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TIMS permit for trekking

Tims permit for trek in Nepal Himalayas!

The TIMS permit is called the Trekkers Information Management System permit implemented to control for safety and security of the trekkers in general.

Past experiences show that there were a lot of difficulties to collect the right data on trekkers in an emergency. Especially it was very difficult to arrange a rescue operation during the accident times of accidents and natural calamities. Because of a lack of a proper record system of trekkers, their exact whereabouts, and the information about trekking routes, rescue and search missions used to face difficulties in spotting trekkers who were missing. The provision of Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) has been effective from Jan. 1, 2008.

Furthermore, the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have started recording trekkers’ details and issuing TIMS Cards to trekkers. Visiting tourists, who have an interest in a trek in Nepal, requires to receive TIMS permits. To obtain TIMS Card you need a Passport copy and two copies of Passport-size Photographs with the required fee.

Besides that, TAAN and NTB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on March 18, 2010, to implement the TIMS system in a new format from April 1, 2010. NTB and TAAN have introduced separate TIMS Cards for FITs and Trekking Group Tours. FITs need to have a Green TIMS card fee by paying US$20 per person, while those traveling in groups need to have a Blue TIMS card paying US$12 per person throughout the legal trekking company in Nepal.

Why Tims card require for trekking in Nepal?

The reasons are as given below:-

All important details of trekkers and trekking routes maintain with a computer system. There is a safe database Management System that is very useful for the safety and security of each trekker. To help carry out search and rescue operations for trekkers in case of natural calamities and other accidents by means of authentic information service .

To maintain a record system that includes personal details of trekkers, trekking area, trekking routes, handling agencies, duration, etc. The data generated from the system will be useful to all stakeholders: tourism organizations, Government agencies, diplomatic missions, tour operators, research institutes, etc.

Unauthorized trekking operations control. This results in better management of trekking services and in benefits all concerned: trekkers, agencies, field staff, Government, etc., and also occasional untoward incidents will be better prevented.

To upgrade service standards and contribute to better management of sustainable mountain tourism development in Nepal.

Email us to get a TIMS form Download location through Gokyo treks Nepal.

But Tims card will not required for:

Expedition members who are going to trek with climbing permits.
Visitors in the control areas are permitted by the Department of Immigration.
If the government invites foreign guests.
Authorities from different diplomatic missions in the country are holding official letter/s.
Visitors on certain missions recommend to the concerned department of the Government.
residential visa foreigner.

TIMS and ACAP permit in Pokhara.

Every trekker who plans to go hikes in the mountains should need a Nepal trekking permit. They are Tims and acap permit if tourists going to Annapurna zone. Likewise, going to Manaslu and other trek routes also requires tims card. Pokhara is a gateway for the Annapurna excursion, so Tims and acap permit Pokhara is an easy way if you reach Pokhara directly without stopping in Kathmandu.

However, roughly about 10% of travelers book tims card in Pokhara as they go directly and the remaining about 90% of tourists book tims cards in Kathmandu. Thus, making acap permit and tims permit is an easy way to arrange in Kathmandu before you hike.

Moreover, many people ask the same questions like do I need a tims card for a trek in Nepal? Our answer is yes! tims requires everywhere hiking in the Nepalese mountains. Even, if you plan to go in restricted areas, tims permit is also essential including a restricted area permit in Nepal.

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