Vehicle Rental Service

vehicle rental in Nepal

Gokyo Treks and Expedition is a leading tour trekking operator agency that also offers vehicle rental services for tourists. Our agency is legal with the law act of Nepal 2063 BS.

This means that if you are planning to visit Nepal for any type of holiday or seminar then our vehicle rental company arranges your airport to airport service by any type of vehicle at your request.

Rental a vehicle with us means the tourist will get a special rate that is fixed with a tourist vehicle association of Nepal. Our prices are fair. Even to transfer you on your landing at the airport to your destination like the hotel, you need a vehicle. We serve you the best vehicle with suitable services at the lowest price. Our all vehicles are well conditioned with Air conditioning.

Mainly our vehicles are a car, Jeep (two-wheel and four-wheel), a van, and a HiAce van, and are clean and in good condition. Our driver is a professional with experience of several years in the driving profession. We have two types of vehicle rental service in Nepal i.e. fuel and driver or only driver in which case you have to fill your own fuel.

Furthermore, tourists can book a car with us for the airport to airport service, city tours, marriage ceremonies, long-term hire for NGO and INGO, and different places to pick up and drop off. Remember us to serve you the best vehicle rentals in Nepal.

Vehicle Rental Service Cost [Best Deal]

Rent a CAR for ( destination) Car Rental CostJeep Hire CostToyota Hiace Van
Kathmandu airport to Thamel Transfer US$ 12 [1-3 pax]US$ 25 [1-5 pax] US$ 22 [1-14 pax]
Mountain Flight Transfer (go – wait & return) – KTMUS$ 25 [1-3 pax]US$ 30 [1-5 pax] US$ 35 [1-14 pax]
Thamel to Kathmandu airport Transfer US$ 12 [1-3 pax]US$ 25 [1-5 pax] US$ 22 [1-14 pax]
Lakeside (Phewa) to Pokhara International Airport transfer US$ 18 [1-3 pax]US$ 25 [1-5 pax] US$ 30 [1-14 pax]
Area Kathmandu/Pokhara City Disposal charge per hourUS$ 6 [1-3 pax]US$ 9 [1-5 pax] US$ 9 [1-14 pax]

How to reach Besisahar from Kathmandu?

To reach Besisahar, a town in Nepal, you typically have a few transportation options depending on your starting location from Kathmandu City. Besisahar typically known as a foothill town and is a popular starting point for the Annapurna Circuit trekking. Here are the common ways to get to Besisahar:

Cheapest option is going by Bus or Microbus:

You can take a bus or microbus from Kathmandu to Besisahar. Buses usually depart from the Gongabu Bus Park in Kathmandu every day. Going by Bus or a micro bus re the cheapest option to travel. Tourist busses are not available in this route however this trip takes around 6 to 7 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic.

Private Vehicle or Taxi:

You can also hire a private car or taxi to take you directly from Kathmandu to Besisahar. This option provides more comfort and flexibility, but it can be more expensive comparing the local busses. Since there is no airport available nearby, tourist either go by a bus or a comfortable journey renting cars with us. Further more, the road condition form Besisahar to Manang is off bumpy road therefore only jeep options are available. Here are the cost options for your reference;-

Rental DestinationsCar Rental CostJeep Hire CostToyota Hiace Van
Kathmandu to Besi Sahar drop off US$ 150 [1-3 pax]US$ 195 [1-5 pax] US$ 215 [1-14 pax]
Besi Sahar to Jagat drop off – – –US$ 80 [1-5 pax] – – –
Besi Sahar to Dharapani drop off – – –US$ 145 [1-5 pax] – – –
Besi Sahar to Chame drop off – – –US$ 199 [1-5 pax] – – –
Besi Sahar to Pisang drop off – – –US$ 246 [1-5 pax] – – –
Besi Sahar to Manang drop off – – –US$ 300 [1-5 pax] – – –

Keep in mind that road conditions in Nepal can vary, and travel times may be longer than expected due to factors such as weather, road maintenance, and other logistical challenges. Once you arrive in Besisahar, you can start your trek on the Annapurna Circuit or explore the surrounding area. Make sure to plan your travel and accommodations in advance, especially during peak trekking seasons.

City Sightseeing Vehicle Rental Service Cost [Lowest Deal]

Vehicle Rental Destination Car Rental CostJeep Hire CostToyota Hiace Van
Half day sightseeing in Kathmandu including 2 UNESCO heritage site.US$ 30 [1-3 pax]US$ 45 [1-5 pax] US$ 60 [1-14 pax]
Full day sightseeing in Kathmandu including 4 UNESCO Heritage Sites.US$ 48 [1-3 pax]US$ 58 [1-5 pax] US$ 75 [1-14 pax]
Bhaktapur and Patan sightseeingUS$ 55 [1-3 pax]US$ 75 [1-5 pax] US$ 80 [1-14 pax]
Kathmandu to Shivapuri SightseeingUS$ 55 [1-3 pax]US$ 75 [1-5 pax] Not Applicable
Godavari go and back from ThamelUS$ 55 [1-3 pax]US$ 75 [1-5 pax] US$ 93 [1-14 pax]
Dakchinkali go and back from ThamelUS$ 50 [1-3 pax]US$ 70 [1-5 pax] US$ 98 [1-14 pax]
Thamel to Sundarijal drop offUS$ 30 [1-3 pax] US$ 50 [1-5 pax] US$ 60 [1-14 pax]
Changu Narayan go and back from ThamelUS$ 50 [1-3 pax]US$ 70 [1-5 pax] US$ 90 [1-14 pax]
Saga Mahadev statue go and back ThamelUS$ 48 [1-3 pax]US$ 65 [1-5 pax] US$ 58 [1-14 pax]
Dhulikhel drop offUS$ 42 [1-3 pax]US$ 62 [1-5 pax] US$ 65 [1-14 pax]
Bhaktapur sightseeing from ThamelUS$ 45 [1-3 pax]US$ 70 [1-5 pax] US$ 90 [1-14 pax]
Budhanil kantha go and backUS$ 42 [1-3 pax] US$ 60 [1-5 pax] US$ 80 [1-14 pax]
Chandragiri Hillgo and backUS$ 55 [1-3 pax]US$ 75 [1-5 pax] US$ 97 [1-14 pax]
Nagarkot sunrise TourUS$ 50 [1-3 pax]US$ 70 [1-5 pax] US$ 85 [1-14 pax]
Panauti from ThamelUS$ 65 [1-3 pax]US$ 90 [1-5 pax] US$ 99 [1-14 pax]
Bhaktapur and Nagarkot US$ 55 [1-3 pax]US$ 80 [1-5 pax] US$ 98 [1-14 pax]
Dhulikhel + Bhaktapur SightseeingUS$ 65 [1-3 pax]US$ 85 [1-5 pax] US$ 110 [1-14 pax]
Pokhara City Full Day TourUS$ 75 [1-3 pax]US$ 95 [1-5 pax] US$ 110 [1-14 pax]

Jeep Rental Service for Trek Routes [Lowest Cost Deal]

4WD Jeep Rental Destination Tour DurationJeep Hire Cost
Kathmandu – Jomsom – Muktinath – Kathmandu 4 Night 5 Days TourUS$ 682 [1-5 pax]
Kathmandu – Lo Manthang – Kathmandu 6 Night 7 Days TourUS$ 993 [1-5 pax]
Kathmandu – Manang – Kathmandu 5 Night 6 DaysUS$ 725 [1-5 pax]
Kathmandu – Rara Lake – Kathmandu 6 Nights 7 DaysUS$ 925 [1-5 pax]
Thamel, Kathmandu to Macha Khola drop [Manaslu Trek] Full day drive US$ 200 [1-6 pax]
Thamel, Kathmandu to Syaprubesi drop [Langtang Trek]Full day driveUS$ 185 [1-5 pax]
Bhaktapur/Kathmandu to Dhap/Salleri drop [Pikey Peak Trekking]Full day driveUS$ 230 [1-7 pax]
Bhaktapur/Kathmandu to Melamchi Bazaar Pickup/drop Full day driveUS$ 170 [1-7 pax]

The above price is not valid for Nepali nationals. Keep in mind that the Air conditioning cost is extra.

Book your private vehicle on time to avoid any issues later