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Top Tips For First Time Campers

Today, we have come up with a new episode to deliver to the fresh audience for Top Tips For First-Time Campers. If you have never been camping before, it is easy to make rookie mistakes but not to worry, even experienced campers overlook some things every now and then.

Spending time in nature and sleeping underneath the stars is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. If you want to become a happy camper here are some tips you will surely find useful. Hey, who says you have to learn things the hard way? Just read the following advice – tips for first-time campers and you will be ready to join the camper community.

Perform test runs

Don’t wait until you get to the campground to test your gear. You surely don’t want to spend hours putting up your tent, especially if it’s raining. On the other hand, your camping experience won’t be a pleasant one if you discover at the last minute that your sleeping bag is really uncomfortable or too small for you.

Therefore, when you buy your equipment spend a day trying it out. You can put up a tent in your backyard in order to make sure all parts are there, sleep in your new sleeping bag on the floor of your living room or prepare a meal on your camp stove and see whether it works properly. This way there won’t be any nasty surprises when you reach the campsite.

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Make sure you get a tent that is big enough.

Even if you are camping alone, don’t get a one-person tent. New campers often find themselves in a crowded tent, so make sure you buy one that is big enough for you and your things. If you are camping with your family or friends, always choose a tent with a capacity rated two higher than the number of people that will use it. So, for example, if you will share a tent with one friend, get a 4-person tent.

Bring enough clothing and footwear

Keep in mind that there is no washing machine on the campsite so you cannot wash your clothes if you need to. Before you start packing, check out the weather forecast and see whether you will need a raincoat in case it rains or a sweater for those chilly days. If you will be camping near the lake don’t forget to pack your swimsuit because you will surely want to go for a dip. On the other hand, if you plan to go on an uphill adventure get the best boots for mountaineering so you will be safe and comfortable at all times.

camping tips for beginners

Make a camping checklist

As a rooky camper you can easily overlook some important things. In order not to forget important gear at home, make a detailed analysis of your checklist before you start packing and check off each item as you place it in your car. Next time you go camping you can review your old checklist, see which things you should’ve brought and which you haven’t used at all, so you can update it.

Arrive at the campground in the morning.

Keep in mind that there are campground amenities and rules you should become familiar with. Therefore, arrive early enough so you have time to learn the campground layout and set up your tent before it gets dark. Otherwise, you can unintentionally break rules and keep dozens of campers from a good sleep . In addition, respect other people’s privacy and don’t walk through another campsite to get someplace.

Put a lot of thought into meal planning.

There are two things you have to put into consideration when planning your meals : how many days will you spend on the campsite and how many people are going with you. When you have that information put together some menu ideas and go grocery shopping a day before departure. Trust me, no one likes that camper that runs to the store on their way to the campground while others wait in the car.

camping tips for beginners

Make a Camp close to home

For your first camping adventure make sure you stay close to home in case you run out of food or it starts raining cats and dogs. Any number of things could happen on a camping trip, so this way you will be able to quickly go home.

There are so many great things that camping has to offer. Just follow these tips and tricks and you will see that becoming a happy camper is not that hard.

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