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The best spring season trekking in Nepal

The best spring season trekking in Nepal

The best spring season trekking in Nepal has a great opportunity to explore the Himalayas within great weather. Because Nepal is the country of natural and cultural heritages hub and trek in the spring season has the best climate in Nepal.

If you are planning a trek in Nepal especially, in Springtime trek in Nepal is the best comparing to other months. March and April are the best spring season trekking in Nepal. The weather and climate are fabulous and stays with a clear view all the time.

There are many things to do in kathmandu. Because of the favorable weather and the temperature especially this time of the year makes the best to do outdoor trek tour activities for Nepal.

Because of the best time of the year, we called it a busy trek season. You can see lots of travelers around Kathmandu and its surrounding trekking trail in the Himalayas. Roughly about 45% tourist of the year visit Nepal, so you can see a lot of visitors almost everywhere in Nepal.

Furthermore, the best spring season trekking in Nepal is just of weather & temperature. Its warming up in the Himalayas and clear atmosphere. So the days are almost perfect and blue sky visible all the time and the temperature is fairly stable.

The Adventure lovers can choose different trek routes which will take you to the base camp. You can experience the majestic landscapes and versatile mountains. Each program provides a great opportunity to experience Nepalese villages, landscapes, people and their tradition.

What are the top 10 best spring Hiking and Treks in Nepal Himalayas?

Nepal is an amazing country in terms of natural beauties, so there are top 10 best spring Hiking & Treks in Nepal Himalayas. There are a lot of tallest mountains, beautiful rivers, green valleys, waterfalls, turquoise lakes… etc.

You can make a plan to visit Nepal in any months you like. The variations of climate, Land topography, and cultural diversity make Nepal a paradise of travelers. Generally, trek in March or April, the temperature is slightly warming up and the sky is blue and very clear.

Spring mark best trekking seasons in the Himalayas but comparatively less visitors comparing Autumn season. March and April those 2 months are the best time to see various wildflowers in Nepalese hills and the valleys. The Rhododendron forest turns into the various colorful forest. The best hiking part is either in March or in April, you can get an excellent view of Nepalese mountains, hills and the majestic mountains under the clear sky. You can walk over the grassy landscapes up to moraine and glacial landscapes.

People usually afraid to travel in early spring but there are the best spring hiking walking & treks in Nepal. Make a plan for spring hiking walking & Treks in any season. With proper preparation, you can ready to face the adventure journeys, storms, and snow in the Himalayas.

Moreover, walking in a peaceful trek route with amazing mountain views on your side. You will find a different experience that most tourists never get. The trail is perhaps quiet because of offseason, nature is quiet and the lodges are warm welcoming. What else do you wish for? just make it happen.

Top 10 best spring hiking & treks in Nepal Himalayas, itinerary and trek routes

Many tourists don’t know that there are the best spring hiking and walking routes in Nepal. Some of them ask when can you trek in Nepal? or Where can I trek in Nepal?. Other ask what do you need for trekking in Nepal? but Is it good to visit Nepal in March / April?. All those depends upon the situation and the experience you are looking to have.

Annapurna base camp trek is one of the most spectacular trek routes in Nepal Himalayas. It is an easy and shorter trek than other high altitude trek routes in Nepal.

The Base Camp trekking is a fusion of easy walking tour in the Himalayas and cultural input, and a great trail to trek. It’s an ideal trek destination and will take you to an altitude of 13,545 feet. The highlights of the Annapurna Base Camp trek is excellent sunrise and mountain view from Poonhill. All memories which are likely to stick for a long time, if not a lifetime.

There are top 10 best spring Hiking & Treks in Nepal Himalayas where you can visit. No matter whether you plan to visit Annapurna or Langtang, Everest or Manaslu region, you will have the best view under the clear skies. Moreover, Annapurna hiking incorporates diverse terrain, tradition, and wildlife. Along with the most spectacular and close up view of Annapurna mountain range including Annapurna first, Fish Tail, and Dhaulagiri.

The trek into the Annapurna region is from the south as you make your way up into the world-famous Annapurna Sanctuary. This is one of the great treks in the world. Fabulous view from low altitude, but you are coming to the land of thousands of steps. Most of your trek is spent below 5,550m/18,204 feet but the terrain is challenging with thousands and thousands of stairs.

Trekking to Langtang region and hike to Himalaya with the best viewpoint is one of most favorite things to do. I have trekked almost everywhere in Nepal including Manaslu, Annapurna, Everest, Langtang areas over 50 times taking the foreigner group. I always prefer when there are going to be fewer people on the trail.

Is there any specific seasons for a trek in Nepal?.

Typically, there are two specific trek seasons for trekking in Nepal. The best months to Annapurna base camp 7 days hiking are pre-monsoon (March, April, May and June) and post-monsoon (late September, October, November and December). It is possible to make this iconic journey in February and September but we prefer the above for our treks into Annapurna base camp. My personal favorites are March, April, May, late October, November, and December.

You can trek either in March and April but it is still cold in higher up (-05C/-07F to – 25C/5F) and it can dump snow on the trail at any time of year. If you are planning for spring hiking in these months, you are definitely going to need more time for weather delays. Weather conditions are a little challenging in these spring months.

Besides that, trek in Langtang or Everest, sheer beauty, dramatic massive mountains, friendly people, adventure trails and an experience that will stay with you forever. The exciting expansive views will leave you mesmerized. Standing at the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain and trekking up to the famous and classic top views, truly breathtaking.

When planning your trek into the Langtang valley trek you need to consider the months listed above. Does your wish to be there when base camp is very busy and alive with climbers aiming for the summit? Do you wish to have clearer skies for amazing photography? You need to consider this in your planning.

In addition, many people know a few about Nepal but they know much about Nepalese Mountains. And spring hiking in that region is the dream for everyone. All that trek begins either drive or fly from Kathmandu city. Top 10 best spring Hiking & Treks in Nepal begins from March until early June. Hiking in spring stays great weather with clear skies.

What is the best spring season trekking in Nepal for 2019/2020/2021?

Besically, there are several the best spring season trekking in Nepal to explore. Many of these are short, easy and spectacular. About Annapurna, the best season for trekking or trek season in Nepal is almost the same. Spring has a great chance for Nepal climbing season. Find some of the soft and easy treks to adventure top 20 best spring trekking cost are as described below. You can see also the best view of Mt. Everest 8,848m and it fulfills your dream to see the top of the world.

Therefore, we have put together a list below of our favorite hiking that any novice-all age hiker will be able to complete. So, use our company Gokyo treks Nepal to design your ultimate travel experience, and receive hand-made trips built by the team of local expert Guides.

annapurna panorama trekking


7 Days
around annapurna with Tilicho lake trekking


17 Days
Tamang heritage trekking


10 Days
trek to Gosaikunda and helambu


15 Days
Nagi Narchyang with Mahare Danda trek


14 Days
Nar phu valley trek


18 Days
Manaslu trek


15 Days
Tsum valley trek in Nepal


19 Days
mardi peak trekking


$ 695
8 Days
annapurna circuit


18 Days
renjola pass trek


13 Days
Gokyo ri trekking


13 Days
Everest high pass trek


17 Days
everest base camp and chola pass trekking


17 Days
Gokyo - EBC & Island peak trek


21 Days
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