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Best food for camping

There is the best food for camping in the Himalayas. At the point when you are out outdoors, climbing, and hiking you have a great deal on your plate. Tragically, gourmet food is typically not one of them. It tends to be downright difficult to pack enough food and apparatus to make delightful and shifted suppers.

Camping food doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! These tasty day-hike foods contain high calories. Better to prepare a camping food list before you go. High-calorie backpacking food is also similar to hiking snacks will make trip planning easy and will keep you looking forward to every meal.

Hike into the Himalayas breakfast starts with a large intake of fluids. The guesthouses serve Tea-coffee in thermoses of various sizes (on the menu, they’re listed as Small Pot, Medium Pot, and Big Pot). A Small Pot will most likely be a 0.5-liter thermos, while a Big Pot will be a 2-liter thermos.


Best breakfast food for camping

Oatmeal boiled in water is usually available for breakfast, along with French toast served with jam, butter, or honey. You will have an original taste if you eat homemade Tibetan bread or Chapatti. Local tsampa porridge is also available during trekking in Nepal. Hashed brown eggs are also available for breakfast, as well as omelets, pancakes, muesli, cheese, and juice from packs.

Furthermore, oatmeal is healthy and replenishes your body with energy for longer, and maintains a higher level of glucose in your blood. If you have a habit to walk without taking a heavy breakfast? pack some sandwiches for hiking.

Lunch at Guesthouses or at Camping spot

Ask your Trek guide to get a good recommendation to find a good lodge where you can find the best hiking food. Until you reach an altitude of 13,150 feet, you can see easy camping meals for family or traditional camping food. Check the food menu and choose what you wish.hiking foods in Nepal

Most probably you can find classic camping food while hiking, however, some tea shops are also selling cheap backpacking food which is not healthy backpacking food we guess.

Likewise, at high altitudes, it is possible to enjoy heavy meals at the final destination of the day – at the trekking lodge. Choose the soup you like. A bowl of garlic soup is better at least once a day. In addition, there are diverse soups, steaks, sandwiches, Momo, macaroni dishes, and most often pizzas.

The hiking food menu in tea houses will differ depending on the altitude reached along the trek route. As a rule, the higher you have climbed up, the bigger the prices will be, and the fewer food varieties. Below I’ve attached a menu that you can choose from at trekking lodges in the mountain.

Dinner into the Guesthouses or at Camping spot

Dinner is usually eaten in the trekking lodge where you are staying overnight. Set your backpacking meal plan or camping food ideas no cooking or camping food hacks are possible on each hike. There is only one menu at trekking lodges it doesn’t change. Depending on your mood, you can select pancakes, Momo, steak, oatmeal, pasta, or dal as you like.

Going higher needs more fluids, so we suggest you drink and choose dehydrated hiking food. The sunsets rapidly and disappears behind the mountains quickly and it gets cold. Trekkers spend the time until bedtime in the dining room having dinner, drinking tea, and beer, and talking.

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