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Independent tour operator is basically a one-stop travel shop in Nepal. The agency Gokyo Treks and Expedition is a specialist tour operator based in Kathmandu city. Register in all Tourism industry divisions and associations of tour operators under the law of the Nepal Government in 2005.

The company has a list under the federation of tour operators in Nepal. The company has a very good network with many independent trekking and tour guides from different trek routes in Nepal. We recruit local expert guides and professional porters to give you a special taste for your trip to Nepal Himalayas. We arrange all types of trek, tour, and holiday packages within smaller groups to give you the highest level of satisfaction.

Nepal is a country of Hills and valleys. As there are always the best landscapes for visitors for trekking and hiking. You can hike or visit the Kathmandu city tour to enjoy diversity in any location. As you travel with an independent trek operator agency in Nepal, we make your trip to the Himalayas more knowledgeable and memorable. We assure that your trekking and hiking holiday in Nepal is 100% safe and satisfied.

There are many reputed trails and also remote wilderness treks in Nepal Himalayas. You will enjoy diversity on a trek route. So, if you hire a trekking agency in Nepal, you can save time to deal with various complications.

In addition, travel or trek on your own risks you the burden of having to deal with each complication on your own. And sometimes, that in itself is very difficult and exhausting, especially for first-time visitors. To make your trip safe and unforgettable, make your deal with a local trek agency. It is an independent travel agent and web-based tour operator in Nepal.

9 reasons to hire an independent tour operator agency in Nepal.

Get your guide to find 9 logic to hire an independent tour operator to make your best holiday in Nepal.

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1. First time visitor

If you are going as a first-time guest at that point contracting trek office – visit independent tour operators or travel specialists is great to help. Going to Nepal with the least information about the dialect and culture of the place makes you a little uneasy. So, the travel Agent will enable you to design your trek tour as indicated by your wishes.

2. Hassle-free trek holiday

Travel with a trekking office in Nepal is significantly more problem-free than trekking without anyone else. Going with a trekking office spares time.

A respectable trekking organization like Gokyo treks gives you an English talking neighborhood guide and watchman. An expert guide isn’t just another companion in a peculiar land yet additionally the person who will ease coordination.

3. Arrange domestic flights

Trek Travel office in Nepal likewise causes you to organize inward flights in the troubling circumstance. Like, when your flights get canceled.

4. Trek permits and other arrangements

Getting a trekking license on your landing from the moderate working workplaces of Nepal might be tedious. In the event that you are wishing to spare your time and stress less over your trekking grant, at that point it is an incredible plan to employ a best tour agency. Moreover, they organize your grants, set up the required archives, and book lodges since they make your best treks in Nepal.

5. Valuable Information & Knowledgeable trips

The all-around checked trails look typical to everybody. Be sure that as it may, just a couple of explorers comprehend the explanation for the importance of vivid supplication banners, Mani dividers, and the nearby convention. Furthermore, we obtain a nearby Guide who realizes the local people better. In addition, in the event that you are fortunate, you may even get welcomed for tea inside their homes. A decent guide makes your movement progressively educated without a question.

6. Remote and Restricted Area Trekking

There are numerous new trekking trails for you, which you can visit on your own. A few routes are not very much created trails and remain poor itinerary. So you have to do a full outdoor trek along the trails. What’s more, it is a touch of difficulty despite the very experienced trekkers. So enlist a trekking office to make your outing astonishing and bother-free.

7. Local and Expert Consultant

Some trekking office encourages you to recommend the trek that best suits you. As per your requirements, time, and spending plan, they offer you a detailed touring plan. Since the greater part of the trekking office maintains its business on its customer survey, they endeavor to suggest the best alternative for you.

8. No middle man cost, Trek guide company

Gokyo Treks and Expedition trek agency is purely local. It is a local guides ownership company so choosing to trek with Gokyo treks is less expensive. We have a team of Sherpa mountain Guides, professional trek guides, and experienced porters. No middleman service charge to book all treks in Nepal.

9. Sense of Security.

Travel to a remote land, it is extraordinary to have a companion who underpins. A decent travel office and a guide can be your great companion. They make you mindful of conceivable risks. Moreover, it offers a feeling that all is well with the world if there should be an occurrence of any startling conditions in the mountains.


Hiring a trekking agency in Nepal may cost you roughly about 10% more but it will make your journey totally safe and hassle-free. Gokyo Trek company in Nepal cares about all those complications such as arranging permits, accommodation, transportation, and also visiting the heritage sites that are caring good. Let us know your Nepal travel plan.

Besides that, Gokyo Treks & Expedition is a trusted trekking company in Nepal and a tour operator agency, that has 18 years in business arranging all types of holidays in Nepal. Thus, we care about your travel holiday to make your trip perfect. Take a review about the Gokyo Trek tour operator agency on Tripadvisor.

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