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helicopter rescue scam

Helicopter Rescue Scam Trending

Helicopter Rescue Scam is worse news for the country’s reputation. It is true, that many companies are attracting tourists by selling trek packages under the cost package. Later on, push the trekkers and climbers to agree to airlifts for minor illnesses to the multiple claims for a single chopper ride.

How to Avoid the Helicopter Rescue Scam in Nepal

At some point, trekkers or climbers who seek fast descent cause to increase in the Heli Rescue Scam. Once the hospital certifies the documents saying that a rescue was medically justified. Then the insurance company pays back their claimed bills.

Furthermore, there are some Trekking Agencies, Helicopter Companies, and Hospitals that have been making claims against their customers-travelers insurance policies for fake helicopter rescues. Moreover, they have been accused of presenting fake bills for wide-ranging medical examinations for simple altitude sickness.

So, Nepal Government’s probe committee was formed to investigate the Helicopter Rescue Fraud in Nepal. And they submitted their report to the Tourism minister on 30 July 2018. The committee recommends that the Nepal Police be given the responsibility of conducting tourist rescue operations from September.

It has suggested running an investigation on the cases of organized fraud charges against the miscreant companies involved with fake rescue operations. Furthermore, there are two thousand trek companies in Nepal. Only some companies and hospitals are cheating on fraud bills. In addition, some guides said that some lazy travelers also act unwell in the mountains and fly with a chopper.

We hope Nepal Government will take action to check all those fake rescues and penalize the cheater and publish them to the public. I am sure it will boost the travelers’ confidence to visit Nepal with proper insurance. Thus, the country will meet its target to welcoming 2 million tourists on visit 2020.

Be aware from these kinds of fake service

If somebody offers you a very very cheap trekking tour, think twice while joining these companies.

The market is very competitive, Company keeps only 5% to 10% profit. So if any company gives you a 50% discount then it is fake because nobody does business at a loss.

Have in mind that we are an honest agency in Nepal run by trusted and ethical guides. We do not have the greedy guide who forced to you take a helicopter rescue even with minor AMS symptoms. In our 18 years of Guiding and 16 years of leading a trekking business, we arranged almost two thousand clients but we made rescue only 1 time in 2007 in our business history.

So we have a strong VOICE to write here that we are the best local trek company in Nepal . Gokyo Treks & Expedition is registered under the law of the Nepal Government in 2005. The objective is to provide a complete and quality service with the best value.

Besides that, we have an expert management team, consisting of experienced and knowledgeable ethical guides that make your journey safe and unforgettable. Take a review of our company reputation on Tripadvisor in Tripadvisor.

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