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Top 10 Most Amazing Places in the Everest Region

There are Top 10 most amazing places in the Everest region because of Popular Mountain Everest. Everest is the tallest mountain top on the planet having a level of 8,848 (29029 feet). It is arranged in the Himalayan Mountains in the middle of Nepal and China.

The Himalayas are an overlay mountain scope of the length of 2500 km and expansiveness differs from 250 km to 400 km. Mount Everest lies on the more noteworthy Himalayas (one of three-piece of Himalayan reach). Edmund Hillary (Nz) and Tenzing Norgay are the main ascenders of Everest top on 29th May 1953.

In addition, Mount Everest is daring and alluring for mountaineers because of its geographic area. Each mountaineer on the planet dreams to rise to the pinnacle however it’s anything but a simple assignment. However, get ready to explore those top 10 most amazing places in the Everest territory as per our experience.

Table of Content

1. Lukla Airport (Tenzing–Hillary Airport)

The Lukla airport is also popular as a Tenzing–Hillary Airport recognized by IATA, LUA, ICAO, and VNLK. It’s a domestic Airport, get to explore Everest territory. The runway is 527 meters (1,729 feet) × 30 meters (98 feet) with an 11.7% gradient with an elevation is 9,334 feet. Furthermore, the airport is used for passenger flights, and for transporting most of the building materials and cargo to Lukla, and other villages to the north of Lukla, as there is no road to this region.

lukla airport flight landing runway

The fact of Lukla Airport

Altitude Elevation: 2,845 meters/9,334 feet.
Province: Province No. 1.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solu Khumbu District.

2. Namche Bazaar

Sherpa Community inhabitants, Namche Bazaar not only serves as a prosperous market town to buy everything you want. It is also a popular stopover for trekkers going towards the Everest expedition and other peaks around the area. Additionally, this little village town is a controlled Sherpa trading center that seems to have it all. Most Sherpa who are in the tourism business is from the Namche and Khumjung village area.

Namche bazaar

The fact of Name Bazaar

Altitude Elevation: 3,440 meters/11,287 feet.
Province: Province No. 1 .
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Tashi Lapha Pass

Tashi Lapha Pass is situated on the border of the Everest and Rolowalling mountains zone. It involves steep climbing with a lot of patience and rock climbing. Therefore Tashi Laptsa is a thrilling adventurous journey in the Himalayas. From the high pass, get an outstanding panorama of Rolwaling valley, and also the Khumbu mountains range, gorges, and the river valley.

Tashi Lapcha Pass

The fact of Tashi Lapcha Pass

Altitude Elevation: 5,682 meters/18,643 feet.
Difficulty Level: Easy grade.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District

Renjo La Pass

Renjo La Pass 5,360 meters marked a soft adventure for beginner trekkers hiking in the Everest zone. Visit Renjola is possible from Gokyo valley and as well as Thame valley. The distance from Lukla airport to Renjo La summit is 30.8 kilometers (19.14 miles) possible to ascend in 5 days of hikes.

Summit pass at Renjo la is situated in between Thame valley and Gokyo valley. Hike to cross Renjo La Pass is technically an easy high pass trek and one of the most scenic amazing places in the Everest region of Nepal.

enjoy la pass

The fact of Renjo la Pass

Altitude Elevation: 5,360 meters/17,586 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Cho Oyu Base camp in Nepal

Cho Oyu is the world’s sixth-highest mountain and is considered to be the easiest of the fourteen 8,000m peaks. As with all ascents at high altitudes, climbing is strenuous therefore a high standard of fitness is required. But as a peak to experience the thin air at 8,000 meters for the first time, Cho Oyu is ideal. The distance from Lukla to Cho Oyu base camp is about 48.47 miles (78 km) is a 7/8 ascend and 3/5 days descent. Base camp at Cho Oyu is possible to view from your Gokyo 5th lake Hikes.

Lobuche to ebc trek

Fact of Cho Oyu Base Camp

Altitude Elevation: 5,360 meters/17,586 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Chola Pass in Everest

A top most popular pass to get to either Everest base camp or to Gokyo lakes is truly Cho La. Chola Pass Trekking is one of the most exhilarating journeys in terms of its landscape terrain category. Climbers cross Chola’s pass before attempting the high mountain climbing on their journey as the trail stays ice and snow over the tiny stone payables. Besides that, there are numerous hikers who plan to cross Chola after visiting base camp or Gokyo lakes. Every year, some tourist fails to get to Chola Pass and revert downhill without crossing Chola La.

Everest base camp - chola pass - gokyo

The fact of Chola Pass

Altitude Elevation: 5,420 meters/17,783 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Kala Patthar View Point

One of the top most popular hill station nearby Everest is truly Kala Patthar. Meaning ‘Black Rock’ in English, Kala Patthar has an elevation of 5,545 meters above the sea. It’s a tiny trekking peak famous hill station that offers incredible summit views of Mount Everest, Nuptse, and Lhotse. Hikers reach Kalapatthar summit to get sunrise in the morning over Everest massive. They also hike the ridgeline to capture a colorful sunset view over Everest peak in the evening. Thus, visit Kala Patthar as it is the best and ideal journey for photographers and adventurous trekkers.

Kala Patthar for Everest view

Fact of Kala Patthar Peak

Altitude Elevation: 5,360 meters/17,586 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Mount Everest Base camp

Everest Base Camp is ultimately a top travel destination on Earth in terms of its highest Mountain. The EBC is 5,364 meters situated at the foot of the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest (29,029 feet/8,848 m). Every May month, the base camp turns into a small tent city as it fills with expeditions hoping to summit the world’s most famous mountain.

Everest base camp trail

Likewise, EBC is also known as Qomolangma Base Camp on both sides of Mount Everest. The South Base Camp lies in Nepal at an altitude of 5364 meters (17,598 feet) and the north face is in Tibet. In addition, you won’t have a great view of the world’s tallest mountain Everest from its foothill but you’ll have great views of the entire tallest mountain snaps from other parts of the hike.

Base Camp is located over the frozen glacier moraine, where those planning to summit spend weeks acclimatizing and preparing for their journey. It is also possible to walk to the Khumbu icefall glacier river with your legs. Hike the Everest Base Camp is possible to ascend from Lukla on 6/7 days and 4/5 days to descend.

The fact of Everest Base Camp.

Altitude Elevation: 5,364 meters/17,599 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District

Ama Dablam Base camp

Mount Amadablam is the 3rd most beautiful mountain on Earth after Jungfrau and Matterhorn. Amadablam base camp is a wide sandy ground that offers almost the topmost scenic mountain summits like Kwangde, Tabuche, Cho Oyu, Lhotse..etc. Despite Expedition Ama Dablam , hiking up the base camp is also very common to see the mountains in a range.

Tourists can reach the Amadablam base camp within a short hike from Pangboche village. It’s a day trip and almost one of the best hill station areas in the Everest region.

Professional trekkers can hike from Ama Dablam Base Camp to Dingboche village without any altitude difficulties. But of course, you need to face some thorny trails while crossing the River.

The fact of Amadablam Base Camp

Altitude Elevation: 4,800 meters/15,749 feet.
Difficulty Level: Easy Hike.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Pikey Peak Trail

Pikey peak trek

Easy but top most popular viewpoint trek in lower Solu Khumbu is ultimately Pikey peak. The summit of Pikey Peak at 4,065 m offers an incredible panoramic view of the entire Everest Himalayan range. On a clear day, one can see more than 800km of the horizon from Dhaulagiri to Kanchenjunga including Mount Everest and Lhotse. If you have 5/6 days hiking in Nepal Pikey Peak great Himalayan trail is ideal for you.

The fact of Pikey Peak

Altitude Elevation: 4,065 meters/13,337 feet.
Difficulty Level: Easy Hike best for first-time trekkers.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.

Gokyo Peak Trail

Gokyo valley trek

Gokyo Ri, nestled in the heart of the Everest region, stands as a majestic vantage point offering awe-inspiring panoramic views. Perched at an elevation of 5,357 meters (17,575 feet), Gokyo Ri presents a trekking challenge rewarded with breathtaking vistas of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu, among other peaks. This ridge, adorned with glacial lakes and surrounded by towering peaks, invites adventurers to ascend its slopes and revel in the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas from its summit.

The fact of Gokyo Peak (Gokyo Ridge)

Altitude Elevation: 5,360 meters/17,586 feet.
Difficulty Level: Moderate Difficulty.
Rural Municipality: Khumbu Pasang lhamu.
District: Solukhumbu District.


Mount Everest is located at the border between China and Nepal, in political and geographical aspects. Everest was divided into two parts, starting from the highest point of the mountain, north in China, and the southern slope lies in Nepal.

In addition, the peak is composed of multiple layers of igneous granite rock. The youngest climber of Everest summiteer was Jordan Romero. He is an American mountain climber (born July 12, 1996) who reached the Everest summit when he was 13 years old.

Expedition to Everest is not easy but trekking on Everest is another story. Professional to first-time hikers, of all ages tourists can hike Everest in its top amazing places. Hiking for exploring the top most amazing places on Everest makes your journey for a lifetime. Couples, solo individuals, groups of students, and family can make their travel with kids as it has no risk on hikes. Life is too short but precious, thus stop dreaming and let’s explore.

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