Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek


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Khaptad and Badimalika Pilgrimage Trek

Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek Summary

    1. Khaptad – Badimalika – Rara Trek Days: 17 Days
    2. Trek Difficulty: Easy to Moderate difficulty hike
    3. High Altitude: 4,210m/13,810 feet
    4. Trek Hour: 5 Hours
    5. Group-Size: 2 – 14 People
    6. Best Time: October to May Month
    7. Trip Mode: Tent Accommodation
    8. Meals on Trek: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    9. Transportation: Jeep/Bus/Plane


Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika trek, is a scenic and adventurous trekking route in Nepal. It takes you through the remote and pristine landscapes of the far-western region, offering stunning views of mountains, valleys, forests, and cultural encounters with local communities.

Khaptad National Park is located in the far-western region of Nepal. It is known for its religious and ecological significance, as well as its natural beauty. Trekker’s can reach Khaptad National Park by taking a flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi or Nepalgunj, and then traveling by road to Silgadhi, the district headquarters of Doti. From Silgadhi, you can further drive or hike to the entrance of Khaptad National Park.

From Khaptad National Park, the trek initially takes you through beautiful forests, meadows, and traditional villages. Traveler’s descend gradually to Bajhang District, crossing several small streams and enjoying the serene surroundings. Bajhang District is known for its cultural diversity, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the local communities and witness their unique traditions and lifestyles.

Continue the journey through forests, terraced fields, and charming villages towards Badimalika, a famous religious site dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagwati. Badimalika Temple is located on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Pilgrims from different parts of Nepal visit this sacred site.

From Badimalika, the trek heads through the rugged terrain, crossing high ridges towards the spectacular Rara Lake, the largest lake in Nepal. The journey rewards with breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, and lush green forests.

Finally, you’ll reach Rara Lake, where you can relax, enjoy the pristine beauty of the lake, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. Please keep in mind that trekking routes and conditions can change over time to make your holiday super amazing.

Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek

How much does Khaptad – Badimalika and Rara trek Package Cost/Price?

The cost of the Khaptad – Badimalika and Rara trek package with a Gokyo Treks Agency ranges between US$ 1890 to US$ 2825. The trip price will vary according to the group size you are traveling to and the means of transportation and mode of trek you choose. However, the given package price includes Air transportation, a guide, necessary porters, hotels and food accommodation and hiking permits.

It’s a standard trip package price for 17 days hike in the wild west Khaptad to Rara trek route. If you are 2 people Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek cost US$ 2390 for 17 days trek according to the given trekking plan. We can modify the trek route and the prices according to your wishes also. Here is the price list for the Khaptad – Badimalika and Rara treks.

Price Per Person for 17 days Khaptad – Badimalika and Rara trek.

Number of TouristPrice Per Person
1 PersonUS$ 2825
2 PersonUS$ 2390
3 PersonUS$ 2275
4 to 6 personUS$ 2125
7 to 9 PersonUS$ 2050
10 and more than 10 PersonUS$ 1890

If you’re wondering to know about what is included and what is excluded from this trip price, kindly check on the cost given on a tab button.


Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek itinerary details

An express trek to Rara Lake starting via Khaptad and Badimalika is compared to most walks in the far western territory of Nepal. The hike route is designed for world travelers who wish to hike into the wild west of Nepal in a more relaxed manner to commence the trip from Dipayal, Siulgadhi try this itinerary. However for the travelers who plan with limited time than request us for a tailor-made itinerary.

1 Day Arrival in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu World Heritage sites seeing (1,348m), 4-5 hours.

Arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Pick you up from there and drop you at your hotel located in the Thamel, the main downtown for tourists.

All aspects of gear and conditions are discussed to make sure you’re fully prepared for the lake Rara trip, and any last-minute questions are answered. After lunch, we explore Kathmandu’s heritage sites. They are Boudhanath stupa (Boudha Stupa is a Little Tibet), and Pashupati Nath (a holy Hindu shrine). Later we visit Kathmandu Durbar Square and walk on Asan tole to watch the oldest markets in Nepal.

Later seeing the sights in Kathmandu, Ammar Guni, will brief you a Khaptad – Badimalika and rara journey information.

2 DayFly from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi (109m/357 feet). Drive to Dipayal Silgadhi (1,340m/4,397 feet), 6 hours

After a breakfast, check out from your hotel and make your way to Kathmandu Domestic Airport. Board a flight that will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Dhangadhi Airport. Upon arrival in Dhangadhi, you will meet a waiting vehicle that will drive you to Dipayal Silgadhi.

This scenic drive will take around 6 hours to cover 192 kilo meters distance from Terai to hilly area of far western part of Nepal. Once you reach Silgadhi, check into the hotel and take some time to explore Silgadhi Bazar. Spend the night at a comfortable hotel in Dipayal Silgadhi.

3 Day Drive to Jhigrana (2,250m/7382 feet). Trek to Bichpani Camp (3,020m/9,909 feet), 3 hours

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and complete the check-out process and embark about 90 minutes drive to Jhigrana, the entrance point of Khaptad National Park. Along the way, take the opportunity to explore the revered Shree Saileshwori Temple in Doti. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Shaileshwari, who holds great significance in the local community.

Afterward, continue the drive to Jhigrana. Upon reaching Jhigrana, commence your trek towards Bichpani Camp which gradually ascends through the forested path, providing a serene environment. Bichpani is known for its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Enjoy the tranquility of the area and soak in the serene ambiance. We spend a night in a tent camping at Bichpani Campsite.

4 Day Bichpani Camp to Khaptad Trek (3,010m/9,876 feet), 4 hours

We start the Khaptad trekking that leads through the subtropical pine timberland, and the subalpine fir, Oak, hemlock, and rhododendron backwoods. Hike in the April in this territory is the best time to see thriving rhododendrons (red rhododendron is Laliguras and white rhododendron is Setoguras).

Be that as it may, the trail is stone paved with easy navigation (direction board) on the way to show different places to visit. Some hours of journey takes us to reach Tribeni Dham where a temple is situated at the confluence of three rivers, Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati. Catch your right trail and follow the path from Tribeni Sangam to National Park headquarter where we will set up a tent camp to stay overnight.

5 DayExploration Khaptad day tour.

Enjoy your extra day in Khaptad by immersing yourself in its natural beauty, spirituality, and cultural richness. Take your time to visit some of the top attractions and things to see in the area:

Khaptad National Park:

Established in 1984 where we spend time exploring the stunning Khaptad National Park itself. The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including numerous species of rhododendrons, orchids, and medicinal herbs. There are more than 224 species of medical herbs, about 11 percent of flowering plants of Nepal, 270 species of birds, 20 species of animals. You can take nature walks, enjoy birdwatching, and immerse yourself in the serene environment of this protected area.

Khaptad Baba Ashram:

Visit the Khaptad Baba Ashram, which is a religious and spiritual site located within the national park. It is a revered place for devotees of the Hindu saint Khaptad Baba. The ashram attracts pilgrims and offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for meditation and reflection.

Tribeni Dham:

Explore the Tribeni area, where three rivers, namely Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati, converge. This scenic spot offers breathtaking views and is considered a sacred confluence by Hindus. Therefore, take your time to hike along the riverbanks and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Likewise, interact with the local communities residing near Khaptad National Park. The area is home to several ethnic groups, including the Tharu, Bahun, Chhetri, and Dalit communities. Engage in cultural exchanges, visit traditional villages, and witness their unique lifestyles, traditions, and crafts.

6 DayKhaptad to Kanda Trekking (1,940m/6,365 feet), 6 hours

Early in the morning, hike to the view tower near to park headquarter for a sunrise view. After breakfast, start trek to Kanda Village. Leaving headquarter, we will trek uphill to Khappar (Khaptad) Lake (3,500m). After some rest and exploration, continue to walk about 6 hours downhill to Kanda passing Pine forests. Basic tea houses are available at Kada therefore we plan to stay at night here and explore of its surrounding. Later if time permit, explore Kanda Palace – Kanda Durbar is a historical site of Bajura.

7 DayKanda to Mouriya Trekking (1,008m/3,307 feet) 8 hours

It’s an easy downhill walk from Kande to Mouriya which will bisect Sanfebagar-Martadi Highway road. Our journey continue to pass through traditional settlements of Bajura, like Birarigaun, Juwapani, Simalkot, etc. On the way, we will explore the lifestyle, culture, and livelihood activities. Upon we get on to the highway, walk further to cross Budiganga River and finally reach Mouriya where we stay for that night.

8 Day Maure to Lamgada Trek (2,100m/6,890 feet), 6 hours

Embarking from Maure, we will commence our trek towards the picturesque village of Lamgada, with a delightful stop at Nateshwari Temple along the way. The trail initially involves a gradual ascent, leading us to a steep uphill path that will guide us to Nateshwori Temple. Take the time to explore and appreciate the spiritual ambiance of the temple surroundings.

Continuing our journey, we will trek for a few hours until we reach Lamgada. This charming village offers homestay accommodations, facilitated by the local community. Staying in these homestays provides an exceptional opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture, witness traditional practices, engage in the daily livelihood activities, and even participate in household tasks. Enjoy the warm hospitality and gain insight into the authentic way of life in Lamgada.

9 DayLamgada to Chankili Trek (3,500m/11,484 feet), 8 hours

On this day, we will embark on a challenging yet rewarding trek from Lamgada to Chankili. The trail from Lamgada to Chankili presents narrow pathways, requiring trekkers to exercise caution and rely on the assistance of Guide or fellow trekkers. Despite the trail’s narrowness, it offers breathtaking views of untouched natural beauty.

Throughout the journey, you will encounter a plethora of diverse flora and medicinal herbs that adorn the surroundings, adding to the allure of the trek. Embrace the serenity and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing landscapes as you make your way towards Chankili. Chankili doesn’t stays guest houses therefore we need to set campsite here to stay for night.

10 DayChankili to Badimalika Trek (4,210m/13,813 feet), 5 hours

Our journey on this day takes us from Chankili to the renowned Badimalika Temple, situated at an elevation of 4,210m. The trail meanders through steep and sloping hills, occasionally presenting rocky cliffs along the way. As we ascend, we gradually make our way to the plateau where the sacred Badimalika Temple is located.

From this vantage point, we are treated to magnificent vistas of the Gurans Himal Ranges, including prominent peaks like Mt. Api (7,132m) and Mt. Saipal (7,031m). If our visit coincides with the festival season, we may encounter a queue of devotees eager to worship at the temple. It is important to note that the area around Badimalika Temple lacks a readily available water source. Therefore, we must carry water from Bishnu Muhan, situated on the Cliffside below, to ensure an adequate supply during our visit to the temple.

11 DayBadimalika Temple to Triveni (3,870m/12,697 feet), 5 hours

On this day, rise early to witness the mesmerizing golden sunrise illuminating the majestic peaks of Mt. Api, Mt. Saipal, and other surrounding mountains. Take a moment to soak in the breathtaking views before initiating on further exploration of the area. Show reverence at the revered Badimalika Temple, believed to have the power to grant the fulfillment of wishes. Engage in worship and embrace the spiritual aura of this sacred site.

Following a fulfilling breakfast, begin your descent towards Triveni, a significant location where three rivers converge. Triveni holds its own religious significance and is considered a holy site. During the festival in July/August, Triveni comes alive with thousands of pilgrims who set up camp in over 1500 tents. Witness the vibrant atmosphere as rituals and traditions unfold, including the competition between Kalikot and Bajura to claim possession of the Gajur (pinnacle) for a year. This unique tradition repeats itself at Triveni after every year.

On your journey to Triveni, take the opportunity to explore Khetibati, a fascinating site resembling a naturally grown paddy field. Local belief holds that the seeds of these plants are sown by birds. Marvel at the wonder of nature as you traverse this enchanting landscape.

Immerse yourself in the spirituality and cultural richness of Triveni, and appreciate the natural wonders that surround this holy site along your trekking journey.

12 DayTriveni to Kolti Bazar Trek (1,390m/4,560 feet), 9 hours

As the day begins, set off early from Triveni to commence our trek descending along the trail that winds its way down to Kolti Bazar. The route takes us through Budimai Than, a significant location along the way. Continuing our journey, we traverse the hillocks of the enchanting Seven Grasslands, locally known as “Saat Pakhya.” Enjoy the scenic beauty of these grasslands as we progress downhill, eventually reaching Kolti Bazar via Diuda Patan.

Embrace the sense of adventure as we navigate through varied landscapes, observing the unique features and surroundings along the trek. Relish the moments of tranquility and soak yourself in the natural wonders of the region. As we venture towards Kolti Bazar, anticipate the vibrant atmosphere and the cultural experiences that await in this bustling market town.

Because of the combination of cultural diversity, vibrant markets, natural beauty, warm hospitality, and cultural festivities makes Kolti Bazar of Bajura district a truly special destination worth exploring in its own right.

13 DayKolti to Jhugala Trek (1,120m/3,675 feet), 5 hours

Kolti Bazar is a bustling market town that offers local markets, typical local cuisine, religious sites and points of interest for visitors to explore. Discover an array of local produce, handicrafts, and traditional goods, providing a glimpse into the daily lives and trading activities of the local community.

Take the time to explore Kolti Bazar and embrace the unique experiences it offers, from cultural encounters to culinary delights and natural beauty. Bajura Airport (1,311m) is situated at Kolti Municipality of Bajura District, Sudur-Paschim Province. Therefore its an option for tourist to return to Nepalganja airport or to continue the journey further.

Otherwise, continue the trail meanders alongside the scenic Kundana River until we reach the charming village of Pilu. From there, we will continue our journey by following the left bank of the majestic Karnali River, passing through the villages we cross the Karnali River and reach Jhuga la. At Jhugala, traveler’s can find also basic teahouses offering local foods.

In our leisure time, we have the opportunity to indulge in the refreshing activity of swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Karnali River, adding a touch of adventure and relaxation to our journey. Enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings and make the most of the natural beauty that this region has to offer.

14 DayJhugala to Shreekot Trek (2,040m/6,693 feet), 7 hours

After a hearty breakfast at Jhugala, we will embark on our trek, tracing the path alongside the Karnali River. Our route will lead us to the picturesque confluence of the Khatyar River and the Karnali River, located at Sukadhik. From there, we will cross the Karnali Bridge and veer onto the right trail that follows the Khatyar River, originating from the pristine Rara Pond.

As we traverse the river bank, we will encounter the ease of the trail. However, we will also cross a few suspension bridges, meander through farmlands, and immerse ourselves in the serenity of the surrounding forests. Along the way, we treats to the mesmerizing sights and sounds of cascading waterfalls, adding to the enchantment of our journey. Passing through the hamlets of Ratopani, Birabagar, and Tali Bagar (Majhchaur), we will continue our trek towards Shreekot.

Talibagar, one of our stops along the way, offers essential services including a bank and police stations, ensuring convenience and support during our trekking adventure. After approximately an hour of walking, we will arrive at our destination for the day, Shreekot village. Take in the beauty of the surroundings and relish the sense of accomplishment as we settle in for a well-deserved rest at Shreekot.

15 DayShreekot to Rara Lake (3,010m/9,876 feet), 7 hours

We continue to follow Khatyar River that passes through Sheri, Baupani, Jeuda villages with some tea shops to Baupani where we stop for a lunch. Baupani to Murma in between the journey is fully nature walk that passes through gorges, forests, and streams where we will get to see many wild animals and birds.

Reaching at Murma, you’ll get fabulous view of Mountains including the deep blue serene Rara Lake with surrounding green hills. Enjoying the natural scenery, now you’ll enter into a forested trail until you reach Majhghat and ascend Chhapri village.

Chapri is a headquarter of the Rara National Park and your dream destination to Rara Lake. Upon your arrival, you can admire the close-up view of a tranquil lake and lush vegetation of Rara National Park.

As you are on Rara lakeside, you can do boat ride to watch birds, corners of lakes, mountains and herbal plants, etc.. Stay at night in Tent camping on Rara Lake.

16 DayExploration Rara Lake. Hike to Murma Top (3,692m/12,113 feet), exploration day, 7 hours

Wake up early in the morning to get impressive sunrise on Rara lake. Fewer hikers forget to capture the amazing Rara sunrise view while sleeping longer. As it is a main day to explore the lake and of it’s surroundings, we ascend roughly about 2 hours up Chuchemara Hill at 4,090m.

From this hill, you can get almost the best view of exploring Rara on all sides. In the north direction, you can see some white mountains backdrop to Rara Lake and the lush plants of Rara National Park. You can also see the splendid green hills in the middle of stunning Rara Lake, and on your own, you could see the mesmerizing view of the lake itself. After Chhuchemara hill station hiking, we begin to study around the nearby vicinity.

Rara Lake surrounded by dense green forests which is home to diverse flora and fauna including some indigenous species of birds, fish, and animals. If you want to go for the long day travel, then Murma Top offers a mesmerizing view of the lake from the above. Hike to Murma Hill takes about 6-7 hours for a round trip.

Apart from all this, you can also experience a boat trip in a clear day, even though swimming is not allowed to avoid polluting crystal clear water. Capturing the marvelous views we head back to the campsite to take our entire camping gears and move Talcha Airport terminal.

The Talcha Airport (2,990m) is situated at Karkibada Municipality of Mugu District, Karnali Province. It’s very popular airport in wild west Rara territory as its an important gateway to the Rara National Park.

17 DayFly from Talcha Airport to Nepalgunj and continue to Kathmandu.

After breakfast in the morning, we check the flight schedule and most probably we fly with 18-seater twin otter aircraft from Talcha to Nepalgunj city. On our arrival in Nepalgunj Airport, we mange a connecting flight back to Kathmandu town probably with ATR Aircrafts [ATR 42 (carry 42 passengers) and ATR 72 (78 passengers)] with aircraft crew members.

As your landing in Kathmandu, Guide will arrange a private transfer to your hotel.

You can spend the evening leisurely, perhaps last-minute shopping and celebrate dinner together with us. Overnight at Kathmandu, and the trip ends. Wishing you a wonderful journey back home the next morning.

Not satisfied with above plan?

Interested on planning a custom trip? this might take 2 to 3 minutes.


How much does the Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek package price?

Special Khaptad – Badimalika Temple and Rara trek package price US$ 2390 per person is a standard trip on a double occupancy basis. However, for the deluxe or a luxury travel package, we add a 3-5 star hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast. Likewise, comfortable Tent camping accommodation along the journey in all places. AND WE ARE OPEN TO CUSTOMIZING YOUR RARA TOUR PACKAGES PRICE AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek package price includes:

  • Kathmandu international airport transfer by private car on your arrival.
  • Domestic airport transfer in Kathmandu airport with a private taxi/car.
  • Kathmandu city world heritage sites tour guide with a private car transfer service.
  • 2 nights Tourist standard accommodation in a double bed basis in Kathmandu.
  • 16 Breakfast, 15 Lunch, and 15 Dinner serve with tea/coffee during the trekking.
  • 15 Nights Tent camping basis accommodation during the wild west mountains trekking.
  • Domestic/local flights: Kathmandu – Dhangadhi – Talcha – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu trip airfare with airport departure taxes.
  • Fully escorted trek with English-speaking license holder local trekking guide en route.
  • Professional cook and necessary porters for Khaptad to Rara camping days.
  • Khaptad and Rara national park entrance permit fee
  • Mugu restricted area entrance permit fee US$ 100 per person per week.
  • TIMS permit for Far western territory trekking in Nepal.
  • Travel Insurance, Food, accommodation, and salary of Nepali trekking Guide.
  • Trip completion certificate and a trek map – keep it as a souvenir.
  • Agency’s duffel bag (50 liters capacity), and trek poles if Necessary – return after the trek.
  • First aid medical kit including Oximeter to check your Oxygen level, Pulse rate to monitor every day to prepare for high altitude risk.
  • In a worst case, help with all Helicopter Rescue and evacuation arrangements (but not the rescue bills).
  • Nepal Government Tax, VAT, and as well as Company service charge.

Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trekking Package Price Excludes :

  • Lunch and Dinner during the staying in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj city.
  • Any kinds of battery charges, laundry service, phone calls, and hot showers during the trekking.
  • Tourist personal trekking equipment and Clothing.
  • Personal nature expenses, all types of drinks, and bar bills.
  • Travel Insurance which covers emergency rescue, evacuation, personal loss, or damage.
  • Any donation and monument entrance fees.
  • Gratuities for guide and porters [Tip is a culture, so they expect highly].

Group join

We can organize a private Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika trekking starting on any date that works for you. However, contact us to know about group join or a private trip.


Question: Is pick-up service available on my arrival day in Kathmandu?

Answer: Yes sure. Provide us with your flight details. Our representative will come to pick up you at Kathmandu international airport.

Question: Do I need the experience to do Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek?

Answer: It is suitable for keen trekkers/walkers who are able to walk around 4 or 5 hours a day, with a lightweight daypack. For this trekking, if you have a little experience would be better.

Question: What kind of accommodation can I expect on the Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek?

Answer: We provide you with tourist standard accommodation in Kathmandu and Nepalgunja airport. Likewise tent accommodation along the journey from Jumla to Rara hiking days. However, we recommend you take your own sleeping bags if you have one with you otherwise, you may rent them while you are in Kathmandu.

Question: What kind of food can I expect in this trekking?

Answer: Our professional cook cooks a delicious range of mostly vegetarian such as Pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, curry dal rice, bread, soups, and fresh vegetables.

Dinner and breakfast are provided in the same campsite you spend the night every day and Lunch will be provided on the way to the next place where you are going.

Question: What opportunities will I have for a shower along Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Treks?.

Answer: As you are staying overnight in a camping outdoors, we can provide a warm water on a bucket, so you can take a shower.

Question: How do I manage the drinking water?

Answer: In most places, you can buy bottled mineral water to drink but we advise against buying mineral water in plastic bottles, as currently there are no provisions for disposing of these. Instead, we advise you to buy aqua tablets so you can purify the normal water as the normal water is available at the campsite or on trek route.

Question: Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?.

Answer: Travelers often find a local houses or home stay to charge the battery. We recommend you bring an extra pair in case. Remember to bring your adapters!

Question: Are there any communication facilities on Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trekking?.

Answer: In this trekking route you can get telephone services as well as internet services as well.

Question: Can I use credit cards on trek?.

Answer: No! It’s a remote and wilderness trekking routes therefore you need to take some Nepali rupees with you on journey to maintain your extra costs besides the package trip.

Question: When should I book my trip and what are the payment terms?.

Answer: Our tours book up months in advance, we recommend booking early to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. We will, of course, make every effort to accommodate last-minute bookings. Regarding the tour deposit, we prefer a 20% advance deposit of the total price of the trip in order to confirm your reservation before you arrive in Nepal. And the rest of the payment can be made after your arrival in Nepal.

Question: Who will carry my luggage?.

Answer: We do provide porters to transfer your luggage. As a responsible trekking tour operator agency, each of our porters carries a maximum of 24 kilos of your backpack. It means 2 guest luggage = 1 porter basis.

Question: How much distance do I walk each day?

Answer: When walking in the mountains, the distance you cover each day can vary greatly due to gradient, terrain, and altitude. As such it is very hard to give specific distances for each day, however, you have to be prepared to walk for roughly about 5 hours each day.

Question: Do I need walking poles?

Answer: We advise you to walk with a walking poles but it’s not the MUST.

Question: How much additional money do I need per day?

Answer: You can allocate US$ 10 – 15 for a lunch/dinner in Kathmandu & Nepalgunj and it depends on your spending habits. US$ 7 to 10 US$ each day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, tea coffee, and some drinks while you are on trekking.

Khaptad – Badimalika and Rara trek highlights

  • Unique pilgrimage sights: Khaptad National Park, Khaptad Baba Asram, Tribeni Dham.
  • Badimalika Temple is a sacred sites that offers Gurans Himal Ranges, including prominent peaks like Mt. Api (7,132m) and Mt. Saipal (7,031m).
  • Kolti Bazar, a bustling market town, offers several attractions and points of interest for visitors to explore.
  • Get to know the unique cultural and natural hiking trail and its hidden beauties.
  • Seti River, Budi Ganga, Dogade River, Triveni, Khatyar River, Karnali river to explore.
  • Discover the far western Himalayas and experienced the wilderness off the beaten path trail.
  • Excellent views of Rara lake and its surrounding.
  • Undergo the Natural beauty of Rara lake is like a queen of opera
  • Encounter the mixed ethnic group people of west Nepal and their culture and tradition.

Notes for Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Visitors!

The information stated above Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika hiking is just a standard template guideline that we provide you. However, the trip plan is possible to modify at your request to accommodate your specific standards. Local politics, landslides, cancellation of local flights, weather, transport, or a multitude of other factors that are beyond our control can result in a change of itinerary during on trip.

It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered. If alterations are necessary the leader will decide the best alternative option, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group. When a change does occur, we do everything we can to minimize its effect, but we cannot be responsible for the results of changes or delays.

What makes wild west Khaptad to Rara via Badimalika Trek special?

Opportunities for challenging trekking or hiking and pleasant strolls are scattered all over the world. The combination of the stunning natural beauty, cultural encounters, and a sense of wilderness make the Khaptad-Badimalika-Rara trip a highly sought-after and remarkable journey in Nepal.

We believe in the quality of services. Your safety and satisfaction is our concern. We are a team of professional local guides who know the destination much better than others. Moreover, we give benefits to the local communities and help to conserve natural resources which reduced costs and consumption.

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