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zip flying tour

Zip lining adventure

Zip lining adventure is a top first adventure activity after paragliding near Pokhara city in Nepal. The Annapurna region trek is located in the central but western part of Pokhara, The second largest tourist hub of Nepal. Test your adventure with a zip-lining adventure in Pokhara Pokhara exploring a paradise of beautiful mountain scenery and pristine lakes.

There is some hill station which is also equally popular for hiking together on your trip with zip flying tour. Besides that, you can the Annapurna massive including Dhaulagiri and Manaslu mountains which are above 8,000 meters above sea level.

Zipline adventure tour in Nepal is one of most updated adventure attractive for tourist into the Nepal Himalayas. The Ziplining tour attracts travelers with different opportunities for adventure sports.

The Zip-flyer starts from the 5,330 ft from Sarangkot hill station and ends at 3,150 ft in Hemmja village. An adventure zip flyer trip in Pokhara is the longest one in the world which is 1860 meters long. Alaska US has a Zip flyer but it is 1600mtrs long only.

Why Zip lining or zip flying tour is the most popular tourist activities in Nepal?

The Zip flyer is a very amazing adventure for the tourist they can easily view Annapurna mountain range, Mt. Fishtail (6,997m), Dhaulagiri range (including Dhaulagiri first 8167 meters, Lamjung mountains (6,986m), and Panoramic view of Pokhara valley and tourist feel flying into the air which runs 140km/per hour speed. Zip flyer is Comfortable and installed the best technology for its authenticity, strength, and durability.

Magical zip lining is a new adventure activity. If you are hiking around Sarangkot hill, best to choose this zipline near me. Tour package program cost includes zip line equipment while on flying.

The best time to visit zip flying with Annapurna trek is either in Spring (March to May) or Autumn (October to December) in this time weather is very clear. So you can see the pristine Himalayas and beautiful landscapes. Take a review about Annapurna Trek to combine with zip flying tour in Nepal

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