Limi valley trek


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Limi valley trek

Trip Summary

    1. Limi valley Hike Duration: 20 Days
    2. Limi Valley Trek Difficulty: Easy to Moderate grade
    3. High Altitude: 4,990m/16,372 feet
    4. Daily Trek Hour: 6 hours
    5. Travelers Group-Size: 2-15 People
    6. Best Time: April – October (except monsoon)
    7. Trip Mode: Tent Camp
    8. Meals on Trek: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    9. Transport: Car/Plane/Bus

The Limi valley trek is famous for its isolation under the protected area with beautiful flora and fauna. Remote wilderness Limi valley trekking is situated in the Karnali region of Nepal and required a special permit from the government of Nepal.

An amazing Limi valley treks is a very dry and unproductive area. So the people living here had a very difficult life but they were very humble and friendliness with their smiling faces. Tourists walk through the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route up to the Tibetan crossing the Nara La pass (4620 m) with a stunning vista of the Himalayas. From the Hilsa border, you turn northeast towards the Limi Valley.

Furthermore, Hilsa is a gateway to explore Mount Kailash which is located in Tibet. Visitor can experience the ancient Buddhist Monasteries, local people, and their traditions which are the main attraction of the Limi valley. The local inhabitants still earn their livelihood by trading commodities like salt, cotton, barley, and rice in Tibet. Cheap Limi valley trekking is possible to visit at any time except winter months across the year.

Why people choose Limi valley trek?

Limi valley hike is perhaps the most dramatic and picturesque scenery in the Nepalese Himalaya. You will have face to face a view of Beautiful mountains through forests, hills, and tiny villages. Hikes at Limi valley is a part of the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) of Nepal and it is a great sense of anticipation builds as you trek up the Dolpo valley, passing through intriguing tiny villages, Buddhist monasteries.

Limi valley trek includes all meals, road-head transport, services of English-speaking local trek leader (trekking guide), and porters to carry the luggage. You will only need to carry a day-pack and you can walk at your own pace.

Limi valley trekking highlights and Himalayan Sights

The trip is rich in flora and fauna, Panoramic views of Snowy peaks, Ancient and isolated villages, ancient Buddhist monasteries, Enthralling culture, and tradition. In addition, challenging Nara La pass (4620 m) is another attraction of this tour.

Beautiful Limi valley trek grades – Trek difficulty

Remote area off the beaten path trek to Limi valley is suitable for any walker looking for something more challenging route in the far western part of Nepal. The journey to Limi valley is a moderate to strenuous trek difficulty but it does not require special training experience. If you are healthy and can walk about 5 hours daily, you can complete the trip. However, daily jogging or walking exercise is useful before you depart. Our program always includes rest days and builds up gradually, in order to acclimatize to the altitude. Along the routes, you can wander at your own pace, with plenty of stops for resting.


Limi valley trek detail itinerary

Wilderness Limi valley trekking 20 days is a classical trek with 16 days itinerary compared to most walks in this region. The particular Limi valley trek route is prepared for world explorers to hike in a more relaxed manner. However, for travelers who wish to do quickly but are walking with limited time wise then ask us for a tailor-made itinerary.

1 DayArrival at Kathmandu valley. TIA airport pickup.

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport, we will receive you with private vehicle and transfer to hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast plan. Our representative will brief you Limi valley trek programs.

2 DaySimikot Restricted area trekking permit arrangements.

We need your original passport with Nepal’s Visa to prepare Simikot restricted area permit. It takes some hours for official formalities to complete permits. We fix for meeting time to introduce with your hiking guide, he will brief details of this trek.

3 DayFly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and to Simikot. Stay in a Tent camp.

Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj (1 hour by flight) and again fly to Simikot. We flight to Simikot early in the morning with morning fresh air, transparent view, and arrived in Simikot also morning. As you are in Simikot, meet our entire staff. Simikot is a very beautiful place that all trekkers enjoy their stopping there.

4 DaySimikot to Dharapani trekking (2,270m/7,446 feet), 6 hours.

The First section of our walk is with a climb up through wheat, barley, on a rock rocky track. Along the trek, we can walk to see past time build a stone house at upper Simitkot. We move right towards Yakba to catch a fabulous view of Humla Karnali valley. Now we walk down steeply in a knee crouching 800m descend to the Masigaon (2270m). We obey the Humla Karnali River trail and gradually reach Metal Bridge and brings us to Dharapuri where we stay overnight at Tent.

5 DayDharapani to Kermi village trekking, 5 hours

Today we climb up and down to the Chachera (2356m). From here we need to walk a steep trail were pack animals, climb beside the waterfalls past lizards sunning themselves and follow the small trail that has been blasted out of the cliffs to reach Dhara Kermi. Above the kermin village, there is a natural hot spring, where we visit to have a bath.

6 DayKermi to Chumsa Khola valley trek (3,600m/11,808 feet), 6 hours

Trail of today is 7010 meters ascend and around 71 meters descend. Well, if we don’t spend time in kermi village, take a small detour and head up through the town before dropping back onto the main path. Visitors traveling to Mt Kailash follow the trail down to the Chumsa Khola. We drop through the forest, cross the bridge to reach stone shelters (3400m) where we place our Tent camp to stay overnight.

7 DayTrek Chumsa Khola to Dharmasala 4/5 hours

The trail of today is 600m ascend, short day to reach our campsite Nyalu Lagna. The first section of our path climbs strongly through moss-covered birch and pine forests. After around two hours our trail climbs on top of benign glacial moraine before turning left into the sweeping expanse and gradually we cross several streams and Chusa Khola. If we have a large group then we take our camp in the flat area located at about 4000m. But if we have a small group then we go to Dharamsala for the camp.

8 DayTalung Camp trekking (4,380m/14,366 feet), 7 hours

We leave early today, need to cross 4990m high Nyalu Lagna La. An early start makes it easy for our pack animals to cross on snow patches. Our initial trials begin with a climb up grassy gradient and turn on marine and hillside and the western shore of selling Tso (4,600m). Trail then Sweeps west into a wide, often filled snow valley.

Gradually we reach prayer flag decorated Nyalu Lagna (4,990m/16,372 feet). From 20 minutes northwest above the pass offer a great view of the Tibetan plateau, Kailash, and Gurla Mandata. From the pass our trail drop sleepy to a flat expanse dotted with hundred of uprights stone markers. Now from here we steeply gorge to the right and properly down to the Talung Valley to fix for an overnight campsite.

9 DayTrek Talung Camp to Jang (4,070m/13,350 feet), 7 hours.

From camp our trails follow high above the Shoreline of the 1200m long Tshom Tso. The head of the lake is dominated by giant white sand dunes. Now further we cross several rivers and the Ling Chu and climb Talung valley through Tukche Valley.

From the top we see a 24km trail leading to Tibet through Lapcha La pass (5,688m). Local people sue the trail to bring giant herbs of goats into Nepal fattening up and sale. There is a Yok Gonpa which is located at an altitude of 4,170 meters. Some hours of walkthrough meadows bring us to Takche valley where we fix our campsite for overnight stay.

10 DayDay to discover around !

To keep rest day here for you is really great idea and valuable. We spend here the day with explore Jang village and discovered and wash our clothes, wonder upper part of the Takche chu Valley the trail becomes rocky and from here offers an impressive view down the stone house of jang (3,930m), barley field, prayer flag. We found Jang village into three subdivisions, two above the trail and one below. We found the village bit dry and surrounded by cliffs rocks and peaks.

11 DayTrek Jang to Halji (3,770m/12,366 feet), 4/5 hours

Today our trek journey is down toward descending 400 meters. We start early and follow the trail back to Jang and exit the village through a stone chortens painted roof. It is situated 9km to the west of Jang; visit Renzin Ling Gompa, considered a very important gompa of Limi. The rocky undulating trail turns into steep marrow ascends and then descends then brings us to Halji. Halji is surrounded by gompa and from here offers a good view of the barley and wheat field. From time to time great Rinpoche visit along this gompa.

12 DayTrek Halji to Til (3,700m/12,136 feet), 5/6 hours

As we have to trek to TIL village today, we walk around 155 meters ascend and 50 meters descend. From the campsite climb back to the main trail. Walk through irrigated fields, drop back to the Takche the Chu, and cross the bridge (3719 me), bring us south side of the river. Go down to the stone-lined pit local people bait this pit to catch snow Leopards. The rest of the trail climbs up through several Chastens, more or less an hour of walk bring us to Til village, which offers a splendid mountain view.

13 DayTrek Til to Manepene (3,979m/13,051 feet), 8 hours

The first sections of hikes begin climbing through grazing fields and head toward the village and turn left. Our trail climb gradually we could see the helipad. We walk on a tiny stream and collection of small flat platforms. We walk on a stepped pinnacle and climb again over 4000 meters for a view of the southeast of the Humla Karnali River and gradually reach Manepene.

14 DayTrek to Hilsa (3,740m/ 12,267 feet), 4/5 hours

The hiking path to go Hilsa border goes further behind and jumps through a landslide where you can explore the magnificent view of Nara La pass (4,590 m). Gradually, we walk down through the barley field and reach village Hilsa. There are lots of small Lodge and Chinese shops. Hilsa is a busy place for shopping and a gateway to Mansarovar, Kailash. Close to a regular helicopter dropping place for Indian people of Mt. Kailash devoted.

15 DayHilsa to Palbang trekking (3,389m/11,116 feet), 8 hours

Today, follow gently brace ourselves for a nail-biting ascent of some of the narrowest path, Nara la pass (4,580 m), past a small lake on the top is a giant cairn often blasted by strong winds and down to the road bring us to Sipsip (4,330 m), to our right yori (3,670m). 3 hours hiking, visitors can reach Palbang through the windy trail where we set up our camp.

16 DayPalbang to Muchu treks (2,929m/9,607 feet), 4/5 hours

Travellers can consider walking downhill through a pleasant walk. The day we can meet some trekkers of Mount Kailash. From Palbang, we climb gently through Juniper trees and drop down at the height of 3,270 meters. An easy hike brings us to Muchu. After some hours of walking, we set up our tent for an overnight stay.

17 DayMucha to Chumsa Khola trek, 5/6 hours

After 200 meters ascend and 261 meters descend reach to Chumsa Khola. The day will remain really beautiful for us. We follow the extremely blue water of Humla Karnali. From our camp, we cross the bridge and follow the lower trail which is easy and can mark. Around 45 minutes’ ups and downs walk we reach Yabang (2890 m). Small town yangar gets electrify from yalbang. From Yalbang we follow the steep trail climbs to the opposite hillside to Puinya, where people of Yalbang live during the summertime. This is also one important treading center of Humli and bajura. The place is also the route of Mount saipal south base. Some hours later, we reach a chumsa Khola bridge, where we fix our tent on a beautiful terrace.

18 DayChumsa Khola to Dharapani hikes, 5/6 hours

The second last day of our trek walk 230 meters ascends and 743 meters descend roughly. It’s a limi valley circle trip. Short drags to 2,990 meters return our trail junction and pass where we turned to head towards the Nyalu Lagna. The rest of the trail is the same as we already used while ascending. Some hours of hiking journey, we reach Dharapani.

19 DayDharapani to Simikot trekking, 6/7 hours, overnight at Lodge

We walk 980 meters ascend and 278 meters descend today. We take a low route to Masigaon and climb up 900 meters on top of the hill overlooking Simikot. And from the top, we drop down 300 meters into the town then we build the camp place where we build before while we come from Kathmandu.

20 DayFlight from Simikot to Kathmandu (1,380 m). Transfer to hotel

We take an early flight Simikot to Kathmandu. As soon as you arrive at TIA airport, Gokyo Treks arrange you again for a private vehicle to get to your hotel in the Kathmandu city center. If you need any kind of further assistance? do not hesitate to ask us. In the evening, we invite you to have a typical Nepali dinner.

21 DayFinal departure day

Drop you in Kathmandu International Airport onward your final destination and our trip ends. I wish you your wonderful journey.


How much does Limi valley trek cost?

Amazing wilderness Limi valley trek cost US$2,999 per person on twin sharing basis. But this types of tent camping trekking cost varies according to group size you are coming with. For the deluxe and luxury trekking tour plan, we add 3 star category hotel deluxe air-conditioned room in Kathmandu (BB PLAN). AND WE ARE OPEN TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR TOUR AND PACKAGES PRICE AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENTS. International tour leaders are highly encouraged to get discounts and attractive complimentary.

Remote Limi valley trek Cost Include:

  • Kathmandu international airport transfer by private vehicles.
  • All the required domestic airport and hotel transfer according to the above plan.
  • 2 nights in Twin sharing 3 star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu city according the fixed itinerary inclusive Breakfast.
  • Tented accommodation during the trekking days in the mountain region.
  • Full board meals : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day during the trekking days prepared by our expert cook.
  • All the essentials camping and kitchen equipment.
  • An experienced English speaking local trekking guide.
  • Required supporting local porters and donkeys to carry foods and luggage.
  • Simikot Special trekking permit issued by Immigration of Nepal.
  • Special trekking permit of Shey Phoksundo National Park and local taxes.
  • Domestic flights: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Simikot – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu round trip with tax.
  • Food / Salary / accommodation and medical or accidental insurance of all the trekking staffs.
  • Gokyo Treks and Expedition company Medical kit bag.
  • Farewell dinner party after the trip completion in Kathmandu.
  • All the government and local taxes.
  • Updated limi valley trek map 1 piece for each guest.
  • Nepal Government Tax, VAT and as well as Company service charge.

Limi valley trekking cost exclude :

  • Nepal entry visa fee cost US$ 40.
  • Lunch and Dinner during the staying in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj city.
  • Any kinds of battery charges, laundry service, phone calls and hot shower during the trekking.
  • Tourist personal trekking equipments and Clothing.
  • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.
  • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
  • Donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
  • Any other things which are not mentioned above
Group join

We can organize private Limi valley trekking starting at any date that works for you. Please contact us for more information.


Question: Is pick up service available on my arrival day in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes sure. Provide us your flight details. Our representative will come to pick up you at Kathmandu international airport.

Question: Do I need experience to do Limi valley trek?

Answer: Actually for Limi valley trekking is suitable for keen trekkers/walkers who are able to walk around 4 or 5 hours in a day, with a lightweight daypack. For limi valley trekking, if you have about a little experience would be better.

Question: What kind of accommodation can I expect on Limi valley trekking?

Answer: We provide you tourist standard accommodation in Kathmandu and Tented accommodation during the trekking routes. However, we recommend you take your four-season sleeping bags and other hiking gear if you have one with you otherwise, you may rent them while you are in the Kathmandu gear shop.

Question: What kind of food can I expect on this trek?

Answer: During the tented camping Limi valley trekking, our professional cook prepares a delicious range of mostly vegetarian such as Pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, rice, bread, soups, vegetables. The variety of vegetables depends upon the season you hike.

Question: What opportunities will I have for a shower along with Limi valley trekking?

Answer: As you are camping trekking, we provide you a hot water bucket then you will take a bucket shower.

Question: How do I get drinking water on limi valley trekking?

Answer: During the trekking route there are some places basic homestay and shops where you can able to buy mineral water and you can buy it for drinking but however we advise against buying mineral water in plastic bottles, as currently there are no provisions for disposing of these. Instead, we provide you with boiled water or bringing chlorine tablets to purify the normal water as the normal water is available at the campsite.

Question: Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?

Answer: As you choose a tent camping, there is very little chance to recharge the battery. But some local village stays electricity so you can and recharge. We recommend you bring an extra pair in case. Remember to bring your own adapters!

Question: Are there any communication facilities on Limi valley trekking short?

Answer: In this trekking route you can get local telephone services.

Question: Can I use credit cards in Trekking?

Answer: No! So, for the trekking routes, you need to have cash Nepali rupees because credit cards work only in the bigger cities.

Question: When should I book my trip and what are the payment terms?

Answer: Because our trips book up months in advance, we recommend booking early to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. We will, of course, make every effort to accommodate last moment bookings.

And regarding the deposit, we prefer 25% advance deposit of the total price of the trip in order to confirm your reservation before you arrive in Nepal. The rest of the payment you can pay us on your arrival in Nepal.

Question: Who will carry my luggage on limi valley short trekking?

Answer: We provide porters to transfer your luggage. As we are a responsible trekking tour operator agency, each of our porters carries a maximum of 25 kilos of your backpack which means 2 guests (12.5 kg luggage of each guest): 1 porter basis.

Question: How much distance do I walk each day?

Answer: When walking in the mountains, the distance you cover each day can vary greatly due to a gradient, terrain, and altitude. As such it is very hard to give specific distances on each day, however, you have to be prepared to walk roughly about 5 hours each day.

Question: Do I need walking poles?

Answer: To complete wilderness trek in remote areas, trekkers should have very good camping gear. It is better to hike with walking poles also. Learn how to use trekking poles for balance and stability, whether on the sidewalk or on trails. Walking poles can help prevent slips and falls. They are just recommended but not compulsory and also find the list of other gears checklist

Question: How much additional money do I need per day?

Answer: You can allocate US$ 08 – 10 for lunch/dinner in Kathmandu and it depends on your spending habits. US$ 7 to 10 US$ each day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, tea coffee, and some drinks while you are on trek.

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Limi valley trek highlights

  • Detect the majestic wildwest mountains, hills and the valleys along the trek route
  • Ancient and isolated villages, Buddhist monasteries, Enthralling cultural practice.
  • Believed to be a inhabitants of Snow Leopard with many other wild animals.

Limi valley trek Notes

Hike Limi valley itinerary is subject to change due to a condition beyond our control. This is a Guideline showing tentative camp night stops. A physical, technical and natural condition may change this above itineraries.

“What makes Limi valley trek special?”

Opportunities for challenging trekking or hiking and pleasant strolls are scattered all over this planet. You just need to know where to find them. We at Gokyo Treks and Expedition believe in quality services. Your safety and satisfaction is our concern. We are a team of professional, trained, and licensed local guides who know the destination much better than others.

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