Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing trip in the Nepal Himalayas.

Rock climbing or stone climbing is a popular adventure activity in the Himalayas. Stone/Rock climbing is a truly intellectually demanding sport in the Himalayas. Frequently tests a climber’s readiness, solidarity, perseverance, and offset alongside their psychological control.

Gokyo Treks and Expedition offers a day-long stone climbing outing to Nagarjun Hill and Shivapuri forest. Encompassing Kathmandu city, these hills have rough bluff faces which are great for rock climbing.

In addition, we put together advanced rock climbing trips that go for a day or two. Simply on the edges of Kathmandu valley in Nalang, Dhading lies Shreeban rock climbing nature camp. We arrange the stone climbing camp on a hill near Siddha Lake [SIDDHA POKHARI].

Moreover, Shivapuri, Champa Devi, and Nagarjuna forests are in Kathmandu, and you will have multiple decisions to evaluate your rock climbing abilities. Visitors can choose where to go and when to climb rocks.

Allow us to put together a safe and remarkable visit to Nepal. Gokyo agency will supply you with the necessary information for your climbing experience. They are easier and technically not difficult climbing grades. At your request, we can make the best rock climbing places to give an amazing experience. Whether you are a novice or a specialist rock climber, with us you will have an extraordinary trip.