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Kathmandu day tours information !

City Kathmandu day tours is one of the best private tour activity. Day Tours Nepal provides you with spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys. Travellers get a chance to meet locals and learn Nepali lifestyle, their art, and cultural traditions.

Kathmandu city private day tours include private day tours in Nepal, Nepal tour package, Nagarkot day tour and Dhulikhel Day tours. Furthermore, it also includes a day tour in Kathmandu, a Kathmandu package tour, a day tour in Pokhara and, a day tour in Sarangkot.

Shivpuri hike

Visit Kathmandu day tour or the top 10 Nepal day trips & excursions is very popular among those travelers to do Trekking in Nepal. If you are not physically fit for long treks or are worrying about altitude sickness. Moreover, hiking is suitable for children, old or weary trekkers, as it does not entail any particularly long walking days.

During the sightseeing journey of the Kathmandu day tour, there are many things to see. Kathmandu is the tourist hub & there are many popular day tour spots for one or two-day hiking to discover natural and cultural heritage.

In addition, the best Kathmandu day tours take place on trails in rural or urban areas for a single day or longer day trips. An average day tour includes roughly about 3 – 4 hours hiking through villages, forests and besides running pristine rivers. You just need a light day pack on your back to carry mineral water, passports and cameras, etc.

suryachour day hike

Chisapani to Nagarkot Kathmandu day tours.

The best chisapani to Nagarkot hiking is easy hikes near Kathmandu valley. Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is best suitable for all age hikers. As you hike over Shivapuri National Park, you can see the great panoramic view of the Himalaya range including Ganesh Himal family.

Shivapuri day hiking / Shivapuri Kathmandu day tours.

The journey goes through Shivapuri National park, is in the northwestern part of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It is the second-highest hill after Phulchoki near the Kathmandu valley locates at an altitude of 2563m is absolutely a paradise for bird watching lovers.

The best for Shivapuri hike possible to do within 3 – 6 hours. It offers an excellent view of Langtang Himalayan range with Ganesh Himal family and could be an ideal place for travelers who are not able to do longer treks. There are 2 options for you for day king tours on Shivpuri National Prak.

shivapuri forest

Option 1: Visiting Bagdwar (the source of river Bagmati which you can see at Pashupatinath temple). Nagi Gompa locates at an altitude of 2340m is another attraction besides Bagdwar. Both places are famous for tourists who want to practice Buddhism and meditation.

Option 2: Visiting Johor Mahankal, Boudeshwor (One of the names derive from lord Shiva) cave, and its beautiful waterfall. Hike to Suryachour is another attraction to explore the closest Langtang Himalayan range including the Ganesh Himal family. Some travelers said that the view from Shivapuri is a better view comparing to Nagarkot hill. And of course, as you are traveling via the national park, you can see a lot of wild animals and birds species along the journey. Please let us know your option for day hiking tours in Nepal.

Boudeshwor waterfall

The Kakani hill station Kathmandu day tours.

Group tour for Kakani hill station hiking (6,500 feet above sea level) about 25 kilometers away from Katmandu city. The hill station Kakani is most popular for panoramic mountain views of Annapurna (8091m), Manasalu (8156m), Ganesh Himal (7446m), Lantang lirung (7245m) and 20 other mountains over 6000 meters above sea level It is also famous for plenty of adjoining lands. You can also see the natural beauty of the Kathmandu valley, the people and their culture and tradition, short hiking are made possible from Kakani.

Superb Kakani Gurje Bhanjyang Day Tour leads to the east along the blacktopped road. The entire trail goes on a level path where can be seen numerous picnic spots and a small village en route. We hike for about three hours to Bhanjyang with about 20 minutes of a steep climb before we reaching there. After a few hours of hiking, we retrace the same way back to Kakani in about two hours thirty minutes to return to Kathmandu.

The Balthali village day tour.

Beautiful Namobuddha Balthali Village Trek or Tour is one of the brilliant tourist places near Kathmandu. The tour is relatively easy, short, and best for family trekking with children. A tour to Balthali village is situated ahead of Panauti about 40 km far from Kathmandu in front. It offers a sunrise in the east, speculating Himalayan range from Mt.Manaslu to Everest in the north, innumerable rice terraces in the west, and the huge bodied green forest of Mahabharat range in the south.

Most of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries such as Namobuddha hill station with its cultural history, Indreshwor Mahadev and Bramayani Temple. Visit Balthali village is possible to hike in 1 night 2 days or 2 nights 3 days trip from Kathmandu.

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