking routes, have attached restaurants. They cook a delicious range of mostly vegetarian such as Pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, rice, bread, soups, and vegetables.

Likewise, dinner and breakfast are provided in the same lodge you spend the night every day and Lunch will be provided on the way to the next place where you hike.

Question: What opportunities will I have for a shower along the circuit Manaslu lodge trek?

Answer: Most of the Manaslu guest houses offer warm hot showers on pay.

Question: How much does the Manaslu circuit trek permit cost?

Answer: Around Manaslu trek is a restricted region in Nepal. So, you will need a special restricted area permit that cost USD 100 per person per week. As the place is under a controlled region in Nepal, each and every trekker go through a registered trek agency. If you have booked a trek around the Manaslu as a full board package or partial-service trekking tour, you will have no worries about permits and other legal formalities. Two trekkers are compulsory for the trek but the trekking agency does care for everything.

Question: How cold is Manaslu hiking in December?

Answer: Roughly a trek around Manaslu during December is a quiet adventure as the temperature can get as low as -8.8 degrees C in Samdo village. If you trek higher up, the temperature gets as low as -16 degrees in Larkya La pass which is almost white mountains. So check the latest Manaslu weather forecast and you should pack all the necessary gear. Book an experience mountain trek guide if you want to make your December trek to Manaslu a successful ascend.

Question: How do I get drinking water on a lodge basis Manaslu circuit trek?

Answer: You can buy bottled mineral water to drink. But we advise against buying mineral water in plastic bottles, as currently there are no provisions for disposing of these. Therefore, we advise you to buy aqua tablets to purify the normal water. The normal water is available on local taps, streams, and rocks en route.

Question: Is tipping a must for porters and guides?

Answer: Your hiking team is a central motivation behind why you got an opportunity to feel something not many can have. Aside from managing and conveying your necessities and being aware of your health, they need to see you joyfully succeed more than anybody like family, and help you effectively complete the trek securely. Along these lines, your tips reflect appreciation towards them. A tip is a prescribed culture for guides, and porters in Nepal as a motion of gratefulness.

Question: Would I be able to purchase trekking gear in Nepal?.

Answer: Gokyo Treks and Expedition organization will acquaint with many shops auctioning knock-off gear in Kathmandu. You can likewise trade those gears at the knock-off spots however be certain you keep the receipt securely. In addition, you can lease the required gear on the off chance that you would prefer not to get them.

Question: Can I use credit cards in the short Manaslu trek?.

Answer: No! So, far for the trek. You need to have cash Nepali rupees to maintain your daily expenses.

Question: When should I book my trip and what are the payment terms?

Answer: Because our trips book up months in advance, we recommend booking early to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. We will, of course, make every effort to adjust last-minute bookings.

And regarding the deposit, we prefer a 15% advance deposit of the total price of the trip in order to confirm your reservation before you arrive in Nepal. And the rest of the payment can be made after your arrival in Nepal.

Question: Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?.

Answer: On the lodge trek, there will be more chances to charge the battery. We recommend you bring an extra pair in case. Remember to bring your adapters!

Question: Are there any communication facilities on express around the Manaslu trek?.

Answer: Sometimes, you can get telephone services. we recommend you buy a local NTC sim card.

Question: Who will carry my luggage around the Manaslu trek?.

Answer: We do provide porters to transfer your luggage. As we are a responsible trekking tour operator agency, each of our porters carries a maximum of 24 kilos of your backpack which means 2 guests (12-kilogram luggage of each guest): 1 porter basis.

Question: How much distance do I walk each day?

Answer: The distance you walk every day can vary greatly due to gradient, terrain, and altitude. In fact, the Manaslu trek distance is 177 kilometers roughly can cover in two weeks of hiking of 5/6 hours daily.

Question: Is it possible to hire a trekking guide for the Manaslu round trek? how to hire a Manaslu trek guide?

Answer: Yes of course you can hire a Manaslu circuit trek guide and required porters with Gokyo trek company. If you do not want to book the complete full board package trip, still you can hire our expert guide to make your holiday tour safer. We can also help with documentation to obtain the necessary permits if you wish.

Question: Do I need walking poles for Manaslu round treks?

Answer: It is better to hike with outdoor walking poles. Learn how to use light trekking poles for balance and stability, whether on the sidewalk or on trails. Walking poles can help prevent slips and falls. They are just recommended but not compulsory.

Question: Is internet access accessible around the Manaslu trek?

Yes. Better to purchase a sky SIM CARD before your departure from Kathmandu. You can utilize 3G Internet nearly up to Sama gompa. Furthermore, most guesthouses offer Wi-Fi, for a little charge.

Question: How much additional money do I need daily?.

Answer: You can allocate US$ 08 – 10 for a lunch/dinner in Kathmandu and it depends on your spending habits. US$ 7 to 10 US$ each day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, tea coffee, and some drinks while you are on your trek.

Best time to visit Manslu Circuit

The best time to visit the Manaslu circuit trekking route in Nepal is during the months of September to November and March to May. During these times, the weather is generally dry and clear, providing excellent visibility of the mountain ranges and landscapes.

September to November is considered the peak trekking season in Nepal, as the skies are generally clear and the temperatures are cool, making it an ideal time for trekking. The weather during this time is usually stable, with little or no rainfall, and the views of the mountains are spectacular.

March to May is another good time to visit Manaslu trekking route, as the weather is warm and the rhododendron forests are in full bloom, making it a beautiful time to visit. However, there might be some rains during this time, so it’s important to prepare well for potential rain and muddy trails.

It’s important to note that while these months are considered the best time to visit the Manaslu circuit trekking route, the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and can change rapidly. It’s always a good idea to check weather forecasts before initiating the trek and to prepare well enough for any weather circumstances.

Larke La pass of Manaslu trek difficulty

Around the Manaslu trek is considered a challenging trek that requires a good level of physical fitness and some experience in trekking at high altitudes. The trail takes you through rugged terrain, steep ascents and descents, and high mountain passes, reaching an altitude of 5,160 meters at the Larkya La Pass.

Samagaon is a gateway exploring Manaslu base camp, which takes 4 hours roughly to ascend to reach base camp and 3 hours to descend which is another tough hike.

It’s important to take proper precautions and acclimatize properly to avoid altitude sickness. Overall, it’s a beautiful and rewarding trek that offers stunning views of the Himalayas and a chance to experience the unique culture of the Manaslu region.

Manaslu trek difficulty

Nepal Manaslu circuit trek highlights

  • Mountain Manaslu 8163m trek offers picturesque villages and turbulent river gorges with nice waterfalls.
  • Manaslu has an extraordinary ethnic blend of Tibetan and Nepali people and their everyday life.
  • Tibetan culture of Nuri people, Diversified unspoiled Ecosystems.
  • Fabulous views of Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Ganesh and others, Larkya La pass (5,153m).
  • Walk through culturally rich villages inhabited by the ethnic Gurung and Tibetan communities.
  • Get an opportunity to immerse yourself in their traditions, visit ancient monasteries, and witness their unique way of life.

How to go Manaslu – Transport for Manaslu Trek

Beginning of the journey

Your travel is roughly 160 kilometers far away from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. You must go through the overland drive because there is no airport in Arughat Bazaar and further. Traveling as backpacking can choose a local bus ride from Kathmandu which takes roughly 8-9 hours. The Bus ride is an adventure but offers great scenery making your journey splendid.

cultivation Manaslu region

Those who travel with an overland drive with a private jeep transfer from Kathmandu to Soti Khola possible to drive in 7 hours. A small group of tourists can also take a shared jeep service from Kathmandu to Sotikhola or to Macha Khola.

Ethnic groups, culture and tradition

Hike to Manaslu Larke pass throughout the Nubry valley is rich in cultural heritage and wildlife. The Gurung ethnic groups dominate the central hills of the sector where the Bhutias (also called Bhotias), close to Sherpas are in the vicinity of Tibet. They have flat-roofed houses, ancient monasteries, mani walls, and other Buddhist indicators along the trek.

faces in Nepal

End of the trekking

You can drive with the regular local jeep ride from Dharapani to Besisahar bazaar. As you reach Besisahar, take a regular Micro Bus back to Kathmandu. The journey today takes about 10 hours in total.

Top Recommended Side Trips in Manaslu Trek

To be honest to write you Manaslu circuit trek is not possible to complete within 13 days trip as there are several side trips which are hidden on the main classical trek. Many trekkers capture the best shots of main spots and just follow the Larkya la but some of them want to explore the entire hidden side trips.

Journey at Manaslu takes you to the enchanting monasteries, the best mountain views, winsome lakes at high altitudes, and lonesome villages accommodating hospitable people. Thus, here are some key things to know before going to the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

1. Manaslu Base Camp (4,850m/15,913 feet)

Hike the Manaslu base camp (MBC) is one of the most exciting but tough side trips that take almost seven hours hike to go up a 4,400 meter viewpoint and return to the guest at Sama Gaon. The trail encompasses forests, barren lands, and sharp climbs so brace yourself.

2. Serang Gompa (3,100m/10,171 feet)

Serang Gumba is a small paradise of Bhi village on the foot of Shringi Himal. It is one of the top things to see, as the valley surrounding Serang (Kyimolung trail) is considered to be one of the four bells hidden among the Himalayas of Asia as identified by Guru Padmasambhava. It is believed that the Guru Padmasambhava had meditated in this place in ancient times.

3. Kalmachum / The Black Lake (3,800m/12,468 feet)

Kalmachum (Kal Tal) or the black lake is another top side trip a day’s hike from Prok village. The hike to get to Kal Tal is completely under the Pine and fir trees with many langurs. En route, you arrive at Pari Gompa where monks work during the day in their fields and come to sleep here at night and offers the great landscape of the entire valley

4. Hinang Gomba (3,100m) and Himalchuli Base Camp (4,020m/13,190 feet.)

Lihi village is a gateway to explore Hinang Khola and takes you to the large Hinang Gompa. The monks there are welcoming and it is possible to sleep in the Gompa. Continue the journey to the place to get a better Himal Chuli range that offers the spectacular view of Hinang glacier.

5. Phunggen Gompa (4050m/ feet.)

Punggen gompa is located at the end of a vast grassy plateau surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. This is one of the best places to get the top sights of Mount Manaslu and its surroundings, but again – the effort is worth it only on a clear day.

6. Birendra Lake (3,620m/11,877 feet)

Birendra Lake is a melted glacier lake situated on the Manaslu foothills. It is one of the easiest side trips possible to reach in forty-five minutes of a hike from Samagaon Lodges. As you walk straight past the gompa and you will come to an open field where dzopkyos and yaks are grazing.

7. Riu La – Tibet border (4,998m/16,398 feet)

Rui La is a high pass situated on the boarder to Tibet. The Rui La pass is a “classic” “U” shaped mountain pass. Prayer flags mark the pass and a border stone marks the border between Nepal and “Dzong Who” – China. It’s a leading trade route to Tibet that goes over 4,998 meters north of Samdo village in eight hours roughly.

Notes for the magic Manaslu circuit trekkers!

The information stated above is just a guide and standard template that we provide you. However, the Manaslu round trip is possible to modify at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.

As Manaslu is a restricted area or a controlled area, solo trekkers are not allowed. If you are a solo trekker, need to make permits on a group join basis because to get Manaslu special permits, we need a minimum of 2 trekkers with the same trek itinerary at the same time.

Despite that, as soon as you have all the special trekking permits, you can hike solo trips by hiring a guide or within a group package trek. Traveling within a group can share your trekking package prices which means you travel cheaply.

Local politics, landslides, cancellation of local flights, weather, transport, or a multitude of other factors that are beyond our control can result in a change of itinerary during the trip.

It is, however, very incredible that the itinerary would be extensively altered. If alterations are necessary the leader will decide the best alternative option, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group. When a change does occur, we do everything we can to minimize its effect, but we cannot be responsible for the results of changes or delays.

“What makes Manaslu circuit trek special?”

Opportunities for adventure and cultural trekking routes are scattered all over the planet Earth. You just need to know where to find them. Trek around the Manaslu offers an unique and rewarding experience for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those interested in exploring the cultural diversity of the Himalayan region. It’s a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse oneself in the serene and majestic beauty of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Gokyo Treks Nepal agency trusts in quality service and our guide is familiar with the high altitude mountain sickness. As a pioneer trekking agency in Nepal, our prime goal is your safety first and success.

We are a team of professional, experienced, and licensed local guides who also know the destination better than others. Moreover, we give benefits to the local communities and help to conserve natural resources which reduced costs and consumption.

Manaslu Trek Review

Manaslu Trek with Bharat Guide

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2022

In September, we embarked on an incredible journey, taking on the Manaslu Circuit with the addition of Tsum Valley. Throughout the trek, our guide, Bharat, proved to be an invaluable asset. His unwavering helpfulness and attentiveness to our needs, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the region and its customs, made the entire experience even more rewarding.

Undoubtedly, it was a challenging hike, but the beauty of the landscapes we traversed was simply breathtaking. Following the course of Budhi Gandaki river, we were mesmerized by the wonders of nature. The highlight was undoubtedly reaching the Larke Pass, an impressive mountain pass soaring at 5160 meters above sea level.

We are immensely grateful for this unforgettable adventure, and it wouldn’t have been the same without Bharat’s guidance and expertise. The memories of this remarkable journey will stay with us forever.

Avatar for Ildefonso Luna, Spain.
Ildefonso Luna, Spain.

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Dear Ildefonso Luna ,

Your wonderful review is deeply appreciated. We are thrilled that you had a fantastic experience with us. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we cannot wait to have the pleasure of serving you on another amazing trip to the Himalayas very soon.

Thank you once again, and we eagerly anticipate your return.

Regards, Ammar Raj Guni

Highly recommend Gokyo Treks To Everyone

Rated 5 out of 5
April 16, 2022

Completed the trek around the Manaslu route with Rajesh as our guide. He was a highly experienced and friendly guide made for an amazing experience. Ammar was a friendly and professional trek operator who responded our all questions very quickly.

His prices were also reasonable. If we return for next trip to the Himalayas, we definitely use his service again

Avatar for James Faul, Montréal, Québec, Canada
James Faul, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you James faul for your time to review us about the Manaslu circuit trek service.

Epic experience with Gokyo on the Manaslu circuit trek

Rated 5 out of 5
March 23, 2022

Trekking with Gokyo Treks & Expedition agency was a great experience from conceptualizing and customizing our Manaslu circuit trek with Ammar (kind, professional, and helpful) to trekking with Rajesh (not only a great guide but also a great friend!). 100% would recommend Gokyo agency and will be trekking with them in the future.

Avatar for Christopher Fitzgibbon, Toronto City, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Fitzgibbon, Toronto City, Ontario, Canada

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you Christopher Fitzgibbon for giving us an excellent review about your Manaslu trek in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Rated 5 out of 5
December 30, 2019

We were in Nepal for the first time. We decided to have a tour around one of the highest mountains in the world. The organization of that agency was perfect.

Rajesh, the guide that have the tour with us, was very careful about what we needed and about what we wanted to do: during the trek we decided to go to the Manaslu High Camp also. Despite the fact that it was not included in the program, but it was not a problem to change the itinerary.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of our life. There was a porter with us also, Krishna, Altogether we walked for more than 100 km in the heart of the Himalayas in a not entirely known trek, across rain forests, and Nepalese villages with unbelievable views and the Larkya La.

We suggest it !!! And Tibetan bread also 😉

Avatar for Mr dutin Luke, Turin, Italy
Mr dutin Luke, Turin, Italy

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you so much dear Dutin Luke.

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