Package For News Reporter

Discounting package for news reporters, and international journalists.

Nepal covers and preserves attractive natural beauty and is popular all around the world. It has the world’s tallest Mountains including mount Everest. The country holds a charm that draws millions of travelers annually. It is one of the richest countries in terms and cultural diversity.

Furthermore, Nepal has the world’s highest mountains, but the country has had disturbing earthquakes in Nepal. It has brought insecurities among the visitors and overshadows the personality that the picturesque Himalayas and natural setting possess.

Massive Natural disaster Earthquake in 2015 killed around 8,700 people, dismantled homes, collapsed historic monuments, trek routes, etc. The majority of locals and support funds from the government, people have rebuilt their homes. Some other reconstructions for heritage monuments are still a work in progress.

Likewise, in Late 2019, Coronavirus appeared globally and it affects everyone’s daily life and the global economy. The virus affected equally everyone. Covid-19 hits badly in Nepal, especially in the Tourism Industry and its tourism workers.

Gokyo Treks & Expedition, a responsible tour operator playing a vibrant role to ensure that destination Nepal now is a safe place to visit. In fact, we have kicked off a special discount trip package to focus on domestic and international news reporters in order to circulate positive messages about safety issues in the country all around the world.

50% discount on each package for news reporters.

Positioning a discount tour package for a news reporter, we expect to regain the position of welcoming a massive number of visitors yet again in Nepal which still owns fabulous scenery. International journalists and news reporters will get up to 50% discount on each package.

Moreover, the trek routes are in good condition, so it’s safe to travel the Himalayas. Locals are adding lodges along the hiking routes every season. Some press Media depicted Nepal as not safe for tourists. Indeed, if you are fascinated to travel, there are top 10 tour packages as a discounting package tour for news reporters & international journalists.

Thus, come to visit and report the correct information to display the real image of Nepal’s tourism once again. Our country needs promotion, so we are hoping to co-operate.