Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours Nepal

Wildlife tours Nepal is a very popular tourist attraction in the Himalayas. Nepal’s forests are inhabitants of some of the most unique and rare animals. In the warm subtropical Terai region of Nepal, you can find Royal Bengal tigers, 1 horned rhino, leopards, wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles, and four kinds of dear, and over 250 species of exotic birds.

Together with typical hospitality and encountering rare endangered animals in nature are the main attractions of the wildlife safari tour. Wildlife tours Nepal is ideal for every holiday traveler who is seeking diverse experiences and a real fun-filled holiday.

Gokyo Treks and expedition company offers a comprehensive jungle safari package to enjoy your exotic holiday in Nepal. With us, you will have a great chance to explore and see some of the world’s best Wildlife Safari tour destinations which include Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tapu wildlife reserve, and Bardiya National park.

Chitwan National Park is famous to observe Royal Bengal tigers, Rhinoceros, and wild elephants. Not only this but also various birds and reptiles are also widely seen in this park. Whereas Koshi Tapu offers the best bird sanctuary in Nepal and Bardiya National Park is the best place to see tigers and their habitat.

Fact about Nepal wildlife safari tours during the whole year

December / January / February

Winter time in Nepal but overall clear skies. But still, a beautiful time to uncover wildlife safari.

March / April / May

Excellent climate, the foremost time to visit Nepal.

June / July / August

Monsoon season in Nepal. Grasses and thrones inside the jungle are very tall and sharp. Elephant walking routes are thrones and jeep driving routes are wet and muddy so, chances to see wild animals are very very low. Thus, it is not a better idea to go for safari tours while on Monsoon time because the chances to see wildlife is very low.

September / October / November

Monsoon is over around early September, but some drops of rain are still possible in September but a still a very nice time to discover wildlife activities.