Great Himalaya Trails

Great Himalaya Trails

The Great Himalayan Trails (GHT) in Nepal is a tough adventure trek in some section high passes above 5,000 meters—but the 120 days plus the journey is said to be far more difficult than climbing up any single mountain. Technical climbing experience is not required.

Adventure Great Himalaya Trail treks “GHT” is a trekking route that traverses the Himalaya from end to end starts from Kanchenjunga in the Eastern part and continues to Humla on the Tibetan border in the Western part of Nepal. We have a GHT High route crossing high passes up to 6,146 meters and GHT Low route passing through the middle hills with the highest pass at 4,519 meters.

Besically, GHT High route takes the tallest advantageous trail along the spine of the Himalaya which involves very tough and challenging trekking as well as several mountaineering sections over technical high passes.

A famous writer Boustead Robin has discovered the great Himalayan trail high route. Furthermore, he publishes an excellent guidebook about Nepal Trekking and the Great Himalaya Trail. To complete GHT would take 3 to 4 months of non-stop trekking.

Likewise, National Geographic Adventure Magazine‘s Jame’s Vlahos observes, “Nepal’s mountains are minimally developed, but they offer a wealth of trade and pilgrimage routes. The GHT elegantly connects these existing paths without blazing a single new trail.”

What are the differences joining a Great Himalayan trail trek from standard Himalayan treks?

The main significance of this trail (GHT) treks are adventurous expeditions passing through the remote and wild region of the Himalayas and often away from the main trails as have been constructed in main trekking regions of Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang. You have to be prepared for route finding challenges as in many places the GHT is rarely walked even by locals and the trail might change year to year if there have been landslides during monsoon or vegetation growth etc.

We have a professional guide who already completed a GHT route, so if you choose us, we organized your trekking great memorable for your lifetime. The whole trek you can do as a full board camping trekking or camping trek + lodge basis trekking. So please check the below information to do great Himalayan trails in Nepal.

Adventure Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) trek highlights

All tallest and beautiful mountains of Nepal from east to west, north Nepal people cultures and traditions, all highest passes over 5100 meter of Nepal.

The Great Himalayan trail trek grades

Remember trekking GHT is true adventure travel where the unexpected can and often does happen. If you are not prepared for this uncertainty then you should not consider attempting this complete trail. However, GHT has been divided into ten sections to focus on organizing these sections one at a time rather than promoting the longest trail.

The advantage of this way is we can select the optimal time of year to trek each section. As an example, the best time to cross over Sherpani high Pass is in April/ May whereas for the complete GHT one is likely to cross this pass in March when it will be very cold and snowy at this altitude.

Our program includes rest days and build up gradually, in order to acclimatize to the altitude. Along the routes, you can walk at your own pace, with plenty of stops for resting.

Magical Great Himalayan trail trek covers

All the tallest / highest mountains of Nepal including Mt.Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna. Divers in flora and fauna and rich local lifestyles and their tradition.

The Great Himalaya trail cost

New publish great Himalayan trail – trails are the combination of several trek routes that mark some of the adventure trekking routes in Nepal. They are not easy to complete for the beginners. We recommend this trek route only for experienced trekkers. The great Himalaya trail cost is totally depending upon the route you are going because some of the routes stay with nice lodges with modern amenities and some trek route is totally wild where you can find almost nothing to eat and sleeping place. So you need to go for camping treks.

Best season to explore Great Himalayan trail trek (GHT)

March, April, May, June, September, October and November.

01 – Section, starts from Taplejung to Tumlingtar via Milke Danda 3690m, Camping Trek 13 Days

Check out great himalayan trail itinerary in each section to know what it covers Kanchenjunga base camp trek. From Taplejung to Tumlingtar passing over Milke Danda 3,690m is the most scenic trek route in the eastern part of Nepal. This trek offers an impressive view of the mountains all the way to Milke Danda area. Especially Milke Danda is a more popular area for different kinds of flowers including Nepal’s finest trek destination. See the below outline Itinerary for your reference.

02: Section, starts from Tumlingtar to Lukla via Salpa La 3565m, Camping Trek 10 Days

In this section trekking Introduce about Arun Valley and Salpa la pass trek. Salpa Pass trek route goes through the ancient trade route used by local people to transport agricultural products to Namche Bazaar to Tibet across via the Nangpa la pass. This trek begins from Tumlingtar and follows the Arun River until we turn into the Irkhu Khola valley which is also renowned for its natural paper products, than to Salpa la pass. Trek over Salpa Pass trail is an interesting but adventures equally. See the below outline Itinerary for your reference.

03 – Section, begins from Lukla to Barabise via Pike Peak 4065m, Lodge Trek

In this section trekking covers The Great Himalayan Trail, Easy to difficult grading over Everest to Rolwaling trekking. From Lukla to Barabise via Pike Peak 4065m takes about 16 days. This classic trek en route from Lukla to Shivalaya through the lower Sherpa Land of Solokhumbhu passing scenic and beautiful villages as well as spectacular mountain sights during the trails. Then, the trail entering the new Pikey peak trek route.

04 – Section starts from Barabise to Syabrubesi via Lauribina-La Pass 4610m, Trek 16 Days

In this section covers especially Helambu and Langtang region. From Barabise to Syabrubesi via Lauribina-La Pass 4610m, alpine camping and lodge trek. Exploring Helambu is one of the most popular trekking of Langtang region. The trails go Helambu – Tharepati hill – Suryakunda – Lauribina la pass of 4620 meter – Gosaikunda lake and finally to Langtang route. Two main villages Melamchi Gaon and Tarkeyghyang constitute the Helambu outfit. The region starts from the ascent of the Helambu.

05 – Section starts from Syabrubesi to Besisahar via Sing-La Pass 4040m, Camping Trek 19 Days

In this section covers the Great Himalayan Trail of Ganesh Himal to Manaslu circuit as an easy to adventure grade. From Syabrubesi to Besisahar via Sing-La Pass 4040m, Camping Trek 19 Days. The Singla pass trek gives you the opportunity to walk through remote and relatively unpopulated areas of the Himalayan region and to experience the Typical Nepalese farming life at close hand. The journey to Singla pass takes through some of the ancient settlements.

06 – Section starts from Besisahar to Jomsom via Mesokanto-La Pass 5120m, Camping Trek 13Days

In this section covers the Great Himalayan Trail of Annapurna to Mustang over Tilicho pass or Thorong la pass 5416m. From Besisahar to Jomsom passing via Mesokanto-La Pass 5120m, Camping trekking takes about 13 days roughly. Tilicho Lake is one of those places that have had next to mythic connotations. Many regard it as the highest lake in the world. Long-time ago, it is close to saving for a few climbers and expeditions, and since 1974, when Nixon changed the China policy.

07 – Section starts from Jomsom to Juphal via Sangda-La Pass 5195m, Camping Trek 16 Days

In this section covers mustang to Dolpa trekking of Great Himalayan Trail cross over Sangda-La Pass 5195m to reach Dolpo. Fully camping trek. This is one of the most high pass trek destinations for travelers who would like to explore many ancient monasteries and ruined cave in a remote area and beautiful landscape. This trek start from the entry point of the forbidden kingdom and ancient wall city of Nepal.

08 – Section starts from Juphal to Jumla via Maure Lagna 3895m, Camping Trek 11 Days

In this section covers Jumla – Rara lake – Mugu which is easy to adventure trek to complete. From Juphal to Jumla via Maure Lagna 3895m camping trek, you can experience Nepal’s remote and seldom seen Wild West, is possibly one of the best long treks in the Himalaya. This follows the route taken by Peter Matthiessen and immortalized in his famous book The Snow Leopard. The Dolpo area was also the area where Rodney Jackson. See the below outline Itinerary for your reference.

09 Section starts from Jumla to Simikot via Khari Lagna 3642m, Camping Trek 16 Days

In this section covers the entire the tallest Himalayan trails of Nepal which is an adventure grade trekking. The great Himalayan Trail trekking especially focus to explore Humla – simikot over the Khari Lagna 3642m pass, camping trekking can be done in 18 days. Rara Lake trek is one of the most popular scenic trek routes located in a far western part of the Karnali region of Nepal. It is Nepal’s smallest and most scenic National Park (1976 AD). It protects some of the most beautiful alpine and sub-alpine. See the below outline Itinerary for your reference.