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Jiri Bazaar

Jiri, Dolakha – A mini Switzerland of Nepal

Jiri is a small town in the Dolakha district of Nepal, located about 188 kilometers east of Kathmandu. It is known as the gateway to the Everest region and is a popular starting point for trekking to Everest Base Camp. The trek takes about 18-20 days and passes through beautiful valleys, rivers, and forests, before reaching Everest Base Camp.

You will need to obtain a trekking permit and hire a local guide for the trek. Nomads can take a Bus or hire a car from Kathmandu to reach Jiri. The journey takes about 7-8 hours over the blacktop road and is a scenic drive through the hills and valleys of Nepal.

It’s a small town however there are several guesthouses and lodges, offering comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. Some of the popular options include the Hotel Sherpa, Jirel Hotel, Jiri Lodge, and the Jiri Guest House…etc are the most popular to stay on your journey.

Likewise, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Jiri serving Nepali and Tibetan cuisine, as well as Western dishes. Dal Bhat, a traditional Nepali dish of lentils and rice, is a staple food in the region and is highly recommended.

Jiri Bazaar is a bustling market town, where you can find local handicrafts, fresh produce, and clothing. It’s home to the Jirel community, who are known for their rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life. The people are friendly and welcoming to visitors, and it is a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions.

Additionally, the best time to visit Jiri, Dolakha is autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May) when the weather is clear and dry. The winter months (December-February) can be cold and snowy, while the summer months (June-August) can be wet and muddy.


Why Jiri is like a mini Switzerland of Nepal?

Visit to Jiri is sometimes referred to as the “mini Switzerland of Nepal” due to its picturesque natural beauty, which resembles the Swiss Alps. Here are some of the reasons why Jiri is compared to Switzerland:

1. Mountainous landscape:

Around the Jiri, there are some rolling hills and mountains, which covers in lush green forests and are dotted with terrace farms. And the landscape is reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, with its snowy peaks and rugged terrain.

2. Scenic beauty:

It’s an amazing and beautiful town, surrounding breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscapes. The area is home to several waterfalls, rivers, and streams, which add to its natural beauty.

3. Weather or Climate:

Weather and climate in Jiri are often cool and temperate, with comfortable temperatures throughout the year. This is similar to the climate in Switzerland, which also experiences cool temperatures due to its mountainous location.

4. Trekking gateway:

It’s a popular starting point for trekking to the Everest region, which is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. The trekking trails offer stunning views of the Himalayas and are similar in many ways to the trekking trails in Switzerland.

5. Culture:

Jiri is home to the Jirel community, which has a rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life. This is similar to the traditional Swiss way of life, which marks its cultural diversity and strong regional identities.

Overall, Jiri is like a mini Switzerland of Nepal due to its natural beauty, mountainous landscape, cool climate, and traditional way of life. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a taste of Switzerland in Nepal.

Get a list of the top places on your visit to Jiri

Jiri Bazaar

Jiri Bazaar is a small town in the Dolakha district of Nepal and is a center point to explore its territories. It’s also a gateway exploring the Everest foothills and as well as Pikey Peak trekking to the Everest region. Here are some of the top places to visit on your trip to Jiri:

1. Jiri Bazaar:

Jiri Bazaar is the main market in Jiri and is a bustling place to explore. You can buy several things to buy and see in Jiri Bazaar, including local handicrafts, such as hand-woven carpets, pottery, woolen clothes, fresh produce, spices, and gear.

2. Dolakha Bhimsen temple:

It’s a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Bhimsen, the second brother among the Pandavas depicts in the Hindu mythology of Mahabharata. It is believed that Pandavas spent their twelve years of exile in Dolakha. Moreover, it considers a holy pilgrimage site that is placed about 20 kilometers from Jiri and is one of the most popular temples in Nepal.

3. Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular treks in the world, and Jiri is a popular starting point for the trek. The trek takes about 18-20 days and passes through beautiful valleys, rivers, and forests before reaching Everest Base Camp.

4. Pike Peak:

Pike Peak is a popular trekking destination in the Solu-Khumbu region of Nepal that starts also from Jiri. Pikey peak trail offers stunning views of the Himalayas, including Mt. Everest, and is a great place to go trekking.

5. Bhimeshwor Temple:

The Dolakha Bhimsen Temple is a Hindu temple in Dolakha, Nepal that dedicates to the deity Bhimsen, who considers a powerful and fierce form of Lord Shiva. It has a unique wooden structure and is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

Main festival celebrates at the temple is the Bhimsen Jatra, which takes place in the month of Chaitra (March/April) and attends thousands of devotees from all over the country. The temple has a rich history and is believed to have been built during the Licchavi period, around 1500 years ago. It associates with several mythological legends and stories.

6. Thodung Monastery:
Thodung Monastery

Thodung Monastery, also known as Thodung Sarswati Tirtha, is a Buddhist monastery located in Jiri, Nepal. It is one of the oldest and most revered monasteries in the Solu-Khumbu region of Nepal. The monastery installs at an altitude of 3200 meters and offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountain range.

It was established in the 16th century by Lama Thodung, a prominent Buddhist scholar and master, and has since then been an important center for Buddhist learning and practice. Furthermore, the monastery houses several ancient Buddhist manuscripts and artifacts, including a statue of Guru Rinpoche, and attracts many visitors and devotees from all over the world. Many Pilgrims follow the annual festival of Thodung Sarswati Tirtha takes place in October or November, a major celebration at the monastery.

In conclusion, Jiri is a great place to visit if you are looking to experience the natural beauty and culture of Nepal. Whether you have interests in trekking, exploring local markets, or visiting ancient temples, Jiri has something to offer everyone.

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