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Dolpo to Rara Trek package

Dolpo to Rara Trip Summary

    1. Rapid Hike Duration: 18 Days
    2. Dolpo to Rara Trip Difficulty: Easy to Moderate grade
    3. High Altitude: 5,115m/16,781 feet
    4. Trekking Hour: 6 Hours
    5. Group-Size: 2 – 15 People
    6. Best Time to Hike: March, April, May, October, and November
    7. Trip Mode: Tent Trek
    8. Meals on Trek: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    9. Transportation: Car/Plane/bus


The Dolpo Rara Trek is famous for its isolated area and it was opened in 1982 for trekkers. Lower Dolpo to Rara lake passing via Shey Phoksundo Lake is home to the popular Shey Phoksundo National Park. The Dolpo Rara Trek is located under the protected area and takes us to superb Phoksundo Lake with beautiful flora and fauna.

Shey Phoksundo and Rara Lake’s journey offers a chance to clear our path from the most unimaginable lake to the biggest lake in Nepal. Situated at Mugu, Karnali zone of Nepal. The top features of this trip are Shey Phoksundo National Park, Phoksundo Lake, journeying across the Dolpo district, picturesque high passes, and visiting Jumla town. What’s more, obviously, visiting Rara Lake with experiences into the rustic way of life of the Karnali area.

Dolpa is situated in the Karnali region of Nepal and required special permits from the government of Nepal. Dolpo Trek has three adventure high passes such as Kangmara La (5,115m.), Numa La (5,159m.), and Baga La (5,190 m.) are mainly challenging in this route.

Shey Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake in Nepal situated in this territory. For the last couple of years, the lake is popular for trekking destinations in the far western part of Nepal. Kagmara La pass height at 5,115 meters is a top adventure hike which is a moderate to strenuous trek difficulty level.

Shey Phoksundo to Rara Lake traverse trek is an impressive trek route but takes 15+ days hiking from Phoksundo Lake. The Queen of opera Rara Lake and Shey Phoksundo Lake are two major attractions of this hiking trail. It’s also a proper combination of Nepal’s largest and small National Parks. Shey Phoksundo National Park and Rara National Park’s landscapes, and the lifestyle of people are similar.

Adding two more days to the given plan, tourists will have an opportunity to experience the Sinja Valley civilization. Sinja Valley civilization. Sinja Valley contains the archeological proof of the capital city of the efficient and compelling Western Malla or the Khasa Kingdom of the 12th and 14th Centuries. An exceptional ring of colossal solid stone segments was found encompassing the remnants of the antiquated settlement with a Malla passage and steps.

Dolpo to Rara Trekking route

How much does Dolpo to Rara Trek Package Cost?

The cost of the Dolpa Phoksundo to Rara Lake Trek package with the guide’s owned local trekking agency ranges between US$ 3250 to 3850. Certainly, the Dolpo to Rara trek cost will change as per the group size you are coming with and the month you travel. Additionally, we also have a low-season discount deal for everyone. Likewise, if you could bring 10+ travelers (except you) on your trip, you are treated as a group leader.

However, we often arrange private trips in order to avoid group tours with strangers. A private tour gives you a better experience on your tours. If you value personalization, flexibility, and in-depth experiences, a private trip customized to your personal needs will be the best option.

It’s a standard trip package price for 18 days trek. If you are 2 people Dolpo to Rara trek cost US$ 3375 for 18 days trek to wild west rara. We can modify the trek route and the price as per your wishes also. Here is the price list for Dolpo to Rara Treks.

Price Per Person for 18 days hikes in lower Dolpo to Rara Lake territory.

Number of TouristPrice Per Person
1 PersonUS$ 3850
2 PersonUS$ 3375
3 PersonUS$ 3350
4 to 6 personUS$ 3350
7 to 9 PersonUS$ 3325
10 and more than 10 PersonUS$ 3250

If you’re wondering to know about what is included and what is excluded from this trip price, kindly check on the cost given on a tab button.


Dolpo to Rara Trek itinerary details

Wilderness Shey Phoksundo National Park in Dolpo to Rara hikes is a classic trail with 18 days itinerary compared to most hikes into the wild west of Nepal. The particular route is designed for world travelers who wish to hike in an easier plan. choose this itinerary. However for travelers who wish to do it quickly but are walking with limited time wise then ask us for a tailor-made itinerary.

1 DayArrival at Kathmandu valley. Lower Dolpo restricted area trek permit arrangements.

Arrival in Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport, we will pick you up and drop you at the hotel in Thamel with a private car. We need your original passport with Nepal’s Visa to prepare Lower Dolpo restricted area permit. It takes some hours for official formalities to complete permits. We fix for meeting to introduce your guide. In the evening, Ammar Guni will brief you about Dolpo circuit trek programs.

2 DayKathmandu to Nepalgunj city flight. Transfer to your hotel.

In the afternoon, our guide will come to your hotel to proceed to drive to Kathmandu domestic terminal hall. Around midday, take a Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight which takes about one hour roughly.

3 DayNepalgunj to Jhupal flight and Dunai hikes (2,150m/7,054 feet).

In the Morning time, Fly from Nepalgunj to Jhupal which takes around 35 minutes. Trek from Jhupal to Dunai is roughly about 3 hours of walking and then overnight at Tent Camp. Gokyo Treks agency’s professional cook cooks super delicious foods for you.

4 Day Trek from Dunai to Chhepka village (2,670m/8,760 feet), 6 hours.

We trek descend downhill through Dunai to cross the Bheri River bridge. Walk the northern bank of the river to Sulighat. Furthermore, we head north to reach the Shey Phoksundo National Park Check Post office. Beyond the check post, we gradually climb up along the rock-strewn above the serpentine Suli Ghad Khola. Trek goes further with a gorgeous tropical forest dominated by walnut and maple trees, we begin to see the first glimpses of Tibetan culture. Savoring the views of fluttering prayer flags, floral and faunal biodiversity, cascading waterfalls, and lush vegetation we arrive at Chhepka village. Stay overnight at the lodge.

5 DayTrek from Chhepka to Jharana Hotel (3,370m/11,057 feet), 6 hours.

The trail ascends through a forest of big cedars and on a winter settlement used by the people of Ringmo village. The route climbs steadily through open countryside and we get a close view of a spectacular 330-meter-high waterfall, the highest in Nepal, and a faraway view of Phoksundo Lake. We stay overnight here in a lodge.

6 Day Jharana Hotel to Ringmo village (3,460m/11,352 feet), 5 hours.

Today we make a steep descent trail through birch forests to the upper reaches of the Phoksundo River. We cross a bridge and follow a trail north to the ranger station at Phoksundo Lake. We continue to the shores of the lake near the point where the Phoksundo River flows out of the lake. Ringmo village is popular with the Bon Po religion.

7 Day Explore around Phoksundo Lake. Phoksundo lake day trip.

Today we explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy our nature trip. We explore Ringmo Village and head to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery). The Gompa nestling on a ridge top above Phoksundo Lake (3,611.5m /11,849 feet) was built about 900 years earlier. Exploring this culturally rich Bon Monastery is fascinating to experience. We drop down to Phoksundo Lake along steep-sided cliffs. The lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise color and spectacular scenery. Ringmo is a typical Tibetan village and is a scenic view from Phoksundo Lake. There are many monasteries (Gompas)and Bon-to religious sites at the park and we spend our time visiting some of them.

8 DayRingmogaun to Pungmo (3,500m/11,483 feet), 6 hours.

We stroll back to Samduwa and cross the extension and head to little Pungmo town to cross Kagmara to spend the following day. Pungmo town is the last settlement before Kagmara passed. Stay for the time being in a tent camp.

9 DayCross the Kagmara La Pass (5,115m/16,782 feet) and Trek to Kagmara Phedi (3,500m/11,482 feet), 8 hours

We pack the pinion wheels and leave Pungmo town early morning. Conveying however much food as could reasonably be expected we the continuous move towards the Kagmara Pass. The Kagmara pass is an extremely wide and long pass and there are a few streams in transit so a waterproof shoe is fundamental. The high pass is set apart by Chorten and supplication hails as consistently as different climbs in the Himalayas. From the highest point of the pass, the encompassing reaches alongside lakes and ice sheets are apparent. Cross the pass and drop through the rough path of Kagmara Phedi and proceed across the Kagmara River. There are two caverns where we set up our tent to remain for the time being.

10 DayKagmara Phedi to Kaigaon (2,610m/8,563 feet), 8 hours

From the Kagmara lower region, we proceed with a limited and troublesome path up to the military camp. Starting here, the path gets more straightforward and there are settlements and cloisters coming. You can arrive at Kaigaon in the evening.

11 DayKaigaon to Chotra (3,380m/11,090 feet) by means of Maure Langa Pass (3,894m/12,776 feet), 8 hours

This is for sure a truly significant distance to cover and including a 3,894 meters pass. The path goes through the slope and following an hour of climb, we arrive at Maure Langa Pass. This pass partitions the Dolpo region from Jumla. Like different passes, you will undoubtedly get a heavenly view, this season of the Bheri Stream valley and the encompassing slopes. From the pass, it is a long plummet through thick woods to Chotra.

12 DayCross Gothichaur La (2,995m/9,826 feet) and hike to Jumla (2,540m/8,334 feet), 8 hours

From Chotra, we initially pass through Manigaon which is portrayed by a long scaffold. From here, we don’t take the scaffold, however, move east. The street isolates at a certain point; one takes you straightforwardly on the way to Rara and the other to Jumla. We take the way to one side. The Gothichaur Valley materializes out of nowhere. The Gothichaur is a little beautiful valley with streams, prairie, and wildernesses behind the scenes. Intersection Gothichaur we move towards Jumla. You should arrive at Jumla in the late evening. In Jumla you can purchase the provisions. Remember to have the neighborhood red rice at Jumla for supper.

13 Day Jumla to Chautha (2,807m/9,209 feet), 7 hours

The slope we need to cross is apparent from Jumla town. The street climbs tenderly up to Chauriya chaur which is a huge field on the slope. Practically hikers can see the entire Jumla town from here. It is then a precarious move to the highest point of 3,691m high Daphe Langa Pass. The other path goes directly to Sinja Valley, which is perhaps the most astonishing place one can at any point observe in Nepal. The valley offers rich archeological proof and realities that identify with the beginning of the “Khas” language.

Be that as it may, the Daphe Langa pass is great. From here we drop through thick backwoods to the Bridge over a waterway. We cross the long extension toward the north side after which is a short move to Nauri Ghat. Additionally, Jumla to Rara Lake trek is not possible within a single day as it needs around 2 days of normal hikes to get to Rara.

14 DayNauri Ghat to Rara Lake (2,980m/9,777 feet), 6 hours

We again climb to Ghuchi Langa pass at 3,480m, which is greener encircled by pine woods. Following 30 minutes of plummeting the street can be confounding. We take the left way through the pine backwoods on the left which takes us straightforwardly to Rara Lake. After some precarious dives, we cross the waterway and push forward to the Dhuir little village. It’s about 30 minutes of soft walking, we reach Jhyari, a little town. After Jhyari the path climbs and crosses the Park limit set apart by stone and arrives at an open field. The guide and different aides demonstrate a point from where the lake can be seen. Eventually, the path slides through the woodland to Rara Lake on the wetland side. Stay for the time being in Rara Lake.

15 DayHike to Murma top (3,800m/12,468 feet), 2:30 hours. Rara Lake to Talcha Airport (2,752m/9,029 feet), 3 hours

The Murma hill station or Murma top is a top things to do in a Rara tour. Take breakfast and pack your gear and be ready to go with a guide to Murma hill. Visit the Murma hilltop to get an excellent view of Rara Lake and its surrounding Himalayas, wonderful slopes, and green timberland. Even slow travelers can hike the hilltop spending three hours. On a clear weather day from the Murma top, the Lake view is marvelous. Therefore, it can say that without Murma top climbing, the Rara Lake visit can’t be finished.

You can see the dawn view around Rara Lake and have lunch at the campsite. Pack your camping gear again and hike about three hours further to get Talcha Airport. We move towards the east through a wilderness following the edge. It is again simple to get lost here yet as far as possible prompts the fundamental street which at last prompts Talcha. Our guide will visit either SUMMIT AIR or SITA AIRLINES office to reconfirm your flight tickets to Nepalgunj.

16 DayFlight from Talcha Airport to Nepalgunj Airport, 35 minutes

From Talcha, we take a flight to Nepalgunj today however the climate is entirely erratic here. The air terminal is pretty much as essential as it can get with just one flight control pinnacle and that’s it. It is typical for trips to get postponed. Luckily, your plane will show up on schedule and you can leave. Stay for the time being in Nepalgunj.

17 DayAfternoon flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu airport, 1 hour

Today we take a return flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu airport. The flight journey takes about one hour to reach Kathmandu’s domestic terminal. Gokyo Treks Agency guide will arrange your transfer back to your hotel in Thamel. In the evening, you will have a cultural dance show with Nepali cuisine.

18 DayFinal departure day

Drop you in Kathmandu International Airport onward to your final destination and our trip ends. Wish you a wonderful and safe journey back to your home country.

Not satisfied with above plan?

Are you interested in planning a custom trip? this might take 2 to 3 minutes.


How much does Dolpo Rara Trek Package Price?

It’s a 18 Days special Dolpo to Rara Trek price start at US$ 3250 and might reach up to US$ 3850 per person on double occupancy basis. Taking flights to and from Nepalgunja saves your time and riding the bus reduces the trip expenses. Gokyo Treks and Expedition agency notify this express Dolpo to Rara Trek Package price for 2024 and 2025 based on group size you are travelling with. For the deluxe and luxury trekking tour plan, we add a 3-5 star category hotel deluxe air-conditioned room in Kathmandu with breakfast. AND WE ARE OPEN TO CUSTOMIZING YOUR TOUR AND PACKAGE PRICE AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

Dolpo to Rara Trekking package price includes:-

  • Kathmandu international airport transfer by private vehicles.
  • double bedroom tourist standard hotel accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast plan.
  • Double bedroom standard hotel (Air condition room) accommodation in Nepalgunj town with breakfast plan.
  • 17 Breakfast, 16 Lunch, and 16 Dinner served with tea/coffee during the trek.
  • Tent accommodation during the trekking days in the mountain region.
  • All the essentials camping and kitchen equipment.
  • An experienced English-speaking local trekking guide.
  • Required supporting local porters and donkeys to carry food and luggage.
  • Lower Dolpo Special trekking permit issued by Immigration of Nepal.
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park entrance permit and fees with local taxes.
  • Rara National Park entrance permit and fees with local taxes.
  • Domestic flights: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Juphal & return from Talcha – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu round trip with required airport departure tax.
  • Food / Salary/accommodation and medical or accidental insurance of all the trekking staff.
  • First aid medical kit including Oximeter to monitor oxygen level, and Pulse rate every day to save from High risk [with guide] .
  • Agency’s duffel bag (50 liters capacity) and hiking poles if Necessary – return after the trek.
  • Farewell dinner party after the trip completion in Kathmandu.
  • All the required airport and hotel transfers.
  • Nepal Government Tax, VAT, and as well as Company service charge.

Dolpo Rara Trekking package price excludes:-

  • Lunch and Dinner during your staying in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj city.
  • All types of drinks during your staying in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj city.
  • Battery charges, laundry service, phone calls.
  • Personal trekking equipment , Personal nature expenses, donation and bar bills, and clothing.
  • Kathmandu city monuments entrance fees and transportation on the second day as described above.
  • Tourists Travel Insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.
  • Any donation and monument entrance fees.
  • Gratuities for guide, cook, and porters [Tip is a culture, so they expect highly].

Group join

We can organize Shey Phoksundo Lake to Rara Lake traverse Trekking privately starting at any date if that works for you. Please contact us for more information.


Question: Do I need the experience to do Phoksundo Lake to Rara Trekking?

Answer: For Phoksundo Lake to Rara trekking, if you have a little experience would be better.

Question: Is pick up service available on my arrival day in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes sure. If you provide us with your flight details and request us to pick you up, our representative will come to pick up you at Kathmandu international airport.

Question: Can I store my luggage/stuff in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes, you can leave your luggage at your hotel or at our office. Store your stuff in the Gokyo Treks agency office for free.

Question: Is this trekking Safe for women Trekkers?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Nepal is a safe country to travel to for women travelers; this trek is perfectly safe for female trekkers. We have been organizing the trek even for female travelers since its establishment.

Question: What kind of accommodation can I expect on Shey Phoksundo Lake to Rara lake Trekking?

Answer: We provide you tourist standard accommodation in Kathmandu and Tented accommodation during the trekking routes. However we recommend you take your own sleeping bags if you have one with you otherwise, you may rent them while you are in Kathmandu.

Question: What kind of food can I expect on the Shey Phoksundo Lake to Rara Lake trek?

Answer: During the tented camping trekking, our professional cook prepares a delicious range of mostly vegetarian such as Pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, rice curry, bread, soups, and fresh vegetables (variety depending on the season.

Question: What opportunities will I have for a shower along with Dolpo Rara Trekking?.

Answer: As you are camping trekking, we provide you hot water bucket then you will take a bucket shower.

Question: How do I get drinking water on Dolpo to Rara trekking?

Answer: During the trekking route there are all places hotels and shops where you can able to buy mineral water and you can buy it for drinking but however we advise against buying mineral water in plastic bottles, as currently there are no provisions for disposing of these. Instead, we provide boiled water or bring chlorine tablets to purify the normal water as the normal water is available on the campsite route.

Question: Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?

Answer: During the local lodges there will be more chances to charge the battery. We recommend you bring an extra pair in case. Remember to bring your own adapters!

Question: Are there any communication facilities on Dolpo to Rara Trekking?

Answer: In this trekking route you can get telephone services as well as internet services as well.

Question: Can I use credit cards in Dolpo to Rara Trek?

Answer: No. You need to have cash Nepali rupees because credit cards work only in the bigger city areas.

Question: When should I book my trip and what are the payment terms?

Answer: Because our trips book up months in advance, we recommend booking early to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. We will, of course, make every effort to accommodate last-minute bookings. And regarding the trip deposit, we prefer 25% advance money in order to confirm your reservation before you arrive in Nepal. And the remaining part of the payment is possible to pay upon your arrival in Nepal.

Question: Who will carry my luggage on express Dolpo to Rara tent Trekking?

Answer: We provide porters to transfer your luggage. As we are a responsible trekking tour operator agency, each of our porters carries a maximum of 24 kilos of your backpack which means 2 guests (12 kg luggage of each guest): 1 porter basis.

Question: How much distance do I walk each day?

Answer: When walking in the mountains, the distance you cover each day can vary greatly due to gradient, terrain, and altitude. As such it is very hard to give specific distances for each day, however, you have to be prepared to walk for roughly about 5 hours each day.

Question: Do I need walking poles on Dolpo to Rara camping Trekking?

Answer: It is better to hike with walking poles. Learn how to use trekking poles for balance and stability, whether on the sidewalk or on trails. Walking poles can help prevent slips and falls. They are just recommended but not compulsory.

Question: How much additional money do I need per day?

Answer: You can allocate US$ 08 – 10 for a lunch/dinner in Kathmandu and it depends on your spending habits. US$ 7 to 10 US$ each day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, tea coffee, and some drinks while you are on your trek.

Phoksundo Lake in Dolpo to Rara Trek Highlights

  • Discover Shey-Phoksundo Lake, challenging Numa la and Baga la passes along the route
  • Ancient and isolated villages, Buddhist monasteries, Enthralling culture, and tradition.
  • Experience the vast array of wildlife inhabiting the region
  • Believed to be inhabitants of Snow Leopard with many other wild animals.
  • Horse riding to Salleri on Rara Lake.
  • Hike the Murma Top for a better view of the complete Rara Lake and a Dramatic view of various mountain peaks.
  • Explore the beautiful Rara Lake and experience the unique species of flora and fauna.

Notes for Dolpo Shey Phoksundo Lake to Rara Trekkers

The trek itinerary is subject to change due to a condition beyond our control. This is a Guideline showing tentative camp night stops. A physical, technical, and natural condition may change the above itineraries.

What makes Dolpo Shey Phoksundo to Rara Trek special?

Opportunities for challenging trekking or hiking and pleasant strolls are scattered all over this planet. You just need to know where to find them. First safety and success satisfaction is our prime concern.

We at Gokyo Treks and Expedition believe in quality services. We are a team of professional, skilled, and licensed local guides who know the destination much better than others.

Dolpo to Rara Trekking Review

Beautiful Rara Lake trek with Nepali Gokyo Agency Friends

October 19, 2018

Finally…. we did our Rara lake Trekking last month in 2018. It has a long flight journey for us, and it’s really worth…. to see spectacular views all the way and a beautiful area lake. Together with gokyo trek and expedition, we prepare our journey and route, no doubt they have experience and made our trekking much easier. – Lukas Michael, Totanheim, Germany

Avatar for Lukas Michael, Totanheim, Germany
Lukas Michael, Totanheim, Germany

Response from Gokyo Treks Nepal

Thank you Lucas for your time to post amazing Rara lake trek reports. We hope to serve you again for your next trip to the Himalayas.

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